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Other Swiss Teams Football Grounds in Switzerland

Map of Other Swiss Teams stadiums

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List of Other Swiss Teams stadiums

0/38 grounds visited (0%)

FC AarwangenFC Aarwangen
Sportplatz Hubel
FC AegeriFC Aegeri
Sportplatz Chruzelen
FC Affoltern am AlbisFC Affoltern am Albis
Sportanlagen Im Moos
FC AllschwilFC Allschwil
Stadion im Bruel
FC BagnesFC Bagnes
Stade Saint-Marc
FC BassersdorfFC Bassersdorf
BXA Bassersdorf
FC BaulmesFC Baulmes
Stade Sous-Ville
FC BruggFC Brugg
Stadion Au
FC ColombierFC Colombier
Stade des Chezards
FC ContheyFC Conthey
Stade des Fougeres
FC Cornol la BarocheFC Cornol la Baroche
Stade Communal de Cornol
FC DavosFC Davos
Sportzentrum Davos Platz
FC Eagles AarauFC Eagles Aarau
Sportanlage Schachen
FC FlumsFC Flums
FC Forward-MorgesFC Forward-Morges
Parc des Sports Morges
FC GrabsFC Grabs
Sportplatz Muhlbach
FC GsponFC Gspon
FC InterlakenFC Interlaken
FC Kilchberg-RuschlikonFC Kilchberg-Ruschlikon
Sportanlage Hochweid
FC Koniz IIFC Koniz II
Sportplatz Liebefeld-Hessgut
FC Le MontFC Le Mont
Terrain du Chataignier
FC MontheyFC Monthey
Stade Philippe Pottier
FC OltenFC Olten
Sportplatz Kleinholz
FC PiamontFC Piamont
Stade Communal Noreaz
FC RenensFC Renens
Stade du Censuy
FC RutiFC Ruti
Sportplatz Schutzenwiese
FC SarnenFC Sarnen
Sportplatz Seefeld
FC SevelenFC Sevelen
Sportplatz Schild
FC United ZurichFC United Zurich
Sportanlage Buchlern Zurich
Herrenschurli (old ground)
FC Vallorbe-BallaiguesFC Vallorbe-Ballaigues
Stade des Pres-sous-Ville
FC VernayazFC Vernayaz
Stade de Vernayaz
FC WadenswilFC Wadenswil
Sportplatz Beichlen
FC WädenswilFC Wädenswil
FC WillisauFC Willisau
Sportzentrum Schlossfeld
FC WindishFC Windish
Sportplatz Dagerli
Le Locle SportsLe Locle Sports
Stade des Jeanneret
NK PajdeNK Pajde
Sportzentrum Steinli
SC SiebnenSC Siebnen
Fussballplatz Ausserdorf
Team Vaud LSTeam Vaud LS
Stade Olympique de la Pontaise

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Last updated: November 2022

Other Swiss Teams Information

NameOther Swiss Teams

Grounds in Other Swiss Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Stade Olympique de la Pontaise home to Team Vaud LS15,850
2.Sportplatz Kleinholz home to FC Olten5,000
3.Stade Sous-Ville home to FC Baulmes5,000
4.Stadion Au home to FC Brugg3,300
5.Stade des Jeanneret home to Le Locle Sports3,120
6.Stade Philippe Pottier home to FC Monthey3,000
7.Sportplatz Liebefeld-Hessgut home to FC Koniz II2,600
8.Stade des Chezards home to FC Colombier2,500
9.Stade du Censuy home to FC Renens2,300
10.Sportzentrum Schlossfeld home to FC Willisau2,200
11.Sportplatz Muhlbach home to FC Grabs2,000
12.Sportplatz Schutzenwiese home to FC Ruti2,000
13.Stadion im Bruel home to FC Allschwil1,700
14.Sportanlage Buchlern Zurich home to FC United Zurich1,600
15.Terrain du Chataignier home to FC Le Mont1,300
16.Löserstrasse home to FC Flums1,200
17.Sportplatz Chruzelen home to FC Aegeri1,140
18.BXA Bassersdorf home to FC Bassersdorf1,000
19.Parc des Sports Morges home to FC Forward-Morges1,000
20.Sportanlage Schachen home to FC Eagles Aarau1,000
21.Sportplatz Hubel home to FC Aarwangen1,000
22.Sportplatz Seefeld home to FC Sarnen1,000
23.Sportzentrum Steinli home to NK Pajde1,000
24.Stade Communal de Cornol home to FC Cornol la Baroche1,000
25.Stade Communal Noreaz home to FC Piamont1,000
26.Stade des Fougeres home to FC Conthey1,000
27.Stade des Pres-sous-Ville home to FC Vallorbe-Ballaigues1,000
28.Stade Saint-Marc home to FC Bagnes1,000
29.Staldenried home to FC Gspon1,000
30.Sportzentrum Davos Platz home to FC Davos500
31.Sportplatz Dagerli home to FC Windish400
  • Biggest stadium in Other Swiss Teams: 15,850 - Stade Olympique de la Pontaise
  • Smallest stadium in Other Swiss Teams: 400 - Sportplatz Dagerli
  • Total capacity in Other Swiss Teams: 68,710
  • Average capacity in Other Swiss Teams: 2,147

Best supported teams in Other Swiss Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.FC Aarwangen0
2.FC Aegeri0
3.FC Affoltern am Albis0
4.FC Allschwil0
5.FC Bagnes0
6.FC Bassersdorf0
7.FC Baulmes0
8.FC Brugg0
9.FC Colombier0
10.FC Conthey0
11.FC Cornol la Baroche0
12.FC Davos0
13.FC Eagles Aarau0
14.FC Flums0
15.FC Forward-Morges0
16.FC Grabs0
17.FC Gspon0
18.FC Interlaken0
19.FC Kilchberg-Ruschlikon0
20.FC Koniz II0
21.FC Le Mont0
22.FC Monthey0
23.FC Olten0
24.FC Piamont0
25.FC Renens0
26.FC Ruti0
27.FC Sarnen0
28.FC Sevelen0
29.FC United Zurich0
30.FC Vallorbe-Ballaigues0
31.FC Vernayaz0
32.FC Wadenswil0
33.FC Wädenswil0
34.FC Willisau0
35.FC Windish0
36.Le Locle Sports0
37.NK Pajde0
38.SC Siebnen0
39.Team Vaud LS0
  • Most fans in Other Swiss Teams: 0 - FC Aarwangen
  • Fewest fans in Other Swiss Teams: 0 - Team Vaud LS
  • Total Other Swiss Teams fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in Other Swiss Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Other Swiss Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.FC Aarwangen0.00
2.FC Aegeri0.00
3.FC Affoltern am Albis0.00
4.FC Allschwil0.00
5.FC Bagnes0.00
6.FC Bassersdorf0.00
7.FC Baulmes0.00
8.FC Brugg0.00
9.FC Colombier0.00
10.FC Conthey0.00
11.FC Cornol la Baroche0.00
12.FC Davos0.00
13.FC Eagles Aarau0.00
14.FC Flums0.00
15.FC Forward-Morges0.00
16.FC Grabs0.00
17.FC Gspon0.00
18.FC Interlaken0.00
19.FC Kilchberg-Ruschlikon0.00
20.FC Koniz II0.00
21.FC Le Mont0.00
22.FC Monthey0.00
23.FC Olten0.00
24.FC Piamont0.00
25.FC Renens0.00
26.FC Ruti0.00
27.FC Sarnen0.00
28.FC Sevelen0.00
29.FC United Zurich0.00
30.FC Vallorbe-Ballaigues0.00
31.FC Vernayaz0.00
32.FC Wadenswil0.00
33.FC Wädenswil0.00
34.FC Willisau0.00
35.FC Windish0.00
36.Le Locle Sports0.00
37.NK Pajde0.00
38.SC Siebnen0.00
39.Team Vaud LS0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Other Swiss Teams: 0 grounds visited - FC Aarwangen
  • Least travelled fans in Other Swiss Teams: 0 grounds visited - Team Vaud LS
  • Average # grounds visited in Other Swiss Teams: 0.00

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