Other Scottish Teams Football Grounds in Scotland

Other Scottish Teams 0/72 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
AFC Chryston 
Carrick Park
AFC Ravenscraig 
Wishaw Sports Centre
Alness United 
Highland Football Academy
Dalmore Park (old ground)
Alyth AFC 
Diamond Jubilee Park
Arbroath Sporting Club 
Seaton Park
Auldearn FC 
The Recreation Ground Auldearn
Balfron Rovers FC 
Donaldson Park
Balintore FC 
Seaboard Park
Village Ground (old ground)
Balmoral United AFC 
Davie Park
Bankfoot Athletic 
Coronation Park
Berwick Rangers Reserves 
Shielfield Park
Bishopmill Rovers 
Bishopmill United 
Blochairn Star 
Glenconner Park
Bonnybridge Juniors 
Duncan Stewart Memorial Park
Bonnybridge YFP 
Duncan Stewart Memorial Park
Lossiemouth Playing Fields
Breadalbane AFC 
Home Street
Bridge Of Earn AFC 
Victory Park
Ormidale Park
Burrelton Rovers 
The Recreation Ground
Clackmannan AFC 
King George V Park
Coupar Angus AFC 
Larghan Park
Crichton Hospital Park
Dalbeattie Star A 
Islecroft Stadium
Dornoch AFC 
Meadows Park Dornoch
Glencaple Park
Dunvegan AFC 
Kilmuir Dunvegan
Denfield Park
Eastern Rose 
Chapel Street
Edinburgh Athletic 
Civil Service Sports Ground
Eyemouth United 
Warner Park
Fair City AFC 
Huntingtower Park
Falkirk Juniors 
Grangemouth Stadium
Fleet Star 
Garries Park
Playing Fields
Provost Park
Glasgow Celtic Reserves 
Lennoxtown Training Ground
Greig Park Rangers 
Hearts of Beath 
Lumphinnans Sports Hub
East Mains Farm
Hibernian Reserves 
Hibernian Training Centre
Oriam (old ground)
Holm FC 
Rockworks Pitch
Inverness City FC 
Lister Park
Northern Meeting Park (old ground)
Ferry Brae (old ground)
Bught Park (old ground)
Port Mor Centre
Kinloss Park
Kinrossie Caledonian 
Kinrossie Park
Leslie Hearts 
Quarry Park
Letham AFC 
Seven Acres Park
Linton Hotspur 
New Moor Road
Lochbroom AFC 
Morefield Ullapool
Loganlea United 
The SanSiro
Lossiemouth United 
Coulhardbank Road
Millport AFC 
West Bay Park
Monifieth Tayside 
Riverview Park
Northend AFC 
The FIRHILL Complex
Oban Saints 
Mossfield Stadium
Rangers Development squad 
Auchenhowie Hummel Training Centre
Rosyth Civil Service AFC 
Civil Service Sports Ground
Southside AFC 
Toryglen Regional Football Centre
New Tinto Park (old ground)
Spartans FC Reserves 
Ainslie Park
City Park (old ground)
Sportsmans Club 
Arjo Wiggins Stoneywood Park
St James AFC 
Fairfield Park
Steelend Victoria 
Woodside Park
Stranraer Athletic 
Stranraer Academy
Tollcross Thistle 
Peffermill 3G
Tulliallan Thistle 
Burnside Park
Vale Of Atholl 
Ferry Road
Vale of Earn 
Market Park
West Barns Star FC 
West Barns Star FC Ground
Westfield Colts 
Westfield Park
Westquarter Violet 
Laurieston Park

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Grounds in Other Scottish Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Shielfield Park home to Berwick Rangers Reserves4,131
2.Islecroft Stadium home to Dalbeattie Star A3,500
3.Ainslie Park home to Spartans FC Reserves3,000
4.Warner Park home to Eyemouth United2,000
5.Ormidale Park home to Brodick1,600
6.Denfield Park home to Dysart1,200
7.Arjo Wiggins Stoneywood Park home to Sportsmans Club1,000
8.Chapel Street home to Eastern Rose1,000
9.Donaldson Park home to Balfron Rovers FC1,000
10.Garries Park home to Fleet Star1,000
11.Highland Football Academy home to Alness United1,000
12.Lister Park home to Inverness City FC1,000
13.Peffermill 3G home to Tollcross Thistle1,000
14.Pinefield home to Bishopmill Rovers1,000
15.Seaboard Park home to Balintore FC1,000
16.Auchenhowie Hummel Training Centre home to Rangers Development squad850
  • Average capacity in Other Scottish Teams: 1,487

Best supported teams in Other Scottish Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Berwick Rangers Reserves1
2.Bridge Of Earn AFC1
3.Leslie Hearts1
4.Letham AFC1
5.Steelend Victoria1
6.AFC Chryston0
7.AFC Ravenscraig0
8.Alness United0
9.Alyth AFC0
10.Arbroath Sporting Club0
11.Auldearn FC0
12.Balfron Rovers FC0
13.Balintore FC0
14.Balmoral United AFC0
15.Bankfoot Athletic0
16.Bishopmill Rovers0
17.Bishopmill United0
18.Blochairn Star0
19.Bonnybridge Juniors0
20.Bonnybridge YFP0
22.Breadalbane AFC0
24.Burrelton Rovers0
25.Clackmannan AFC0
26.Coupar Angus AFC0
28.Dalbeattie Star A0
29.Dornoch AFC0
31.Dunvegan AFC0
33.Eastern Rose0
34.Edinburgh Athletic0
35.Eyemouth United0
36.Fair City AFC0
37.Falkirk Juniors0
38.Fleet Star0
41.Glasgow Celtic Reserves0
42.Greig Park Rangers0
43.Hearts of Beath0
45.Hibernian Reserves0
46.Holm FC0
47.Inverness City FC0
50.Kinrossie Caledonian0
51.Linton Hotspur0
52.Lochbroom AFC0
53.Loganlea United0
54.Lossiemouth United0
55.Millport AFC0
56.Monifieth Tayside0
57.Northend AFC0
58.Oban Saints0
59.Rangers Development squad0
61.Rosyth Civil Service AFC0
62.Southside AFC0
63.Spartans FC Reserves0
64.Sportsmans Club0
65.St James AFC0
66.Stranraer Athletic0
67.Tollcross Thistle0
68.Tulliallan Thistle0
69.Vale Of Atholl0
70.Vale of Earn0
71.West Barns Star FC0
72.Westfield Colts0
73.Westquarter Violet0
  • Average # fans in Other Scottish Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Other Scottish Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Steelend Victoria505.00
2.Berwick Rangers Reserves0.00
3.Bridge Of Earn AFC0.00
4.Leslie Hearts0.00
5.Letham AFC0.00
6.AFC Chryston0.00
7.AFC Ravenscraig0.00
8.Alness United0.00
9.Alyth AFC0.00
10.Arbroath Sporting Club0.00
11.Auldearn FC0.00
12.Balfron Rovers FC0.00
13.Balintore FC0.00
14.Balmoral United AFC0.00
15.Bankfoot Athletic0.00
16.Bishopmill Rovers0.00
17.Bishopmill United0.00
18.Blochairn Star0.00
19.Bonnybridge Juniors0.00
20.Bonnybridge YFP0.00
22.Breadalbane AFC0.00
24.Burrelton Rovers0.00
25.Clackmannan AFC0.00
26.Coupar Angus AFC0.00
28.Dalbeattie Star A0.00
29.Dornoch AFC0.00
31.Dunvegan AFC0.00
33.Eastern Rose0.00
34.Edinburgh Athletic0.00
35.Eyemouth United0.00
36.Fair City AFC0.00
37.Falkirk Juniors0.00
38.Fleet Star0.00
41.Glasgow Celtic Reserves0.00
42.Greig Park Rangers0.00
43.Hearts of Beath0.00
45.Hibernian Reserves0.00
46.Holm FC0.00
47.Inverness City FC0.00
50.Kinrossie Caledonian0.00
51.Linton Hotspur0.00
52.Lochbroom AFC0.00
53.Loganlea United0.00
54.Lossiemouth United0.00
55.Millport AFC0.00
56.Monifieth Tayside0.00
57.Northend AFC0.00
58.Oban Saints0.00
59.Rangers Development squad0.00
61.Rosyth Civil Service AFC0.00
62.Southside AFC0.00
63.Spartans FC Reserves0.00
64.Sportsmans Club0.00
65.St James AFC0.00
66.Stranraer Athletic0.00
67.Tollcross Thistle0.00
68.Tulliallan Thistle0.00
69.Vale Of Atholl0.00
70.Vale of Earn0.00
71.West Barns Star FC0.00
72.Westfield Colts0.00
73.Westquarter Violet0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in Other Scottish Teams: 6.82

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