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Ukrainian Teams Football Grounds in Ukraine

Map of Ukrainian Teams stadiums

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List of Ukrainian Teams stadiums

0/58 grounds visited (0%)

Stadion AFSC Kyiv
Alians Lypova DolynaAlians Lypova Dolyna
Yuvileiny Stadium
Arsenal KievArsenal Kiev
Stadion Kolos
Stadion NTK im. B. M. Bannikova
Stadion Dynamo im Valery Lobanovsky
Balkany ZoryaBalkany Zorya
Stadion im. Boris Tropanets
Stadion im. K. Lyubchika
Stadion Zorya
Olimpiyskyy Navchalno-Sportyvnyy Tsentr Chernihiv
Obolon Arena
Stadion Sonyachnyj
Enerhiya Nova KakhovkaEnerhiya Nova Kakhovka
Stadion Enerhiya
FC KalushFC Kalush
Stadion Khimik
FC Karpaty HalychFC Karpaty Halych
Stadion Kolos Halych
FC Krystal KhersonFC Krystal Kherson
Stadion Krystal
FC Obolon Kyiv IIFC Obolon Kyiv II
Stadion Yuvilejnyj Bucha
FC UzhhorodFC Uzhhorod
Stadion Avanhard Uzhhorod
FC Volyn LutskFC Volyn Lutsk
Stadion Avanhard Lutsk
FC Volyn Lutsk IIFC Volyn Lutsk II
Stadion Pidshypnyk
FK Ahrobiznes VolochyskFK Ahrobiznes Volochysk
Stadion Yunist Volochysk
FK KramatorskFK Kramatorsk
Stadion Prapor
Stadion Metalurh Bakhmut
FK Nikopol-NPHUFK Nikopol-NPHU
Stadion Elektrometalurh-NFZ
Stadion akademiy FK Shakhtar im. Dudynskoho
Kolos Stadium Chkalove
FK Peremoga DniproFK Peremoga Dnipro
Stadion Trudovi rezervy (Olympic Reserve Stadium)
FK SumyFK Sumy
Yuvileiny Stadium
Stadion Viktoriya
FK TrostianetsFK Trostianets
Stadion imeni V. Kutsa
FK VovchanskFK Vovchansk
Hoverla UzhhorodHoverla Uzhhorod
Stadion Avanhard Uzhhorod
Illichivets MariupolIllichivets Mariupol
Stadion im. Volodymyra Boyka
Livyi BerehLivyi Bereh
Stadion Livyy Bereh
Lyubomyr StavyshcheLyubomyr Stavyshche
Stadion Kolos Stavyshche
Metal KharkivMetal Kharkiv
Stadion Sonyachnyj
Metalurh DonetskMetalurh Donetsk
Shakhtar Stadium
MFA MunkacsMFA Munkacs
Stadion Avanhard Mukacheve
MFK MykolaivMFK Mykolaiv
Tsentralnyi miskyi Stadion Mykolajiv
Stadion Park Pobedy (Stadion Trudovi rezervy)
TSMS Verkhnye pole
Stadion Verhniy (old ground)
MFK Mykolaiv IIMFK Mykolaiv II
Tsentralnyi miskyi Stadion Mykolajiv
Stadion Park Pobedy (Stadion Trudovi rezervy)
MSK Dnipro CherkasyMSK Dnipro Cherkasy
Cherkasy Arena
Stadion Naftovyk
NK Veres Rivne U19NK Veres Rivne U19
Stadion Avanhard Luhansk
Olimpik DonetskOlimpik Donetsk
Olimpik Sports Complex (Stadion SK Olimpik)
Yuvileiny Stadium
Stadion Dynamo im Valery Lobanovsky
Cherkasy Arena
Zmima Stadium (old ground)
PFC SevastopolPFC Sevastopol
Druzhba Stadium
Podillya KhmelnytskyiPodillya Khmelnytskyi
Stadion Podillya
NTB Rukh Lviv
Stal KamianskeStal Kamianske
Obolon Arena
Stal Stadium (Metalur) (old ground)
Stadion Meteor (old ground)
Tavriya SimferopolTavriya Simferopol
Respublikanskiy sportivnyj kompleks Lokomotiv
Stadion Mashynobudivnyk
Stadion Enerhiya
VPK-Ahro ShevchenkivkaVPK-Ahro Shevchenkivka
Stadion Meteor
Kolos Arena (old ground)
Zirka KropyvnytskyiZirka Kropyvnytskyi
Stadion Zirka

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Last updated: October 2022

Ukrainian Teams Information

NameUkrainian Teams

Grounds in Ukrainian Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Shakhtar Stadium home to Metalurh Donetsk31,718
2.Yuvileiny Stadium home to Alians Lypova Dolyna30,000
3.Yuvileiny Stadium home to Olimpik Donetsk30,000
4.Yuvileiny Stadium home to FK Sumy30,000
5.Tsentralnyi miskyi Stadion Mykolajiv home to MFK Mykolaiv25,175
6.Tsentralnyi miskyi Stadion Mykolajiv home to MFK Mykolaiv II25,175
7.Stadion Meteor home to VPK-Ahro Shevchenkivka24,381
8.Stadion Avanhard Luhansk home to NK Veres Rivne U1922,288
9.Respublikanskiy sportivnyj kompleks Lokomotiv home to Tavriya Simferopol19,978
10.Stadion Dynamo im Valery Lobanovsky home to Arsenal Kiev16,873
11.Stadion Dynamo im Valery Lobanovsky home to Olimpik Donetsk16,873
12.Olimpiyskyy Navchalno-Sportyvnyy Tsentr Chernihiv home to Desna14,150
13.Stadion Zirka home to Zirka Kropyvnytskyi13,667
14.Stadion im. Volodymyra Boyka home to Illichivets Mariupol12,680
15.Stadion Avanhard Uzhhorod home to FC Uzhhorod12,000
16.Stadion Avanhard Uzhhorod home to Hoverla Uzhhorod12,000
17.Stadion Avanhard Lutsk home to FC Volyn Lutsk10,792
18.Cherkasy Arena home to Olimpik Donetsk10,321
19.Cherkasy Arena home to MSK Dnipro Cherkasy10,321
20.Stadion Kolos home to Arsenal Kiev5,654
21.Stadion Naftovyk home to Naftovyk-Ukrnafta5,256
22.Obolon Arena home to Stal Kamianske5,100
23.Obolon Arena home to Desna5,100
24.Stadion Park Pobedy (Stadion Trudovi rezervy) home to MFK Mykolaiv II5,000
25.Stadion Park Pobedy (Stadion Trudovi rezervy) home to MFK Mykolaiv5,000
26.Stadion Sonyachnyj home to Metal Kharkiv4,924
27.Stadion Sonyachnyj home to Desna4,924
28.Stadion Prapor home to FK Kramatorsk4,000
29.Druzhba Stadium home to PFC Sevastopol3,000
30.Stadion im. Boris Tropanets home to Balkany Zorya3,000
31.Stadion Zorya home to Cherkashchyna-Akademiya3,000
32.Stadion Yunist Volochysk home to FK Ahrobiznes Volochysk2,500
33.Stadion NTK im. B. M. Bannikova home to Arsenal Kiev1,945
34.Olimpik Sports Complex (Stadion SK Olimpik) home to Olimpik Donetsk1,000
  • Biggest stadium in Ukrainian Teams: 31,718 - Shakhtar Stadium
  • Smallest stadium in Ukrainian Teams: 1,000 - Olimpik Sports Complex (Stadion SK Olimpik)
  • Total capacity in Ukrainian Teams: 427,795
  • Average capacity in Ukrainian Teams: 12,223

Best supported teams in Ukrainian Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Arsenal Kiev4
2.Zirka Kropyvnytskyi1
3.AFSK Kiev0
4.Alians Lypova Dolyna0
5.Balkany Zorya0
8.Enerhiya Nova Kakhovka0
9.FC Kalush0
10.FC Karpaty Halych0
11.FC Krystal Kherson0
12.FC Obolon Kyiv II0
13.FC Uzhhorod0
14.FC Volyn Lutsk0
15.FC Volyn Lutsk II0
16.FK Ahrobiznes Volochysk0
17.FK Kramatorsk0
18.FK Nikopol-NPHU0
19.FK Peremoga Dnipro0
20.FK Sumy0
21.FK Trostianets0
22.FK Vovchansk0
23.Hoverla Uzhhorod0
24.Illichivets Mariupol0
25.Livyi Bereh0
26.Lyubomyr Stavyshche0
27.Metal Kharkiv0
28.Metalurh Donetsk0
29.MFA Munkacs0
30.MFK Mykolaiv0
31.MFK Mykolaiv II0
32.MSK Dnipro Cherkasy0
34.NK Veres Rivne U190
35.Olimpik Donetsk0
36.PFC Sevastopol0
37.Podillya Khmelnytskyi0
38.Stal Kamianske0
39.Tavriya Simferopol0
40.VPK-Ahro Shevchenkivka0
  • Most fans in Ukrainian Teams: 4 - Arsenal Kiev
  • Fewest fans in Ukrainian Teams: 0 - VPK-Ahro Shevchenkivka
  • Total Ukrainian Teams fans: 5
  • Average number of fans in Ukrainian Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Ukrainian Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Zirka Kropyvnytskyi5.00
2.Arsenal Kiev0.25
3.AFSK Kiev0.00
4.Alians Lypova Dolyna0.00
5.Balkany Zorya0.00
8.Enerhiya Nova Kakhovka0.00
9.FC Kalush0.00
10.FC Karpaty Halych0.00
11.FC Krystal Kherson0.00
12.FC Obolon Kyiv II0.00
13.FC Uzhhorod0.00
14.FC Volyn Lutsk0.00
15.FC Volyn Lutsk II0.00
16.FK Ahrobiznes Volochysk0.00
17.FK Kramatorsk0.00
18.FK Nikopol-NPHU0.00
19.FK Peremoga Dnipro0.00
20.FK Sumy0.00
21.FK Trostianets0.00
22.FK Vovchansk0.00
23.Hoverla Uzhhorod0.00
24.Illichivets Mariupol0.00
25.Livyi Bereh0.00
26.Lyubomyr Stavyshche0.00
27.Metal Kharkiv0.00
28.Metalurh Donetsk0.00
29.MFA Munkacs0.00
30.MFK Mykolaiv0.00
31.MFK Mykolaiv II0.00
32.MSK Dnipro Cherkasy0.00
34.NK Veres Rivne U190.00
35.Olimpik Donetsk0.00
36.PFC Sevastopol0.00
37.Podillya Khmelnytskyi0.00
38.Stal Kamianske0.00
39.Tavriya Simferopol0.00
40.VPK-Ahro Shevchenkivka0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Ukrainian Teams: 5 grounds visited - Zirka Kropyvnytskyi
  • Least travelled fans in Ukrainian Teams: 0 grounds visited - VPK-Ahro Shevchenkivka
  • Average # grounds visited in Ukrainian Teams: 0.13

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