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Tunisian Teams Football Grounds in Tunisia

Map of Tunisian Teams stadiums

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List of Tunisian Teams stadiums

0/29 grounds visited (0%)

Stade Municipal dAriana
Complexe Sportif Borj Louzir
Stade La Soukra
AS KasserineAS Kasserine
Stade de Kasserine
Stade 7 Novembre de Kasserine (old ground)
Stade de Sbeitla (old ground)
AS MohammediaAS Mohammedia
Stade Mhamdia
AS SbikhaAS Sbikha
Stade Municipal de Sbikha
Ètoile Sportive du Sahel - Sousse ReserveÈtoile Sportive du Sahel - Sousse Reserve
ESS Training Center - Stadion
Club Olympique des TransportsClub Olympique des Transports
Stade de Manouba
Complexe sportif Taieb ben Ammar El Omrane
Stade Ali Belhouane
CO MedenineCO Medenine
Stade de Medenine
CS TabarkaCS Tabarka
Stade Municipal Tabarka
ES Beni-KhalledES Beni-Khalled
Stade de Beni Khalled
Esperance Sportive de ZarzisEsperance Sportive de Zarzis
Stade Jlidi
Stade Municipal de Jebiniana
Stade Municipal Farhat Hached
Menzel BourguibaMenzel Bourguiba
Stade Arbi Farfra
Terrain El Mouradi Hammam Bourguiba
Stade Azaiez Jaballah
Sejnane Stadium
Menzel BouzelfaMenzel Bouzelfa
Stade Arbi Farfra
Menzel NourMenzel Nour
Stade Municipal de Menzel Ennour
Sfax RailwaysSfax Railways
Stade 2 Mars
Stade Regueb
Stade Municipal de Jebiniana
Stade El Jem
Stade de la Cite El Habib
US SelianaUS Seliana
Stade Siliana
Stade Zarzouna
Stade Ahmed Bsiri (old ground)

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Tunisian Teams Information

NameTunisian Teams

Grounds in Tunisian Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Stade de Kasserine home to AS Kasserine8,000
2.Stade Jlidi home to Esperance Sportive de Zarzis8,000
3.Stade Azaiez Jaballah home to Menzel Bourguiba6,500
4.Stade de Medenine home to CO Medenine6,000
5.Sejnane Stadium home to Menzel Bourguiba5,000
6.Stade 2 Mars home to Sfax Railways4,000
7.Stade de Beni Khalled home to ES Beni-Khalled4,000
8.Stade El Jem home to Sfax Railways3,000
9.Stade Municipal de Jebiniana home to Jebeniana3,000
10.Stade Municipal de Jebiniana home to Sfax Railways3,000
11.Stade Zarzouna home to Zarzouna3,000
12.Complexe Sportif Borj Louzir home to Ariana2,000
13.Stade Arbi Farfra home to Menzel Bouzelfa2,000
14.Stade Arbi Farfra home to Menzel Bourguiba2,000
15.Stade de la Cite El Habib home to Sfax Railways2,000
16.Stade La Soukra home to Ariana2,000
17.Stade Regueb home to Sfax Railways2,000
18.Stade Municipal Farhat Hached home to Kerkennah1,500
19.Stade Municipal dAriana home to Ariana1,200
20.ESS Training Center - Stadion home to Ètoile Sportive du Sahel - Sousse Reserve1,000
21.Stade Municipal de Sbikha home to AS Sbikha1,000
22.Stade Siliana home to US Seliana1,000
23.Terrain El Mouradi Hammam Bourguiba home to Menzel Bourguiba1,000
  • Biggest stadium in Tunisian Teams: 8,000 - Stade de Kasserine
  • Smallest stadium in Tunisian Teams: 1,000 - Terrain El Mouradi Hammam Bourguiba
  • Total capacity in Tunisian Teams: 72,200
  • Average capacity in Tunisian Teams: 3,008

Best supported teams in Tunisian Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
2.AS Kasserine0
3.AS Mohammedia0
4.AS Sbikha0
5.Ètoile Sportive du Sahel - Sousse Reserve0
6.Club Olympique des Transports0
7.CO Medenine0
8.CS Tabarka0
9.ES Beni-Khalled0
10.Esperance Sportive de Zarzis0
13.Menzel Bourguiba0
14.Menzel Bouzelfa0
15.Menzel Nour0
16.Sfax Railways0
17.US Seliana0
  • Most fans in Tunisian Teams: 0 - Ariana
  • Fewest fans in Tunisian Teams: 0 - Zarzouna
  • Total Tunisian Teams fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in Tunisian Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Tunisian Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
2.AS Kasserine0.00
3.AS Mohammedia0.00
4.AS Sbikha0.00
5.Ètoile Sportive du Sahel - Sousse Reserve0.00
6.Club Olympique des Transports0.00
7.CO Medenine0.00
8.CS Tabarka0.00
9.ES Beni-Khalled0.00
10.Esperance Sportive de Zarzis0.00
13.Menzel Bourguiba0.00
14.Menzel Bouzelfa0.00
15.Menzel Nour0.00
16.Sfax Railways0.00
17.US Seliana0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Tunisian Teams: 0 grounds visited - Ariana
  • Least travelled fans in Tunisian Teams: 0 grounds visited - Zarzouna
  • Average # grounds visited in Tunisian Teams: 0.00

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