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Other Swiss Teams Football Grounds in Switzerland

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Other Swiss Teams 0/24 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
AS Timau Basel 
Stadion Rankhof
CS Interstar GE 
Centre Sportif de Varembe
FC Aarwangen 
Sportplatz Hubel
FC Bagnes 
Stade Saint-Marc
FC Baulmes 
Stade Sous-Ville
FC Bern 
Stadion Neufeld
FC Brugg 
Stadion Au
FC Chippis 
Place des Sports Chippis
FC Dardania Lausanne 
Centre sportif de Chavannes
FC Davos 
Sportzentrum Davos Platz
FC Flums 
FC Grabs 
Sportplatz Muhlbach
FC Gspon 
FC Horgen 
Sportplatz Waldegg
FC Le Mont 
Terrain du Chataignier
FC Prishtina Bern 
Sportplatz Bodenweid
FC Rapperswil 
Stadion Grunfeld
FC Subingen 
Sportplatz Affolter
FC Thierrens 
Terrain du Marais (Thierrens)
FC Ueberstorf 
Gemeindesportplatz Ueberstorf
FC Vallorbe-Ballaigues 
Stade des Pres-sous-Ville
FC Wangen Bei Olten 
Sportplatz Chruzmatt
FC Wetzikon 
Stadium Wetzikon
FC Windish 
Sportplatz Dagerli

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Grounds in Other Swiss Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Stadion Neufeld home to FC Bern14,000
2.Stadion Rankhof home to AS Timau Basel7,600
3.Stade Sous-Ville home to FC Baulmes5,000
4.Sportplatz Bodenweid home to FC Prishtina Bern3,500
5.Stadion Au home to FC Brugg3,300
6.Stadion Grunfeld home to FC Rapperswil2,500
7.Gemeindesportplatz Ueberstorf home to FC Ueberstorf2,000
8.Sportplatz Muhlbach home to FC Grabs2,000
9.Sportplatz Chruzmatt home to FC Wangen Bei Olten1,800
10.Centre sportif de Chavannes home to FC Dardania Lausanne1,500
11.Place des Sports Chippis home to FC Chippis1,500
12.Sportplatz Affolter home to FC Subingen1,500
13.Stadium Wetzikon home to FC Wetzikon1,500
14.Terrain du Chataignier home to FC Le Mont1,300
15.Löserstrasse home to FC Flums1,200
16.Centre Sportif de Varembe home to CS Interstar GE1,000
17.Sportplatz Hubel home to FC Aarwangen1,000
18.Sportplatz Waldegg home to FC Horgen1,000
19.Stade des Pres-sous-Ville home to FC Vallorbe-Ballaigues1,000
20.Stade Saint-Marc home to FC Bagnes1,000
21.Staldenried home to FC Gspon1,000
22.Terrain du Marais (Thierrens) home to FC Thierrens1,000
23.Sportzentrum Davos Platz home to FC Davos500
24.Sportplatz Dagerli home to FC Windish400
  • Average capacity in Other Swiss Teams: 2,324

Best supported teams in Other Swiss Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.AS Timau Basel0
2.CS Interstar GE0
3.FC Aarwangen0
4.FC Bagnes0
5.FC Baulmes0
6.FC Bern0
7.FC Brugg0
8.FC Chippis0
9.FC Dardania Lausanne0
10.FC Davos0
11.FC Flums0
12.FC Grabs0
13.FC Gspon0
14.FC Horgen0
15.FC Le Mont0
16.FC Prishtina Bern0
17.FC Rapperswil0
18.FC Subingen0
19.FC Thierrens0
20.FC Ueberstorf0
21.FC Vallorbe-Ballaigues0
22.FC Wangen Bei Olten0
23.FC Wetzikon0
24.FC Windish0
  • Average # fans in Other Swiss Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Other Swiss Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.AS Timau Basel0.00
2.CS Interstar GE0.00
3.FC Aarwangen0.00
4.FC Bagnes0.00
5.FC Baulmes0.00
6.FC Bern0.00
7.FC Brugg0.00
8.FC Chippis0.00
9.FC Dardania Lausanne0.00
10.FC Davos0.00
11.FC Flums0.00
12.FC Grabs0.00
13.FC Gspon0.00
14.FC Horgen0.00
15.FC Le Mont0.00
16.FC Prishtina Bern0.00
17.FC Rapperswil0.00
18.FC Subingen0.00
19.FC Thierrens0.00
20.FC Ueberstorf0.00
21.FC Vallorbe-Ballaigues0.00
22.FC Wangen Bei Olten0.00
23.FC Wetzikon0.00
24.FC Windish0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in Other Swiss Teams: 0.00

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