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Allsvenskan Football Grounds in Sweden

Map of Allsvenskan stadiums

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List of Allsvenskan stadiums

0/23 grounds visited (0%)

Skytteholms IP
Friends Arena
Rasunda Stadium (old ground)
BK HackenBK Hacken
Bravida Arena
Gamla Ullevi (old ground)
Rambergsvallen (old ground)
Degerfors IFDegerfors IF
Stora Valla B-plan
Stora Valla
Djurgardens IFDjurgardens IF
Tele2 Arena
Stockholm Olympic Stadium (old ground)
GIF SundsvallGIF Sundsvall
Norrporten Arena
Hammarby IFHammarby IF
Tele2 Arena
Soderstadion (old ground)
Helsingborgs IFHelsingborgs IF
Olympiafaltet Plan 10
IF ElfsborgIF Elfsborg
Boras Arena
Ryavallen (old ground)
IFK GothenburgIFK Gothenburg
Gamla Ullevi
Gamla Ullevi (1916) (old ground)
Bravida Arena (old ground)
Ullevi (old ground)
IFK NorrkopingIFK Norrkoping
IFK VarnamoIFK Varnamo
Finnvedsvallen Konstgras
IK SiriusIK Sirius
Lotens IP
Studenternas IP
Kalmar FFKalmar FF
Gasten konstgras
Guldfageln Arena
Fredriksskans (old ground)
Malmo FFMalmo FF
Eleda Stadion
Malmo Stadion (old ground)
Mjallby AIFMjallby AIF
Varbergs BoIS FCVarbergs BoIS FC
Varberg Energi Arena
Ankarvallen (old ground)

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Last updated: March 2022

Allsvenskan Information

Level on pyramid1
Relegation toSuperettan

Grounds in Allsvenskan Ordered by Capacity

1.Friends Arena home to AIK50,000
2.Tele2 Arena home to Hammarby IF33,000
3.Tele2 Arena home to Djurgardens IF33,000
4.Eleda Stadion home to Malmo FF24,000
5.Gamla Ullevi home to IFK Gothenburg18,800
6.Ostgotaporten home to IFK Norrkoping17,234
7.Olympiastadion home to Helsingborgs IF17,200
8.Boras Arena home to IF Elfsborg16,899
9.Stora Valla home to Degerfors IF12,500
10.Guldfageln Arena home to Kalmar FF12,182
11.Norrporten Arena home to GIF Sundsvall7,700
12.Strandvallen home to Mjallby AIF7,500
13.Bravida Arena home to BK Hacken6,500
14.Studenternas IP home to IK Sirius6,000
15.Varberg Energi Arena home to Varbergs BoIS FC5,000
16.Finnvedsvallen home to IFK Varnamo3,000
17.Skytteholms IP home to AIK3,000
18.Gasten konstgras home to Kalmar FF2,000
19.Olympiafaltet Plan 10 home to Helsingborgs IF2,000
20.Stora Valla B-plan home to Degerfors IF2,000
21.Nordichallen home to GIF Sundsvall1,500
22.Finnvedsvallen Konstgras home to IFK Varnamo1,000
23.Lotens IP home to IK Sirius1,000
  • Biggest stadium in Allsvenskan: 50,000 - Friends Arena
  • Smallest stadium in Allsvenskan: 1,000 - Lotens IP
  • Total capacity in Allsvenskan: 283,015
  • Average capacity in Allsvenskan: 11,792

Best supported teams in Allsvenskan

#TeamNumber of Fans
2.Hammarby IF38
3.Djurgardens IF23
4.IFK Gothenburg15
5.Malmo FF13
6.IFK Norrkoping6
7.Helsingborgs IF5
8.IF Elfsborg4
9.IK Sirius2
10.BK Hacken1
11.Degerfors IF1
12.GIF Sundsvall1
13.IFK Varnamo1
14.Kalmar FF1
15.Mjallby AIF1
16.Varbergs BoIS FC0
  • Most fans in Allsvenskan: 55 - AIK
  • Fewest fans in Allsvenskan: 0 - Varbergs BoIS FC
  • Total Allsvenskan fans: 167
  • Average number of fans in Allsvenskan: 10

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Allsvenskan?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.IFK Varnamo186.00
2.Helsingborgs IF56.60
3.IFK Norrkoping54.83
5.Degerfors IF40.00
6.IFK Gothenburg33.87
7.Hammarby IF29.39
8.IK Sirius28.00
9.Djurgardens IF27.96
10.Kalmar FF20.00
11.IF Elfsborg18.25
12.Malmo FF18.15
13.GIF Sundsvall9.00
14.BK Hacken0.00
15.Mjallby AIF0.00
16.Varbergs BoIS FC0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Allsvenskan: 186 grounds visited - IFK Varnamo
  • Least travelled fans in Allsvenskan: 0 grounds visited - Varbergs BoIS FC
  • Average # grounds visited in Allsvenskan: 33.28

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