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Other Uzbekistan Teams Football Grounds in Uzbekistan

Map of Other Uzbekistan Teams stadiums

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List of Other Uzbekistan Teams stadiums

0/26 grounds visited (0%)

Andijan IIAndijan II
Andijan Stadion
Chigatay Stadion
FC Bunyodkor IIFC Bunyodkor II
Stadion Chirchiq
FC ObodFC Obod
JAR Stadium
FK LabsaFK Labsa
Markaziy Stadion Vobkent
FK Mashal Mubarek IIFK Mashal Mubarek II
SK Mubarek
Markaziy Stadion Oltiariq
Stadion Soglom Avlod
Istiklol FerganaIstiklol Fergana
Stadion Istiqlol
Ittifok BuxhoroIttifok Buxhoro
Buxoro Sport Majmuasi
Ittifok NavoiyIttifok Navoiy
Stadion Yoshlik (Umid)
Stadion Uychi
Lokomotive BFKLokomotive BFK
TTYMI Stadioni
Dustlik Stadion
NBU OsiyoNBU Osiyo
Yoshlik Kamolot
Stadion Haqqulobod
Dustlik Stadion
Pakhtakor Tashkent FK IIPakhtakor Tashkent FK II
Pakhtakor Markaziy Stadium
PRK Oq-tepa ToshkentPRK Oq-tepa Toshkent
UFF Stadioni
Stadion Oq-tepa
Stadion G Olimova
Sementchi KuvasoySementchi Kuvasoy
Stadion Sementchi
Olimpiya Zahiralari Sportkolleji
Stadion Tashmi
Stadion Yozyovon
Zirabulok NarpayZirabulok Narpay
Narpay Stadion

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Last updated: April 2022

Other Uzbekistan Teams Information

NameOther Uzbekistan Teams

Grounds in Other Uzbekistan Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Pakhtakor Markaziy Stadium home to Pakhtakor Tashkent FK II54,170
2.Buxoro Sport Majmuasi home to Ittifok Buxhoro22,700
3.Stadion Istiqlol home to Istiklol Fergana20,000
4.Stadion Soglom Avlod home to Iftixor18,360
5.Andijan Stadion home to Andijan II18,350
6.Stadion Yoshlik (Umid) home to Ittifok Navoiy15,000
7.Olimpiya Zahiralari Sportkolleji home to Sherdor-Presstizh12,500
8.Dustlik Stadion home to Nurafshon-Tashkent10,000
9.Dustlik Stadion home to Lokomotive BFK10,000
10.Markaziy Stadion Vobkent home to FK Labsa10,000
11.Stadion G Olimova home to Rush-Milk8,000
12.Markaziy Stadion Oltiariq home to Iftixor7,000
13.JAR Stadium home to FC Obod6,050
14.TTYMI Stadioni home to Lokomotive BFK6,010
15.Stadion Chirchiq home to FC Bunyodkor II6,000
16.Stadion Haqqulobod home to Norin5,000
17.Stadion Sementchi home to Sementchi Kuvasoy5,000
18.Stadion Uychi home to Khotira-793,600
19.Stadion Yozyovon home to Yozyovon3,000
20.Stadion Oq-tepa home to PRK Oq-tepa Toshkent2,000
21.Chigatay Stadion home to Chigatoy1,000
22.Narpay Stadion home to Zirabulok Narpay1,000
23.Stadion Tashmi home to Yashnobod1,000
24.UFF Stadioni home to PRK Oq-tepa Toshkent800
  • Biggest stadium in Other Uzbekistan Teams: 54,170 - Pakhtakor Markaziy Stadium
  • Smallest stadium in Other Uzbekistan Teams: 800 - UFF Stadioni
  • Total capacity in Other Uzbekistan Teams: 246,540
  • Average capacity in Other Uzbekistan Teams: 9,862

Best supported teams in Other Uzbekistan Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Andijan II0
3.FC Bunyodkor II0
4.FC Obod0
5.FK Labsa0
6.FK Mashal Mubarek II0
8.Istiklol Fergana0
9.Ittifok Buxhoro0
10.Ittifok Navoiy0
12.Lokomotive BFK0
13.NBU Osiyo0
16.Pakhtakor Tashkent FK II0
17.PRK Oq-tepa Toshkent0
19.Sementchi Kuvasoy0
23.Zirabulok Narpay0
  • Most fans in Other Uzbekistan Teams: 0 - Andijan II
  • Fewest fans in Other Uzbekistan Teams: 0 - Zirabulok Narpay
  • Total Other Uzbekistan Teams fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in Other Uzbekistan Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Other Uzbekistan Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Andijan II0.00
3.FC Bunyodkor II0.00
4.FC Obod0.00
5.FK Labsa0.00
6.FK Mashal Mubarek II0.00
8.Istiklol Fergana0.00
9.Ittifok Buxhoro0.00
10.Ittifok Navoiy0.00
12.Lokomotive BFK0.00
13.NBU Osiyo0.00
16.Pakhtakor Tashkent FK II0.00
17.PRK Oq-tepa Toshkent0.00
19.Sementchi Kuvasoy0.00
23.Zirabulok Narpay0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Other Uzbekistan Teams: 0 grounds visited - Andijan II
  • Least travelled fans in Other Uzbekistan Teams: 0 grounds visited - Zirabulok Narpay
  • Average # grounds visited in Other Uzbekistan Teams: 0.00

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