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Other Russian Teams Football Grounds in Russia

Map of Other Russian Teams stadiums

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List of Other Russian Teams stadiums

0/44 grounds visited (0%)

Akademiya Permskiy KrayAkademiya Permskiy Kray
Zvezda Stadium
Angusht NazranAngusht Nazran
Stadion Centralny im Rashida Ausheva
Chelyabinsk IIChelyabinsk II
Tsentralnyy Stadion (Chelyabinsk)
Dynamo-Dagestan MakhachkalaDynamo-Dagestan Makhachkala
Stadion im E Isinbaevoi
Elektron Veliky NovgorodElektron Veliky Novgorod
Stadion Elektron
FC Almaz AnteyFC Almaz Antey
Stadion Almaz-Antey
FC Apatit KirovskFC Apatit Kirovsk
Gornyak Stadium
FC Ararat MoscowFC Ararat Moscow
Spartakovets Stadium
FC Ardon 2018FC Ardon 2018
Centralny Stadion
FC Khimik-ArsenalFC Khimik-Arsenal
Stadion Khimik
FC Krasnodar IIIFC Krasnodar III
Academy FK Krasnodar Stadium
FC Olimp KhimkiFC Olimp Khimki
Arena Khimki
FC Pskov-747FC Pskov-747
Sportivnyy Kompleks 747
FC Serp i MolotFC Serp i Molot
Metallurg Stadion
FC Sportadademklub MoscowFC Sportadademklub Moscow
Stadium Izmailovo
FC Ufa-2FC Ufa-2
Neftyanik Stadium
FC Yunye DynamovtsyFC Yunye Dynamovtsy
Dynamo Stadium
FK ArmavirFK Armavir
Stadion Yunost
FK DmitrovFK Dmitrov
Stadion Lokomotiv
FK DzhileksFK Dzhileks
Stadion Planeta
FK Metallurg AshaFK Metallurg Asha
Stadion Metallurg
FK MoscowFK Moscow
Eduard Streltsov Stadium
FK TambovFK Tambov
Mordovia Arena
Stadion Spartak (old ground)
Stadion STC Tambov (old ground)
FK Tyumen IIFK Tyumen II
Stadion Geolog
FSO Dynamo MakhachkalaFSO Dynamo Makhachkala
Dynamo Stadium
Inter CherkesskInter Cherkessk
Stadion Beshtau
Karelia PetrozavodskKarelia Petrozavodsk
Stadion Spartak
Khimik KoryazhmaKhimik Koryazhma
Stadion Baltiysky
Krasnyy SmolenskKrasnyy Smolensk
Krylia Sovetov Samara IIKrylia Sovetov Samara II
Metallurg Stadium
Lada DimitrovgradLada Dimitrovgrad
Stadion Torpedo (Dimitrovgrad)
Metallurg MagnitogorskMetallurg Magnitogorsk
Centralny Stadion
SC MakhachkalaSC Makhachkala
Anzhi Arena-3
Shakhtyor KorkinoShakhtyor Korkino
Stadion Gornyak
SK StroitelSK Stroitel
FK Olimpik Mytishchi
Spartak VladikavkazSpartak Vladikavkaz
Republican Spartak Stadium
Sport St PetersburgSport St Petersburg
Stadion Nevskaya Dubrovka
Tobol KurganTobol Kurgan
Centralny Stadion
Tobol TobolskTobol Tobolsk
Stadion Tobol
Volna NizhegorodskayaVolna Nizhegorodskaya
Lokomotiv Stadium (Nizhny Novgorod)
Zenit IrkutskZenit Irkutsk
Stadion Zenit (Irkurtsk)
Trud Stadium (old ground)
Zenit VolgogradZenit Volgograd
Zenit Stadium
Zorkiy KrasnogorskZorkiy Krasnogorsk
Stadion Zorkiy

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Other Russian Teams Information

NameOther Russian Teams

Grounds in Other Russian Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Mordovia Arena home to FK Tambov44,442
2.Metallurg Stadium home to Krylia Sovetov Samara II33,001
3.Republican Spartak Stadium home to Spartak Vladikavkaz32,464
4.Zvezda Stadium home to Akademiya Permskiy Kray20,000
5.Arena Khimki home to FC Olimp Khimki18,636
6.Lokomotiv Stadium (Nizhny Novgorod) home to Volna Nizhegorodskaya17,856
7.Tsentralnyy Stadion (Chelyabinsk) home to Chelyabinsk II15,500
8.Dynamo Stadium home to FSO Dynamo Makhachkala15,200
9.Neftyanik Stadium home to FC Ufa-215,132
10.Metallurg Stadion home to FC Serp i Molot14,940
11.Eduard Streltsov Stadium home to FK Moscow13,450
12.Stadion Geolog home to FK Tyumen II13,057
13.Stadium Izmailovo home to FC Sportadademklub Moscow13,000
14.Dynamo Stadium home to FC Yunye Dynamovtsy9,000
15.Stadion Zorkiy home to Zorkiy Krasnogorsk8,000
16.Stadion Elektron home to Elektron Veliky Novgorod6,000
17.Gornyak Stadium home to FC Apatit Kirovsk5,500
18.Stadion Khimik home to FC Khimik-Arsenal5,200
19.Spartakovets Stadium home to FC Ararat Moscow5,100
20.Stadion Beshtau home to Inter Cherkessk5,000
21.Stadion Lokomotiv home to FK Dmitrov5,000
22.Zenit Stadium home to Zenit Volgograd4,000
23.Stadion Torpedo (Dimitrovgrad) home to Lada Dimitrovgrad3,400
24.Stadion Yunost home to FK Armavir3,400
25.Sportivnyy Kompleks 747 home to FC Pskov-7473,150
26.Academy FK Krasnodar Stadium home to FC Krasnodar III3,000
27.Stadion Planeta home to FK Dzhileks3,000
28.FK Olimpik Mytishchi home to SK Stroitel1,800
29.Lokomotiv-Perovo home to Lokomotiv-21,300
30.Anzhi Arena-3 home to SC Makhachkala1,000
31.Stadion Zenit (Irkurtsk) home to Zenit Irkutsk800
  • Biggest stadium in Other Russian Teams: 44,442 - Mordovia Arena
  • Smallest stadium in Other Russian Teams: 800 - Stadion Zenit (Irkurtsk)
  • Total capacity in Other Russian Teams: 340,328
  • Average capacity in Other Russian Teams: 10,635

Best supported teams in Other Russian Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Akademiya Permskiy Kray0
2.Angusht Nazran0
3.Chelyabinsk II0
4.Dynamo-Dagestan Makhachkala0
5.Elektron Veliky Novgorod0
6.FC Almaz Antey0
7.FC Apatit Kirovsk0
8.FC Ararat Moscow0
9.FC Ardon 20180
10.FC Khimik-Arsenal0
11.FC Krasnodar III0
12.FC Olimp Khimki0
13.FC Pskov-7470
14.FC Serp i Molot0
15.FC Sportadademklub Moscow0
16.FC Ufa-20
17.FC Yunye Dynamovtsy0
18.FK Armavir0
19.FK Dmitrov0
20.FK Dzhileks0
21.FK Metallurg Asha0
22.FK Moscow0
23.FK Tambov0
24.FK Tyumen II0
25.FSO Dynamo Makhachkala0
26.Inter Cherkessk0
27.Karelia Petrozavodsk0
28.Khimik Koryazhma0
29.Krasnyy Smolensk0
30.Krylia Sovetov Samara II0
31.Lada Dimitrovgrad0
33.Metallurg Magnitogorsk0
34.SC Makhachkala0
35.Shakhtyor Korkino0
36.SK Stroitel0
37.Spartak Vladikavkaz0
38.Sport St Petersburg0
39.Tobol Kurgan0
40.Tobol Tobolsk0
41.Volna Nizhegorodskaya0
42.Zenit Irkutsk0
43.Zenit Volgograd0
44.Zorkiy Krasnogorsk0
  • Most fans in Other Russian Teams: 0 - Akademiya Permskiy Kray
  • Fewest fans in Other Russian Teams: 0 - Zorkiy Krasnogorsk
  • Total Other Russian Teams fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in Other Russian Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Other Russian Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Akademiya Permskiy Kray0.00
2.Angusht Nazran0.00
3.Chelyabinsk II0.00
4.Dynamo-Dagestan Makhachkala0.00
5.Elektron Veliky Novgorod0.00
6.FC Almaz Antey0.00
7.FC Apatit Kirovsk0.00
8.FC Ararat Moscow0.00
9.FC Ardon 20180.00
10.FC Khimik-Arsenal0.00
11.FC Krasnodar III0.00
12.FC Olimp Khimki0.00
13.FC Pskov-7470.00
14.FC Serp i Molot0.00
15.FC Sportadademklub Moscow0.00
16.FC Ufa-20.00
17.FC Yunye Dynamovtsy0.00
18.FK Armavir0.00
19.FK Dmitrov0.00
20.FK Dzhileks0.00
21.FK Metallurg Asha0.00
22.FK Moscow0.00
23.FK Tambov0.00
24.FK Tyumen II0.00
25.FSO Dynamo Makhachkala0.00
26.Inter Cherkessk0.00
27.Karelia Petrozavodsk0.00
28.Khimik Koryazhma0.00
29.Krasnyy Smolensk0.00
30.Krylia Sovetov Samara II0.00
31.Lada Dimitrovgrad0.00
33.Metallurg Magnitogorsk0.00
34.SC Makhachkala0.00
35.Shakhtyor Korkino0.00
36.SK Stroitel0.00
37.Spartak Vladikavkaz0.00
38.Sport St Petersburg0.00
39.Tobol Kurgan0.00
40.Tobol Tobolsk0.00
41.Volna Nizhegorodskaya0.00
42.Zenit Irkutsk0.00
43.Zenit Volgograd0.00
44.Zorkiy Krasnogorsk0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Other Russian Teams: 0 grounds visited - Akademiya Permskiy Kray
  • Least travelled fans in Other Russian Teams: 0 grounds visited - Zorkiy Krasnogorsk
  • Average # grounds visited in Other Russian Teams: 0.00

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