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T3 BKK-Perimeter Football Grounds in Thailand

Map of T3 BKK-Perimeter stadiums

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List of T3 BKK-Perimeter stadiums

0/18 grounds visited (0%)

Bangkok FCBangkok FC
Bangkok University Stadium
SCG Stadium
Bang MOD Stadium
Chamchuri UnitedChamchuri United
Chulalonkorn Stadium
Graksu Sai Mai UnitedGraksu Sai Mai United
Grakcu United Stadium
Inter BangkokInter Bangkok
72nd Anniversary Stadium
Kasem Bundit UniversityKasem Bundit University
Kasem Bundit University Stadium
Muangnont BankunmaeMuangnont Bankunmae
Nonthaburi Youth Centre Stadium
Senabodi Stadium
Nonthaburi Provincial Stadium‎
North Bangkok UniversityNorth Bangkok University
North Bangkok University Stadium
Prime BangkokPrime Bangkok
Ramkhamhaeng University Stadium
Royal Thai Army FCRoyal Thai Army FC
The PAO Nakhon Nayok
Army Stadium
Samut PrakanSamut Prakan
Samut Prakan Provincial Stadium
Siam FCSiam FC
Nonthaburi Provincial Stadium‎
Thonburi UnitedThonburi United
Thonburi Stadium
Welfare Royal Thai Air ForceWelfare Royal Thai Air Force
Thupatemi Stadium

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T3 BKK-Perimeter Information

NameT3 BKK-Perimeter
Level on pyramid3
Same level asT3 East
T3 North
T3 North East
T3 South
T3 West
Promotion toT2

Grounds in T3 BKK-Perimeter Ordered by Capacity

1.Thupatemi Stadium home to Welfare Royal Thai Air Force25,000
2.Army Stadium home to Royal Thai Army FC20,000
3.Chulalonkorn Stadium home to Chamchuri United20,000
4.SCG Stadium home to Bangkok FC15,000
5.72nd Anniversary Stadium home to Inter Bangkok10,000
6.Bangkok University Stadium home to Bangkok FC3,000
7.Kasem Bundit University Stadium home to Kasem Bundit University2,000
8.North Bangkok University Stadium home to North Bangkok University1,550
9.Thonburi Stadium home to Thonburi United1,500
  • Biggest stadium in T3 BKK-Perimeter: 25,000 - Thupatemi Stadium
  • Smallest stadium in T3 BKK-Perimeter: 1,500 - Thonburi Stadium
  • Total capacity in T3 BKK-Perimeter: 98,050
  • Average capacity in T3 BKK-Perimeter: 9,805

Best supported teams in T3 BKK-Perimeter

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Bangkok FC0
2.Chamchuri United0
3.Graksu Sai Mai United0
4.Inter Bangkok0
5.Kasem Bundit University0
6.Muangnont Bankunmae0
8.North Bangkok University0
9.Prime Bangkok0
10.Royal Thai Army FC0
11.Samut Prakan0
12.Siam FC0
13.Thonburi United0
14.Welfare Royal Thai Air Force0
  • Most fans in T3 BKK-Perimeter: 0 - Bangkok FC
  • Fewest fans in T3 BKK-Perimeter: 0 - Welfare Royal Thai Air Force
  • Total T3 BKK-Perimeter fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in T3 BKK-Perimeter: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in T3 BKK-Perimeter?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Bangkok FC0.00
2.Chamchuri United0.00
3.Graksu Sai Mai United0.00
4.Inter Bangkok0.00
5.Kasem Bundit University0.00
6.Muangnont Bankunmae0.00
8.North Bangkok University0.00
9.Prime Bangkok0.00
10.Royal Thai Army FC0.00
11.Samut Prakan0.00
12.Siam FC0.00
13.Thonburi United0.00
14.Welfare Royal Thai Air Force0.00
  • Most travelled fans in T3 BKK-Perimeter: 0 grounds visited - Bangkok FC
  • Least travelled fans in T3 BKK-Perimeter: 0 grounds visited - Welfare Royal Thai Air Force
  • Average # grounds visited in T3 BKK-Perimeter: 0.00

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