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Slovenian Teams Football Grounds in Slovenia

Map of Slovenian Teams stadiums

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List of Slovenian Teams stadiums

0/20 grounds visited (0%)

Brda DobrovoBrda Dobrovo
Igrisce v Vipolzah
Sportni park Vipolze
Stadion Brezice
Sportski Centar Terme Catez
Interblock LjubljanaInterblock Ljubljana
Sportni Park Ljubljana
Sportni park Zarica
Sportni Center Stanko Mlakar (old ground)
Mestni stadion
NK Ankaran PostojnaNK Ankaran Postojna
Sportni Park
Dravograd Sports Centre (old ground)
NK DobrovceNK Dobrovce
Igrisce Dobrovce
NK Drava PtujNK Drava Ptuj
Mestni Stadion Ptuj
NK DravinjaNK Dravinja
SRC Dobrava
NK Dravograd Avto GrubelnikNK Dravograd Avto Grubelnik
Dravograd Sports Centre
NK PodvinciNK Podvinci
Igrisce Podvinci
NK RaceNK Race
Igrisce Race
NK SampionNK Sampion
Stadion Olimp Celje
NK Smartno 1928NK Smartno 1928
Stadion Smartno ob Paki
NK TromejnikNK Tromejnik
Igrisce Tromejnik
Nogometni Klub Ankaran - HrvatiniNogometni Klub Ankaran - Hrvatini
Jadranska Cesta
SD Videm pri PtujSD Videm pri Ptuj
Sportni park Videm
Stadion v Verzeju

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Slovenian Teams Information

NameSlovenian Teams

Grounds in Slovenian Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Jadranska Cesta home to Nogometni Klub Ankaran - Hrvatini3,000
2.Mestni stadion home to Mestni3,000
3.Sportni Park Ljubljana home to Interblock Ljubljana2,468
4.Mestni Stadion Ptuj home to NK Drava Ptuj2,207
5.Dravograd Sports Centre home to NK Dravograd Avto Grubelnik2,000
6.Sportni park Vipolze home to Brda Dobrovo1,000
7.Sportni park Zarica home to Kranj1,000
8.Sportski Centar Terme Catez home to Brezice1,000
9.Stadion Brezice home to Brezice1,000
10.Stadion v Verzeju home to Verzej800
11.Igrisce v Vipolzah home to Brda Dobrovo600
12.Sportni Park home to NK Ankaran Postojna500
13.Igrisce Tromejnik home to NK Tromejnik250
  • Biggest stadium in Slovenian Teams: 3,000 - Jadranska Cesta
  • Smallest stadium in Slovenian Teams: 250 - Igrisce Tromejnik
  • Total capacity in Slovenian Teams: 18,825
  • Average capacity in Slovenian Teams: 1,345

Best supported teams in Slovenian Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Brda Dobrovo0
3.Interblock Ljubljana0
6.NK Ankaran Postojna0
7.NK Dobrovce0
8.NK Drava Ptuj0
9.NK Dravinja0
10.NK Dravograd Avto Grubelnik0
11.NK Podvinci0
12.NK Race0
13.NK Sampion0
14.NK Smartno 19280
15.NK Tromejnik0
16.Nogometni Klub Ankaran - Hrvatini0
17.SD Videm pri Ptuj0
  • Most fans in Slovenian Teams: 0 - Brda Dobrovo
  • Fewest fans in Slovenian Teams: 0 - Verzej
  • Total Slovenian Teams fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in Slovenian Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Slovenian Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Brda Dobrovo0.00
3.Interblock Ljubljana0.00
6.NK Ankaran Postojna0.00
7.NK Dobrovce0.00
8.NK Drava Ptuj0.00
9.NK Dravinja0.00
10.NK Dravograd Avto Grubelnik0.00
11.NK Podvinci0.00
12.NK Race0.00
13.NK Sampion0.00
14.NK Smartno 19280.00
15.NK Tromejnik0.00
16.Nogometni Klub Ankaran - Hrvatini0.00
17.SD Videm pri Ptuj0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Slovenian Teams: 0 grounds visited - Brda Dobrovo
  • Least travelled fans in Slovenian Teams: 0 grounds visited - Verzej
  • Average # grounds visited in Slovenian Teams: 0.00

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