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Thai Teams Football Grounds in Thailand

Map of Thai Teams stadiums

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List of Thai Teams stadiums

0/20 grounds visited (0%)

PAT Stadium
Udhomseel Witthaya Stadium
Bang Pa-InBang Pa-In
Bang Pa-In School Stadium
Bangkok Christian College FCBangkok Christian College FC
Bangkok Christian College Field
Thephasadin Stadium (old ground)
Jarun Burapharat Stadium (old ground)
Ramkhamhaeng University Stadium (old ground)
PAT Stadium (old ground)
TOT Stadium Chaeng Wattana (old ground)
Chaiyaphum UnitedChaiyaphum United
Chaiyaphum Stadium
FC PhuketFC Phuket
Surakul Stadium
Banbueng Municipal Stadium (old ground)
Graksu Sai Mai UnitedGraksu Sai Mai United
Grakcu United Stadium
Chira Nakhon Stadium (Jirankorn)
Muangkan UnitedMuangkan United
Kanchanaburi Provincial Stadium
Northern Tak UnitedNorthern Tak United
Tak Provincial Administrative Organization Stadium
Pathum Thani UnitedPathum Thani United
IPE Bangkok Stadium
Patong CityPatong City
Surakul Stadium
PTT RayongPTT Rayong
PTT Stadium
Royal Thai Fleet FCRoyal Thai Fleet FC
Battleship Stadium
Sa Kaeo CitySa Kaeo City
Sa KaeoProvincial Sport Stadium
Satun UnitedSatun United
Satun Municipal Stadium
TOT Stadium Chaeng Wattana
Ubon UMT UnitedUbon UMT United
UMT Stadium
Tung Burapha Stadium
Ubon Ratchathani Stadium

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Last updated: August 2022

Thai Teams Information

NameThai Teams

Grounds in Thai Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.PTT Stadium home to PTT Rayong17,000
2.Surakul Stadium home to FC Phuket15,000
3.Surakul Stadium home to Patong City15,000
4.Kanchanaburi Provincial Stadium home to Muangkan United13,000
5.PAT Stadium home to Ayutthaya12,308
6.IPE Bangkok Stadium home to Pathum Thani United12,000
7.Tung Burapha Stadium home to Ubon UMT United10,000
8.UMT Stadium home to Ubon UMT United6,000
9.TOT Stadium Chaeng Wattana home to TOT SC5,439
10.Sa KaeoProvincial Sport Stadium home to Sa Kaeo City3,757
11.Ubon Ratchathani Stadium home to Ubon UMT United2,000
12.Udhomseel Witthaya Stadium home to Ayutthaya2,000
13.Chira Nakhon Stadium (Jirankorn) home to Hatyai1,000
  • Biggest stadium in Thai Teams: 17,000 - PTT Stadium
  • Smallest stadium in Thai Teams: 1,000 - Chira Nakhon Stadium (Jirankorn)
  • Total capacity in Thai Teams: 114,504
  • Average capacity in Thai Teams: 8,179

Best supported teams in Thai Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
2.Bang Pa-In0
3.Bangkok Christian College FC0
4.Chaiyaphum United0
5.FC Phuket0
6.Graksu Sai Mai United0
8.Muangkan United0
9.Northern Tak United0
10.Pathum Thani United0
11.Patong City0
12.PTT Rayong0
13.Royal Thai Fleet FC0
14.Sa Kaeo City0
15.Satun United0
16.TOT SC0
17.Ubon UMT United0
  • Most fans in Thai Teams: 0 - Ayutthaya
  • Fewest fans in Thai Teams: 0 - Ubon UMT United
  • Total Thai Teams fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in Thai Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Thai Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
2.Bang Pa-In0.00
3.Bangkok Christian College FC0.00
4.Chaiyaphum United0.00
5.FC Phuket0.00
6.Graksu Sai Mai United0.00
8.Muangkan United0.00
9.Northern Tak United0.00
10.Pathum Thani United0.00
11.Patong City0.00
12.PTT Rayong0.00
13.Royal Thai Fleet FC0.00
14.Sa Kaeo City0.00
15.Satun United0.00
16.TOT SC0.00
17.Ubon UMT United0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Thai Teams: 0 grounds visited - Ayutthaya
  • Least travelled fans in Thai Teams: 0 grounds visited - Ubon UMT United
  • Average # grounds visited in Thai Teams: 0.00

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