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Other Swedish Teams Football Grounds in Sweden

Map of Other Swedish Teams stadiums

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List of Other Swedish Teams stadiums

0/22 grounds visited (0%)

Akersberga BKAkersberga BK
Margretlunds IP
Alvesta Goif FCAlvesta Goif FC
Idrottsplats Virdavallen
BK HöllvikenBK Höllviken
Höllvikens IP
Dalby GIFDalby GIF
Dalby IP
Edet FKEdet FK
Ekero IKEkero IK
Essinge IKEssinge IK
Stora Essingens idrottsplats
Fardhem IFFardhem IF
Fardhem IP
Fruangens IFFruangens IF
Satra Idrottsplats
Gislövs IFGislövs IF
Gislövs IP
Grondals IKGrondals IK
Aspuddens Idrottsplats
Hasselby SKHasselby SK
Hasselby IP
Holmeja IS 1948Holmeja IS 1948
Erik Petters IP
IK Arvika FotbollIK Arvika Fotboll
Katrineholms SKKatrineholms SK
Langholmen FCLangholmen FC
Stora Essingens idrottsplats
Lilla Beddinge BKLilla Beddinge BK
Lilla Beddinges IP
Lilla Traslovs FFLilla Traslovs FF
Ostervi IP
Saltsjobaden IFSaltsjobaden IF
Saltsjobaden Idrottsplats
Skanör Falsterbo IFSkanör Falsterbo IF
Möllevallen IP
Skovde KIKSkovde KIK
Sodermalms IP
Visby AIKVisby AIK

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Other Swedish Teams Information

NameOther Swedish Teams

Grounds in Other Swedish Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Gutavallen home to Visby AIK5,000
2.Sodermalms IP home to Skovde KIK4,500
3.Trakvistavallen home to Ekero IK2,000
4.Höllvikens IP home to BK Höllviken1,900
5.Aspuddens Idrottsplats home to Grondals IK1,500
6.Dalby IP home to Dalby GIF1,000
7.Erik Petters IP home to Holmeja IS 19481,000
8.Fardhem IP home to Fardhem IF1,000
9.Gislövs IP home to Gislövs IF1,000
10.Hasselby IP home to Hasselby SK1,000
11.Lilla Beddinges IP home to Lilla Beddinge BK1,000
12.Lingonvallen home to IK Arvika Fotboll1,000
13.Margretlunds IP home to Akersberga BK1,000
14.Möllevallen IP home to Skanör Falsterbo IF1,000
15.Ostervi IP home to Lilla Traslovs FF1,000
16.Saltsjobaden Idrottsplats home to Saltsjobaden IF1,000
17.Satra Idrottsplats home to Fruangens IF1,000
18.Stora Essingens idrottsplats home to Essinge IK1,000
19.Stora Essingens idrottsplats home to Langholmen FC1,000
  • Biggest stadium in Other Swedish Teams: 5,000 - Gutavallen
  • Smallest stadium in Other Swedish Teams: 1,000 - Stora Essingens idrottsplats
  • Total capacity in Other Swedish Teams: 28,900
  • Average capacity in Other Swedish Teams: 1,445

Best supported teams in Other Swedish Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Akersberga BK0
2.Alvesta Goif FC0
3.BK Höllviken0
4.Dalby GIF0
5.Edet FK0
6.Ekero IK0
7.Essinge IK0
8.Fardhem IF0
9.Fruangens IF0
10.Gislövs IF0
11.Grondals IK0
12.Hasselby SK0
13.Holmeja IS 19480
14.IK Arvika Fotboll0
15.Katrineholms SK0
16.Langholmen FC0
17.Lilla Beddinge BK0
18.Lilla Traslovs FF0
19.Saltsjobaden IF0
20.Skanör Falsterbo IF0
21.Skovde KIK0
22.Visby AIK0
  • Most fans in Other Swedish Teams: 0 - Akersberga BK
  • Fewest fans in Other Swedish Teams: 0 - Visby AIK
  • Total Other Swedish Teams fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in Other Swedish Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Other Swedish Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Akersberga BK0.00
2.Alvesta Goif FC0.00
3.BK Höllviken0.00
4.Dalby GIF0.00
5.Edet FK0.00
6.Ekero IK0.00
7.Essinge IK0.00
8.Fardhem IF0.00
9.Fruangens IF0.00
10.Gislövs IF0.00
11.Grondals IK0.00
12.Hasselby SK0.00
13.Holmeja IS 19480.00
14.IK Arvika Fotboll0.00
15.Katrineholms SK0.00
16.Langholmen FC0.00
17.Lilla Beddinge BK0.00
18.Lilla Traslovs FF0.00
19.Saltsjobaden IF0.00
20.Skanör Falsterbo IF0.00
21.Skovde KIK0.00
22.Visby AIK0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Other Swedish Teams: 0 grounds visited - Akersberga BK
  • Least travelled fans in Other Swedish Teams: 0 grounds visited - Visby AIK
  • Average # grounds visited in Other Swedish Teams: 0.00

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