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Serbian Teams Football Grounds in Serbia

Map of Serbian Teams stadiums

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List of Serbian Teams stadiums

0/59 grounds visited (0%)

Banat ZrenjaninBanat Zrenjanin
Karaorev Park Stadium
Borac CacakBorac Cacak
Cacak Stadium
BSK BorcaBSK Borca
Stadion Borca
CSK Pivara CelarevoCSK Pivara Celarevo
Pivara Stadion
Dinamo PancevoDinamo Pancevo
Gradski Stadion Pancevo
Dinamo VranjeDinamo Vranje
Stadion YUMCO
Donji SremDonji Srem
Sport Center Suvaca
FK Backa PalankaFK Backa Palanka
Stadion Slavko Maletin Vava
Karadore Stadium
FK BecejFK Becej
Gradski Kraj Tise Stadium
FK Beograd KaraburmaFK Beograd Karaburma
Stadion FK Beograd Karaburma
FK BezanijaFK Bezanija
Stadion kraj Bezanijske crkve
FK BratstvoFK Bratstvo
Stadium FK Bratstvo
FK BrodaracFK Brodarac
Stadium FK Brodarac
FK Budoknost DobanovciFK Budoknost Dobanovci
Stadion FK Buducnost
FK Cement BeocinFK Cement Beocin
FK Cement stadium
FK Hadjuk LionuFK Hadjuk Lionu
Stadion FK Hajduk
FK IndexFK Index
Dacko igraliste
FK Jedinstvo ParacinFK Jedinstvo Paracin
Gradski stadion Paracin
FK Jedinstvo PuteviFK Jedinstvo Putevi
Stadion Krcagovo
FK Lokomotiva BeogradFK Lokomotiva Beograd
Lokomotiva Stadion
FK Lokomotiva Beograd U18FK Lokomotiva Beograd U18
Lokomotiva Stadion II
FK LoznicaFK Loznica
Stadion Lagator
FK MiljakovacFK Miljakovac
Stadion Rakovica
FK Mladi RadnikFK Mladi Radnik
FK Novi BeogradFK Novi Beograd
FK Novi Beograd Stadium
FK Obilic BeogradFK Obilic Beograd
Stadion Milos Obilic
PKB Stadion
FK Proleter Novi SadFK Proleter Novi Sad
Stadion Slana Bara
Karadore Stadium
FK Rad BeogradFK Rad Beograd
Stadion Kralj Petar Prvi
Stadion Milos Obilic
FK Radnicki ObrenovacFK Radnicki Obrenovac
Stadion Kraj Kolubare
FK Radnički ObrenovacFK Radnički Obrenovac
Stadion Kraj Kolubare
FK SentaFK Senta
Gradski Stadion Senta
FK Sloga KraljevoFK Sloga Kraljevo
stadion FK SLOGA Kraljevo
FK Spartak Zlatibor VodaFK Spartak Zlatibor Voda
Gradski Stadion Subotica
FK SremFK Srem
Stadion Srema
FK ZAK KikindaFK ZAK Kikinda
Stadium ZAK Kikinda
FK Zarkovo BeogradFK Zarkovo Beograd
Stadion Zarkovo
FK ZemunFK Zemun
Stadion u Gornjoj Varosi
FK Zlatibor CajetinaFK Zlatibor Cajetina
Stadion Svajcarija
FK ZvezdaraFK Zvezdara
Stadion na Bulbulderu
Hajduk KulaHajduk Kula
Stadion Milan Sredanović
Stadion Fk Jagodina
Kabel Novi SadKabel Novi Sad
Stadion FK Kabel
Stadion Slana Bara
OFK 1909 KikindaOFK 1909 Kikinda
Gradski Stadion - Kikinda
Polet DorcolPolet Dorcol
Stadion FK GSP Polet
Radnicki PirotRadnicki Pirot
Stadion Dragan Nikolic
Red Star Belgrade ReservesRed Star Belgrade Reserves
Rajko Mitic - Jug vestacka trava
Pomocni teren Rajko Mitic
Roter Stern Belgrad - BRoter Stern Belgrad - B
Stadion Roter Stern Belgrad
Sindelic BeogradSindelic Beograd
Stadion FK Sindelic
TEK Sloga Veliki CrljeniTEK Sloga Veliki Crljeni
Stadion TEK
Teleoptic ZemunTeleoptic Zemun
Sportski Centar Partizan-Teleoptik
Temnic 1924 VarvarinTemnic 1924 Varvarin
Stadion Radomir Micic Mice Krusevac
Timok ZajecarTimok Zajecar
Stadion pod Kraljevicom
Trajal KrusevacTrajal Krusevac
Parunovac Stadium

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Last updated: December 2023

Serbian Teams Information

NameSerbian Teams

Grounds in Serbian Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Stadion Fk Jagodina home to Jagodina20,000
2.Karadore Stadium home to FK Proleter Novi Sad14,458
3.Karadore Stadium home to FK Backa Palanka14,458
4.Stadion Dragan Nikolic home to Radnicki Pirot13,816
5.Karaorev Park Stadium home to Banat Zrenjanin13,500
6.Gradski Stadion Subotica home to FK Spartak Zlatibor Voda13,000
7.Stadion u Gornjoj Varosi home to FK Zemun10,000
8.Stadion Kralj Petar Prvi home to FK Rad Beograd6,000
9.Stadion Lagator home to FK Loznica6,000
10.Stadion Milan Sredanović home to Hajduk Kula5,973
11.Stadion Slavko Maletin Vava home to FK Backa Palanka5,500
12.Cacak Stadium home to Borac Cacak5,000
13.Sportski Centar Partizan-Teleoptik home to Teleoptic Zemun5,000
14.Stadion kraj Bezanijske crkve home to FK Bezanija5,000
15.Stadion YUMCO home to Dinamo Vranje5,000
16.Stadion Milos Obilic home to FK Obilic Beograd4,600
17.Stadion Milos Obilic home to FK Rad Beograd4,600
18.stadion FK SLOGA Kraljevo home to FK Sloga Kraljevo4,500
19.Vasariste home to FK Mladi Radnik3,200
20.Gradski Stadion - Kikinda home to OFK 1909 Kikinda3,000
21.Pivara Stadion home to CSK Pivara Celarevo3,000
22.Lokomotiva Stadion home to FK Lokomotiva Beograd2,500
23.Stadion Borca home to BSK Borca2,500
24.Parunovac Stadium home to Trajal Krusevac2,000
25.Stadion FK Hajduk home to FK Hadjuk Lionu2,000
26.Stadion FK Kabel home to Kabel Novi Sad2,000
27.Stadion Slana Bara home to Kabel Novi Sad2,000
28.Stadion Slana Bara home to FK Proleter Novi Sad2,000
29.Stadion TEK home to TEK Sloga Veliki Crljeni2,000
30.Stadium ZAK Kikinda home to FK ZAK Kikinda2,000
31.Stadion Radomir Micic Mice Krusevac home to Temnic 1924 Varvarin1,900
32.FK Cement stadium home to FK Cement Beocin1,500
33.Stadion FK Buducnost home to FK Budoknost Dobanovci1,500
34.Stadion FK Sindelic home to Sindelic Beograd1,500
35.Stadion Krcagovo home to FK Jedinstvo Putevi1,500
36.Sport Center Suvaca home to Donji Srem1,200
37.Stadion Svajcarija home to FK Zlatibor Cajetina1,040
38.Dacko igraliste home to FK Index1,000
39.Lokomotiva Stadion II home to FK Lokomotiva Beograd U181,000
40.Pomocni teren Rajko Mitic home to Red Star Belgrade Reserves1,000
41.Rajko Mitic - Jug vestacka trava home to Red Star Belgrade Reserves1,000
42.Stadion FK GSP Polet home to Polet Dorcol1,000
43.Stadion Roter Stern Belgrad home to Roter Stern Belgrad - B1,000
44.Stadion Zarkovo home to FK Zarkovo Beograd1,000
45.Gradski stadion Paracin home to FK Jedinstvo Paracin500
46.Gradski Kraj Tise Stadium home to FK Becej200
  • Biggest stadium in Serbian Teams: 20,000 - Stadion Fk Jagodina
  • Smallest stadium in Serbian Teams: 200 - Gradski Kraj Tise Stadium
  • Total capacity in Serbian Teams: 202,445
  • Average capacity in Serbian Teams: 4,307

Best supported teams in Serbian Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Banat Zrenjanin0
2.Borac Cacak0
3.BSK Borca0
4.CSK Pivara Celarevo0
5.Dinamo Pancevo0
6.Dinamo Vranje0
7.Donji Srem0
8.FK Backa Palanka0
9.FK Becej0
10.FK Beograd Karaburma0
11.FK Bezanija0
12.FK Bratstvo0
13.FK Brodarac0
14.FK Budoknost Dobanovci0
15.FK Cement Beocin0
16.FK Hadjuk Lionu0
17.FK Index0
18.FK Jedinstvo Paracin0
19.FK Jedinstvo Putevi0
20.FK Lokomotiva Beograd0
21.FK Lokomotiva Beograd U180
22.FK Loznica0
23.FK Miljakovac0
24.FK Mladi Radnik0
25.FK Novi Beograd0
26.FK Obilic Beograd0
27.FK PKB0
28.FK Proleter Novi Sad0
29.FK Rad Beograd0
30.FK Radnicki Obrenovac0
31.FK Radnički Obrenovac0
32.FK Senta0
33.FK Sloga Kraljevo0
34.FK Spartak Zlatibor Voda0
35.FK Srem0
36.FK ZAK Kikinda0
37.FK Zarkovo Beograd0
38.FK Zemun0
39.FK Zlatibor Cajetina0
40.FK Zvezdara0
41.Hajduk Kula0
43.Kabel Novi Sad0
44.OFK 1909 Kikinda0
45.Polet Dorcol0
46.Radnicki Pirot0
47.Red Star Belgrade Reserves0
48.Roter Stern Belgrad - B0
49.Sindelic Beograd0
50.TEK Sloga Veliki Crljeni0
51.Teleoptic Zemun0
52.Temnic 1924 Varvarin0
53.Timok Zajecar0
54.Trajal Krusevac0
  • Most fans in Serbian Teams: 0 - Banat Zrenjanin
  • Fewest fans in Serbian Teams: 0 - Trajal Krusevac
  • Total Serbian Teams fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in Serbian Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Serbian Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Banat Zrenjanin0.00
2.Borac Cacak0.00
3.BSK Borca0.00
4.CSK Pivara Celarevo0.00
5.Dinamo Pancevo0.00
6.Dinamo Vranje0.00
7.Donji Srem0.00
8.FK Backa Palanka0.00
9.FK Becej0.00
10.FK Beograd Karaburma0.00
11.FK Bezanija0.00
12.FK Bratstvo0.00
13.FK Brodarac0.00
14.FK Budoknost Dobanovci0.00
15.FK Cement Beocin0.00
16.FK Hadjuk Lionu0.00
17.FK Index0.00
18.FK Jedinstvo Paracin0.00
19.FK Jedinstvo Putevi0.00
20.FK Lokomotiva Beograd0.00
21.FK Lokomotiva Beograd U180.00
22.FK Loznica0.00
23.FK Miljakovac0.00
24.FK Mladi Radnik0.00
25.FK Novi Beograd0.00
26.FK Obilic Beograd0.00
27.FK PKB0.00
28.FK Proleter Novi Sad0.00
29.FK Rad Beograd0.00
30.FK Radnicki Obrenovac0.00
31.FK Radnički Obrenovac0.00
32.FK Senta0.00
33.FK Sloga Kraljevo0.00
34.FK Spartak Zlatibor Voda0.00
35.FK Srem0.00
36.FK ZAK Kikinda0.00
37.FK Zarkovo Beograd0.00
38.FK Zemun0.00
39.FK Zlatibor Cajetina0.00
40.FK Zvezdara0.00
41.Hajduk Kula0.00
43.Kabel Novi Sad0.00
44.OFK 1909 Kikinda0.00
45.Polet Dorcol0.00
46.Radnicki Pirot0.00
47.Red Star Belgrade Reserves0.00
48.Roter Stern Belgrad - B0.00
49.Sindelic Beograd0.00
50.TEK Sloga Veliki Crljeni0.00
51.Teleoptic Zemun0.00
52.Temnic 1924 Varvarin0.00
53.Timok Zajecar0.00
54.Trajal Krusevac0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Serbian Teams: 0 grounds visited - Banat Zrenjanin
  • Least travelled fans in Serbian Teams: 0 grounds visited - Trajal Krusevac
  • Average # grounds visited in Serbian Teams: 0.00

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