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FNL Football Grounds in Russia

Map of FNL stadiums

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List of FNL stadiums

0/21 grounds visited (0%)

Akron TolyattiAkron Tolyatti
Stadion Kristall
Alania VladikavkazAlania Vladikavkaz
Republican Spartak Stadium
Arsenal TulaArsenal Tula
Arsenal Stadium
FC Baltika KaliningradFC Baltika Kaliningrad
Kaliningrad Stadium
Baltika Stadium
FC Krasnodar IIFC Krasnodar II
Academy FK Krasnodar Stadium
Krasnodar Stadium (old ground)
FC Rodina MoscowFC Rodina Moscow
Stadion Yantar
FC SKA-KhabarovskFC SKA-Khabarovsk
Lenin Stadium
FC UfaFC Ufa
Neftyanik Stadium
Dynamo Stadium (old ground)
FC Veles MoscowFC Veles Moscow
Spartakovets Stadium
FK Dynamo MakhachkalaFK Dynamo Makhachkala
Dynamo Stadium
FK Volgar AstrakhanFK Volgar Astrakhan
Centralnyj Stadion
KAMAZ Naberezhnye ChelnyKAMAZ Naberezhnye Chelny
Stadion KAMAZ
Neftekhimik NizhnekamskNeftekhimik Nizhnekamsk
Stadion Neftekhimik
Stadion Rubin (old ground)
PFC KubanPFC Kuban
Kuban Stadium
Rubin KazanRubin Kazan
Kazan Arena
Central Stadium (old ground)
Shinnik YaroslavlShinnik Yaroslavl
Malaya Arena Shinnik
Shinnik Stadium
Volga UlyanovskVolga Ulyanovsk
Stadion Volga
Futbol-arena Yenisey
Centralnyj Stadion

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Last updated: October 2022

FNL Information

Level on pyramid2
Promotion toPremier League
Relegation to (one of)PFL Group 1
PFL Group 2 - 1
PFL Group 2 - 2
PFL Group 3 - 1
PFL Group 3 - 2
PFL Group 4

Grounds in FNL Ordered by Capacity

1.Kazan Arena home to Rubin Kazan45,093
2.Kaliningrad Stadium home to FC Baltika Kaliningrad35,212
3.Kuban Stadium home to PFC Kuban35,200
4.Republican Spartak Stadium home to Alania Vladikavkaz32,464
5.Centralnyj Stadion home to FK Volgar Astrakhan30,500
6.Shinnik Stadium home to Shinnik Yaroslavl22,871
7.Centralnyj Stadion home to Yenisey22,500
8.Arsenal Stadium home to Arsenal Tula20,048
9.Dynamo Stadium home to FK Dynamo Makhachkala15,200
10.Lenin Stadium home to FC SKA-Khabarovsk15,200
11.Neftyanik Stadium home to FC Ufa15,132
12.Baltika Stadium home to FC Baltika Kaliningrad14,660
13.Futbol-arena Yenisey home to Yenisey10,013
14.Stadion KAMAZ home to KAMAZ Naberezhnye Chelny9,056
15.Spartakovets Stadium home to FC Veles Moscow5,100
16.Stadion Yantar home to FC Rodina Moscow5,000
17.Stadion Volga home to Volga Ulyanovsk3,850
18.Stadion Neftekhimik home to Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk3,100
19.Academy FK Krasnodar Stadium home to FC Krasnodar II3,000
20.Malaya Arena Shinnik home to Shinnik Yaroslavl3,000
21.Stadion Kristall home to Akron Tolyatti1,565
  • Biggest stadium in FNL: 45,093 - Kazan Arena
  • Smallest stadium in FNL: 1,565 - Stadion Kristall
  • Total capacity in FNL: 347,764
  • Average capacity in FNL: 15,807

Best supported teams in FNL

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Rubin Kazan3
2.Alania Vladikavkaz2
3.Shinnik Yaroslavl2
4.FC Krasnodar II1
5.KAMAZ Naberezhnye Chelny1
6.Akron Tolyatti0
7.Arsenal Tula0
8.FC Baltika Kaliningrad0
9.FC Rodina Moscow0
10.FC SKA-Khabarovsk0
11.FC Ufa0
12.FC Veles Moscow0
13.FK Dynamo Makhachkala0
14.FK Volgar Astrakhan0
15.Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk0
16.PFC Kuban0
17.Volga Ulyanovsk0
  • Most fans in FNL: 3 - Rubin Kazan
  • Fewest fans in FNL: 0 - Yenisey
  • Total FNL fans: 9
  • Average number of fans in FNL: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in FNL?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Alania Vladikavkaz18.00
2.Shinnik Yaroslavl10.00
3.Rubin Kazan7.67
4.FC Krasnodar II0.00
5.KAMAZ Naberezhnye Chelny0.00
6.Akron Tolyatti0.00
7.Arsenal Tula0.00
8.FC Baltika Kaliningrad0.00
9.FC Rodina Moscow0.00
10.FC SKA-Khabarovsk0.00
11.FC Ufa0.00
12.FC Veles Moscow0.00
13.FK Dynamo Makhachkala0.00
14.FK Volgar Astrakhan0.00
15.Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk0.00
16.PFC Kuban0.00
17.Volga Ulyanovsk0.00
  • Most travelled fans in FNL: 18 grounds visited - Alania Vladikavkaz
  • Least travelled fans in FNL: 0 grounds visited - Yenisey
  • Average # grounds visited in FNL: 1.88

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