1. Liga Classic Gruppe 2 Football Grounds in Switzerland

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1. Liga Classic Gruppe 2 0/14 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
BSC Old Boys Basel 
FC Bassecourt 
Stade des Grands-Pres
FC Biel-Bienne 
Tissot Arena
Stadion Gurzelen (old ground)
FC Langenthal 
Fussballplatz Rankmatte
FC Luzern II 
FC Schotz 
Fussballanlage Wissenhusen
FC Solothurn 
Stadion FC Solothurn
FC Wohlen 
Sportzentrum Niedermatten
Grasshoppers Zurich II 
GC Campus
SC Buochs 
SC Goldau 
Sportanlage Tierpark
SC Zofingen 
SR Delemont 
La Blancherie
Zug 94 
Herti Allmend Stadion

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Grounds in 1. Liga Classic Gruppe 2 Ordered by Capacity

1.Swissporarena home to FC Luzern II16,490
2.Stadion FC Solothurn home to FC Solothurn6,750
3.La Blancherie home to SR Delemont5,263
4.Tissot Arena home to FC Biel-Bienne5,200
5.Sportzentrum Niedermatten home to FC Wohlen5,000
6.Herti Allmend Stadion home to Zug 944,900
7.Seefeld home to SC Buochs3,000
8.Stade des Grands-Pres home to FC Bassecourt2,650
9.Fussballanlage Wissenhusen home to FC Schotz1,800
10.Fussballplatz Rankmatte home to FC Langenthal1,680
11.Sportanlage Tierpark home to SC Goldau1,500
12.GC Campus home to Grasshoppers Zurich II1,000
13.Schutzenmatte home to BSC Old Boys Basel1,000
14.Trinermatten home to SC Zofingen670
  • Average capacity in 1. Liga Classic Gruppe 2: 3,794

Best supported teams in 1. Liga Classic Gruppe 2

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.BSC Old Boys Basel0
2.FC Bassecourt0
3.FC Biel-Bienne0
4.FC Langenthal0
5.FC Luzern II0
6.FC Schotz0
7.FC Solothurn0
8.FC Wohlen0
9.Grasshoppers Zurich II0
10.SC Buochs0
11.SC Goldau0
12.SC Zofingen0
13.SR Delemont0
14.Zug 940
  • Average # fans in 1. Liga Classic Gruppe 2: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in 1. Liga Classic Gruppe 2?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.BSC Old Boys Basel0.00
2.FC Bassecourt0.00
3.FC Biel-Bienne0.00
4.FC Langenthal0.00
5.FC Luzern II0.00
6.FC Schotz0.00
7.FC Solothurn0.00
8.FC Wohlen0.00
9.Grasshoppers Zurich II0.00
10.SC Buochs0.00
11.SC Goldau0.00
12.SC Zofingen0.00
13.SR Delemont0.00
14.Zug 940.00
  • Average # grounds visited in 1. Liga Classic Gruppe 2: 0.00

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