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Ligue 2 - Group B Football Grounds in Tunisia

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Ligue 2 - Group B 0/21 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
AS Kasserine 
Stade de Kasserine
Stade 7 Novembre de Kasserine (old ground)
Stade de Sbeitla (old ground)
EGS Gafsa 
Stade 7 November
Stade de Kasserine
EO Sidi Bouzid 
Stade Municipal Sidi Bouzid
ES Hammam Sousse 
Municipale de Hammam Sousse
Salle Hammam Sousse
Stade Olympique de Sousse
ES Rades 
Stade de Rades
Stade Municipal de Jebiniana
Jendouba Sport 
Stade Municipal de Jendouba
Stade Municipal Farhat Hached
Menzel Bourguiba 
Stade Arbi Farfra
Terrain El Mouradi Hammam Bourguiba
Stade Azaiez Jaballah
Sejnane Stadium
Sporting Ben Arous 
Stade de Ben Arous
Stade Mohsen Hadded
Stade Municipal du Kram
SS Sfaxien 
Stade de la Cite El Habib
Stade Municipale de Mahares
Stade 2 Mars

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Grounds in Ligue 2 - Group B Ordered by Capacity

1.Stade Olympique de Sousse home to ES Hammam Sousse30,000
2.Stade de Kasserine home to EGS Gafsa8,000
3.Stade de Kasserine home to AS Kasserine8,000
4.Stade Municipal de Jendouba home to Jendouba Sport8,000
5.Stade 7 November home to EGS Gafsa7,000
6.Stade Azaiez Jaballah home to Menzel Bourguiba6,500
7.Sejnane Stadium home to Menzel Bourguiba5,000
8.Stade de Rades home to ES Rades5,000
9.Stade Municipal du Kram home to Sporting Ben Arous5,000
10.Stade 2 Mars home to SS Sfaxien4,000
11.Stade de Ben Arous home to Sporting Ben Arous4,000
12.Stade Mohsen Hadded home to Sporting Ben Arous3,000
13.Stade Municipal de Jebiniana home to Jebeniana3,000
14.Stade Municipal Sidi Bouzid home to EO Sidi Bouzid3,000
15.Stade Arbi Farfra home to Menzel Bourguiba2,000
16.Stade de la Cite El Habib home to SS Sfaxien2,000
17.Stade Municipal Farhat Hached home to Kerkennah1,500
18.Salle Hammam Sousse home to ES Hammam Sousse1,000
19.Stade Municipale de Mahares home to SS Sfaxien1,000
20.Terrain El Mouradi Hammam Bourguiba home to Menzel Bourguiba1,000
21.Municipale de Hammam Sousse home to ES Hammam Sousse200
  • Average capacity in Ligue 2 - Group B: 4,918

Best supported teams in Ligue 2 - Group B

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.AS Kasserine0
2.EGS Gafsa0
3.EO Sidi Bouzid0
4.ES Hammam Sousse0
5.ES Rades0
7.Jendouba Sport0
9.Menzel Bourguiba0
10.Sporting Ben Arous0
11.SS Sfaxien0
  • Average # fans in Ligue 2 - Group B: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Ligue 2 - Group B?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.AS Kasserine0.00
2.EGS Gafsa0.00
3.EO Sidi Bouzid0.00
4.ES Hammam Sousse0.00
5.ES Rades0.00
7.Jendouba Sport0.00
9.Menzel Bourguiba0.00
10.Sporting Ben Arous0.00
11.SS Sfaxien0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in Ligue 2 - Group B: 0.00

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