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Slovakian Teams Football Grounds in Slovakia

Map of Slovakian Teams stadiums

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List of Slovakian Teams stadiums

0/21 grounds visited (0%)

ASK Inter Bratislava - YouthASK Inter Bratislava - Youth
Pasienky - Stadion - Kunstrasen-Nebenplatz
FC RohoznikFC Rohoznik
Stadion FC Rohoznik
FC SenecFC Senec
Narodne treningove centrum SFZ
FK SvitFK Svit
Futbalovy stadion Svit
FK Tatran StupavaFK Tatran Stupava
Stadion FK Stupava
FK Vysoke-TatryFK Vysoke-Tatry
Futabolvy Stadion
FK Zeleziarne Podbrezova IIFK Zeleziarne Podbrezova II
Stadion MSK Brezno (old ground)
Inter BratislavaInter Bratislava
Stadion FK Stupava
Stadion Pasienky (old ground)
Stadium SKP Inter Dubravka (old ground)
Lokomotiva KosiceLokomotiva Kosice
Stadion Druzstevna pri Hornade
Stadion Krasna nad Hornadom (old ground)
Lokomotiva ZvolenLokomotiva Zvolen
Areal MFK Lokomotiva Zvolen
Stadion Lokomotiva (old ground)
MFK RusovceMFK Rusovce
Futbalovy Stadion MFK Rusovce
Nove Mesto Nad VahomNove Mesto Nad Vahom
Stadion AFC Povazan
PSC PezinokPSC Pezinok
Mestsky stadion
Stadion FK Raca
SK Odeva LipanySK Odeva Lipany
Mestsky Stadium
Slovan Duslo SalaSlovan Duslo Sala
Futbalovy stadion FK Slovan Duslo Sala
Spartak MyjavaSpartak Myjava
Stadium Myjava
Spisska Nova VesSpisska Nova Ves
Stadion Nova Ves
Tatran PresovTatran Presov
Tatran Stadion
TJ Druzstevnik BrestovanyTJ Druzstevnik Brestovany
Stadion TJ Druzstevník Brestovany
TJ Tatran Cierny BalogTJ Tatran Cierny Balog
Cierny Balog Stadium

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Slovakian Teams Information

NameSlovakian Teams

Grounds in Slovakian Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Tatran Stadion home to Tatran Presov14,000
2.Stadion Nova Ves home to Spisska Nova Ves10,000
3.Futbalovy stadion FK Slovan Duslo Sala home to Slovan Duslo Sala8,000
4.ZELPO Arena home to FK Zeleziarne Podbrezova II6,500
5.Mestsky Stadium home to SK Odeva Lipany5,000
6.Stadion AFC Povazan home to Nove Mesto Nad Vahom4,500
7.Stadion FK Raca home to Raca3,500
8.Stadium Myjava home to Spartak Myjava2,500
9.Mestsky stadion home to PSC Pezinok2,000
10.Areal MFK Lokomotiva Zvolen home to Lokomotiva Zvolen1,500
11.Narodne treningove centrum SFZ home to FC Senec1,500
12.Stadion FK Stupava home to FK Tatran Stupava1,500
13.Stadion FK Stupava home to Inter Bratislava1,500
14.Stadion FC Rohoznik home to FC Rohoznik1,100
15.Futabolvy Stadion home to FK Vysoke-Tatry1,000
16.Futbalovy stadion Svit home to FK Svit1,000
17.Pasienky - Stadion - Kunstrasen-Nebenplatz home to ASK Inter Bratislava - Youth1,000
18.Stadion Druzstevna pri Hornade home to Lokomotiva Kosice1,000
19.Stadion TJ Druzstevník Brestovany home to TJ Druzstevnik Brestovany1,000
20.Cierny Balog Stadium home to TJ Tatran Cierny Balog800
21.Futbalovy Stadion MFK Rusovce home to MFK Rusovce500
  • Biggest stadium in Slovakian Teams: 14,000 - Tatran Stadion
  • Smallest stadium in Slovakian Teams: 500 - Futbalovy Stadion MFK Rusovce
  • Total capacity in Slovakian Teams: 69,400
  • Average capacity in Slovakian Teams: 3,155

Best supported teams in Slovakian Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.ASK Inter Bratislava - Youth0
2.FC Rohoznik0
3.FC Senec0
4.FK Svit0
5.FK Tatran Stupava0
6.FK Vysoke-Tatry0
7.FK Zeleziarne Podbrezova II0
8.Inter Bratislava0
9.Lokomotiva Kosice0
10.Lokomotiva Zvolen0
11.MFK Rusovce0
12.Nove Mesto Nad Vahom0
13.PSC Pezinok0
15.SK Odeva Lipany0
16.Slovan Duslo Sala0
17.Spartak Myjava0
18.Spisska Nova Ves0
19.Tatran Presov0
20.TJ Druzstevnik Brestovany0
21.TJ Tatran Cierny Balog0
  • Most fans in Slovakian Teams: 0 - ASK Inter Bratislava - Youth
  • Fewest fans in Slovakian Teams: 0 - TJ Tatran Cierny Balog
  • Total Slovakian Teams fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in Slovakian Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Slovakian Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.ASK Inter Bratislava - Youth0.00
2.FC Rohoznik0.00
3.FC Senec0.00
4.FK Svit0.00
5.FK Tatran Stupava0.00
6.FK Vysoke-Tatry0.00
7.FK Zeleziarne Podbrezova II0.00
8.Inter Bratislava0.00
9.Lokomotiva Kosice0.00
10.Lokomotiva Zvolen0.00
11.MFK Rusovce0.00
12.Nove Mesto Nad Vahom0.00
13.PSC Pezinok0.00
15.SK Odeva Lipany0.00
16.Slovan Duslo Sala0.00
17.Spartak Myjava0.00
18.Spisska Nova Ves0.00
19.Tatran Presov0.00
20.TJ Druzstevnik Brestovany0.00
21.TJ Tatran Cierny Balog0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Slovakian Teams: 0 grounds visited - ASK Inter Bratislava - Youth
  • Least travelled fans in Slovakian Teams: 0 grounds visited - TJ Tatran Cierny Balog
  • Average # grounds visited in Slovakian Teams: 0.00

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