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Other Scottish Womens Teams Football Grounds in Scotland

Map of Other Scottish Womens Teams stadiums

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List of Other Scottish Womens Teams stadiums

0/51 grounds visited (0%)

Annan Athletic LadiesAnnan Athletic Ladies
Ayr United Development LFCAyr United Development LFC
Somerset Park
Pitreavie Playing Fields
Bishopton LFCBishopton LFC
Park Mains High School
Blackburn United Development LFCBlackburn United Development LFC
New Murrayfield Park
Borders LadiesBorders Ladies
Volunteer Park
Brora Rangers LadiesBrora Rangers Ladies
Dudgeon Park
Broxburn Athletic LFCBroxburn Athletic LFC
Albyn Park
Buchan Youth LFCBuchan Youth LFC
Catto Park
Buckie LadiesBuckie Ladies
Gordon Park
Caithness LadiesCaithness Ladies
The Dammies (St Georges Park)
Clachnacuddin WomenClachnacuddin Women
Grant Street Park
Clark Drive LadiesClark Drive Ladies
Irvine Sports Club
Dryburgh Athletic Development LFCDryburgh Athletic Development LFC
Lochee Park
Dunfermline Athletic Ladies DevelopmentDunfermline Athletic Ladies Development
The Fleet Ground
East Fife Development LFCEast Fife Development LFC
Forfar FarmingtonForfar Farmington
Station Park (Forfar)
Forfar Farmington LadiesForfar Farmington Ladies
Forfar Community Campus
Millenium Park
Gleniffer LadiesGleniffer Ladies
Ralston Community Sports Centre
Granite City LadiesGranite City Ladies
Mineralwell Park
Hamilton Academical Women U23sHamilton Academical Women U23s
Hamilton Palace Sports Ground
Harmony Row WFCHarmony Row WFC
Sir Alex Ferguson Park
Hibernian Ladies U23sHibernian Ladies U23s
Lasswade Centre
Hutchison Vale WFCHutchison Vale WFC
Saughton Enclosure
Inverness Caledonian Thistle Ladies (SWHIL)Inverness Caledonian Thistle Ladies (SWHIL)
Millburn Academy
Jeanfield Swifts WomenJeanfield Swifts Women
McDiarmid Park
Kilwinning LFCKilwinning LFC
Putyan Park
Kirkwall City LadiesKirkwall City Ladies
Naver Park
King George V Memorial Park (Leven)
Lothian Ladies FCLothian Ladies FC
Meadowmill Sports Centre
Mid Annandale LadiesMid Annandale Ladies
New King Edward Park
Millennium FCMillennium FC
Stranraer Academy
Moray LFCMoray LFC
Motherwell Ladies DevelopmentMotherwell Ladies Development
Dalziel Playing Fields
Murieston United LFCMurieston United LFC
Bankton Mains
Murrayfield LadiesMurrayfield Ladies
Peffermill 3G
Musselburgh WindsorMusselburgh Windsor
Pinkie Playing Fields
Nairn St Ninian WFCNairn St Ninian WFC
The Showfield
Orkney WFCOrkney WFC
Kirkwall Grammar School
Pollok United LFCPollok United LFC
Dennis Donnelly Park
Raith Rovers WGFCRaith Rovers WGFC
Starks Park
Rangers Development LFCRangers Development LFC
Petershill Park
Rutherglen LFCRutherglen LFC
Toryglen Regional Football Centre
Spartans FC Ladies DevelopmentSpartans FC Ladies Development
Ainslie Park
Stewarton United LadiesStewarton United Ladies
Stewarton Sports Centre 3G
Stirling University Development LFCStirling University Development LFC
Stirling University Sports Park
Sutherland WFCSutherland WFC
Couper Park
West Park United LFCWest Park United LFC
Huntershill Sports Hub
Westdyke Thistle LadiesWestdyke Thistle Ladies
Lawsondale Playing Fields

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Other Scottish Womens Teams Information

NameOther Scottish Womens Teams

Grounds in Other Scottish Womens Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.McDiarmid Park home to Jeanfield Swifts Women10,696
2.Somerset Park home to Ayr United Development LFC10,185
3.Starks Park home to Raith Rovers WGFC10,104
4.Station Park (Forfar) home to Forfar Farmington4,602
5.Dudgeon Park home to Brora Rangers Ladies4,000
6.Ainslie Park home to Spartans FC Ladies Development3,000
7.Galabank home to Annan Athletic Ladies3,000
8.New Murrayfield Park home to Blackburn United Development LFC2,400
9.Grant Street Park home to Clachnacuddin Women2,074
10.Park Mains High School home to Bishopton LFC2,000
11.Petershill Park home to Rangers Development LFC2,000
12.Albyn Park home to Broxburn Athletic LFC1,000
13.Bankton Mains home to Murieston United LFC1,000
14.Catto Park home to Buchan Youth LFC1,000
15.Dalziel Playing Fields home to Motherwell Ladies Development1,000
16.Forfar Community Campus home to Forfar Farmington Ladies1,000
17.Gordon Park home to Buckie Ladies1,000
18.Huntershill Sports Hub home to West Park United LFC1,000
19.Irvine Sports Club home to Clark Drive Ladies1,000
20.King George V Memorial Park (Leven) home to Leven1,000
21.Kirkwall Grammar School home to Orkney WFC1,000
22.Lasswade Centre home to Hibernian Ladies U23s1,000
23.Lawsondale Playing Fields home to Westdyke Thistle Ladies1,000
24.Lochee Park home to Dryburgh Athletic Development LFC1,000
25.Meadowmill Sports Centre home to Lothian Ladies FC1,000
26.Millburn Academy home to Inverness Caledonian Thistle Ladies (SWHIL)1,000
27.Millenium Park home to Giffnock1,000
28.Mineralwell Park home to Granite City Ladies1,000
29.Naver Park home to Kirkwall City Ladies1,000
30.New King Edward Park home to Mid Annandale Ladies1,000
31.Peffermill 3G home to Murrayfield Ladies1,000
32.Pinefield home to Moray LFC1,000
33.Pinkie Playing Fields home to Musselburgh Windsor1,000
34.Pitreavie Playing Fields home to Bayside1,000
35.Putyan Park home to Kilwinning LFC1,000
36.Ralston Community Sports Centre home to Gleniffer Ladies1,000
37.Saughton Enclosure home to Hutchison Vale WFC1,000
38.Sir Alex Ferguson Park home to Harmony Row WFC1,000
39.Stewarton Sports Centre 3G home to Stewarton United Ladies1,000
40.Stranraer Academy home to Millennium FC1,000
41.Stratheden home to East Fife Development LFC1,000
42.The Dammies (St Georges Park) home to Caithness Ladies1,000
43.The Showfield home to Nairn St Ninian WFC1,000
44.Thornhill home to Moray LFC1,000
45.Toryglen Regional Football Centre home to Rutherglen LFC1,000
46.Volunteer Park home to Borders Ladies1,000
47.Couper Park home to Sutherland WFC500
48.The Fleet Ground home to Dunfermline Athletic Ladies Development500
49.Hamilton Palace Sports Ground home to Hamilton Academical Women U23s300
  • Biggest stadium in Other Scottish Womens Teams: 10,696 - McDiarmid Park
  • Smallest stadium in Other Scottish Womens Teams: 300 - Hamilton Palace Sports Ground
  • Total capacity in Other Scottish Womens Teams: 90,361
  • Average capacity in Other Scottish Womens Teams: 1,807

Best supported teams in Other Scottish Womens Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Dunfermline Athletic Ladies Development1
2.Annan Athletic Ladies0
3.Ayr United Development LFC0
5.Bishopton LFC0
6.Blackburn United Development LFC0
7.Borders Ladies0
8.Brora Rangers Ladies0
9.Broxburn Athletic LFC0
10.Buchan Youth LFC0
11.Buckie Ladies0
12.Caithness Ladies0
13.Clachnacuddin Women0
14.Clark Drive Ladies0
15.Dryburgh Athletic Development LFC0
16.East Fife Development LFC0
17.Forfar Farmington0
18.Forfar Farmington Ladies0
20.Gleniffer Ladies0
21.Granite City Ladies0
22.Hamilton Academical Women U23s0
23.Harmony Row WFC0
24.Hibernian Ladies U23s0
25.Hutchison Vale WFC0
26.Inverness Caledonian Thistle Ladies (SWHIL)0
27.Jeanfield Swifts Women0
28.Kilwinning LFC0
29.Kirkwall City Ladies0
31.Lothian Ladies FC0
32.Mid Annandale Ladies0
33.Millennium FC0
34.Moray LFC0
35.Motherwell Ladies Development0
36.Murieston United LFC0
37.Murrayfield Ladies0
38.Musselburgh Windsor0
39.Nairn St Ninian WFC0
40.Orkney WFC0
41.Pollok United LFC0
42.Raith Rovers WGFC0
43.Rangers Development LFC0
44.Rutherglen LFC0
45.Spartans FC Ladies Development0
46.Stewarton United Ladies0
47.Stirling University Development LFC0
48.Sutherland WFC0
49.West Park United LFC0
50.Westdyke Thistle Ladies0
  • Most fans in Other Scottish Womens Teams: 1 - Dunfermline Athletic Ladies Development
  • Fewest fans in Other Scottish Womens Teams: 0 - Westdyke Thistle Ladies
  • Total Other Scottish Womens Teams fans: 1
  • Average number of fans in Other Scottish Womens Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Other Scottish Womens Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Dunfermline Athletic Ladies Development43.00
2.Annan Athletic Ladies0.00
3.Ayr United Development LFC0.00
5.Bishopton LFC0.00
6.Blackburn United Development LFC0.00
7.Borders Ladies0.00
8.Brora Rangers Ladies0.00
9.Broxburn Athletic LFC0.00
10.Buchan Youth LFC0.00
11.Buckie Ladies0.00
12.Caithness Ladies0.00
13.Clachnacuddin Women0.00
14.Clark Drive Ladies0.00
15.Dryburgh Athletic Development LFC0.00
16.East Fife Development LFC0.00
17.Forfar Farmington0.00
18.Forfar Farmington Ladies0.00
20.Gleniffer Ladies0.00
21.Granite City Ladies0.00
22.Hamilton Academical Women U23s0.00
23.Harmony Row WFC0.00
24.Hibernian Ladies U23s0.00
25.Hutchison Vale WFC0.00
26.Inverness Caledonian Thistle Ladies (SWHIL)0.00
27.Jeanfield Swifts Women0.00
28.Kilwinning LFC0.00
29.Kirkwall City Ladies0.00
31.Lothian Ladies FC0.00
32.Mid Annandale Ladies0.00
33.Millennium FC0.00
34.Moray LFC0.00
35.Motherwell Ladies Development0.00
36.Murieston United LFC0.00
37.Murrayfield Ladies0.00
38.Musselburgh Windsor0.00
39.Nairn St Ninian WFC0.00
40.Orkney WFC0.00
41.Pollok United LFC0.00
42.Raith Rovers WGFC0.00
43.Rangers Development LFC0.00
44.Rutherglen LFC0.00
45.Spartans FC Ladies Development0.00
46.Stewarton United Ladies0.00
47.Stirling University Development LFC0.00
48.Sutherland WFC0.00
49.West Park United LFC0.00
50.Westdyke Thistle Ladies0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Other Scottish Womens Teams: 43 grounds visited - Dunfermline Athletic Ladies Development
  • Least travelled fans in Other Scottish Womens Teams: 0 grounds visited - Westdyke Thistle Ladies
  • Average # grounds visited in Other Scottish Womens Teams: 0.84

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