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Romanian Teams Football Grounds in Romania

Map of Romanian Teams stadiums

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List of Romanian Teams stadiums

0/33 grounds visited (0%)

ACS Dacia Unirea BrailaACS Dacia Unirea Braila
Stadionul Municipal
Stadionul Municipal (old ground)
Stadionul Afumati
AS Jiul BreastaAS Jiul Breasta
Breasta Ground
ASA Targu MuresASA Targu Mures
Stadionul Trans-Sil
ASC Daco-Getica BucharestiASC Daco-Getica Bucharesti
Stadionul Juventus
Astra PloiestiAstra Ploiesti
Stadionul Astra
Stadionul Central
Stadionul Silviu Ploiesteanu
Old Stadionul Municipal Brasov (old ground)
Stadionul Ceahlaul
Conpet PloiestiConpet Ploiesti
Conpet Stadium
CS OtopeniCS Otopeni
Stadionul Otopeni
CSA Steaua BucharestCSA Steaua Bucharest
Baza Sportiva Steaua 5
CSM Ramnicu ValceaCSM Ramnicu Valcea
Stadionul Municipal
Dinamo Bucharest IIDinamo Bucharest II
Stadionul Romprim
Jiul Stadium
Foresta SuceavaForesta Suceava
Stadionul Areni
Gloria BistritaGloria Bistrita
Gloria Stadium
International Curtea de ArgesInternational Curtea de Arges
Stadionul Municipal
Juventus BucharestJuventus Bucharest
Stadionul Juventus
Luceafarul OradeaLuceafarul Oradea
Stadionul Iuliu Bodola
Minerul Baia MareMinerul Baia Mare
Stadionul Viorel Mateianu Baia-Mare
Olimpia Satu MareOlimpia Satu Mare
Stadionul Olimpia
Otelul GalatiOtelul Galati
Otelul Stadium
Petrolul 95 PloiestiPetrolul 95 Ploiesti
Sala Sporturilor Olimpia Stadium
Rapid BucharestRapid Bucharest
Giulesti Stadium
Sirineasa Șiria Sirineasa Șiria
Stadium Otto Grefner
Sportul SnagovSportul Snagov
Stadionul Vointa
Stiinta MiroslavaStiinta Miroslava
Stadionul Uricani
Dan Paltinisanu Stadium
Turnu SeverinTurnu Severin
Tudor Vladimirescu Stadionul Municipal Targu Jiu
Unirea Alba IuliaUnirea Alba Iulia
Stadionul Victoria-Cetate
Stadionul Municipal
Victoria BranestiVictoria Branesti
Stadionul Catalin Hildan

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Romanian Teams Information

NameRomanian Teams

Grounds in Romanian Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Dan Paltinisanu Stadium home to Timisoara32,972
2.Tudor Vladimirescu Stadionul Municipal Targu Jiu home to Turnu Severin20,054
3.Giulesti Stadium home to Rapid Bucharest19,100
4.Stadionul Ceahlaul home to Ceahlaul18,000
5.Stadionul Iuliu Bodola home to Luceafarul Oradea18,000
6.Stadionul Olimpia home to Olimpia Satu Mare18,000
7.Jiul Stadium home to Energeticianul15,500
8.Stadionul Viorel Mateianu Baia-Mare home to Minerul Baia Mare15,500
9.Stadionul Municipal home to Vaslui15,000
10.Otelul Stadium home to Otelul Galati13,500
11.Stadionul Areni home to Foresta Suceava12,000
12.Stadionul Municipal home to CSM Ramnicu Valcea12,000
13.Stadionul Astra home to Astra Ploiesti10,000
14.Stadionul Silviu Ploiesteanu home to Brasov8,800
15.Stadionul Victoria-Cetate home to Unirea Alba Iulia8,500
16.Stadionul Trans-Sil home to ASA Targu Mures8,000
17.Gloria Stadium home to Gloria Bistrita7,800
18.Stadionul Municipal home to International Curtea de Arges7,500
19.Stadionul Central home to Balotesti3,780
20.Stadionul Afumati home to Afumati3,000
21.Stadionul Juventus home to ASC Daco-Getica Bucharesti3,000
22.Stadionul Juventus home to Juventus Bucharest3,000
23.Stadionul Catalin Hildan home to Victoria Branesti2,500
24.Conpet Stadium home to Conpet Ploiesti2,000
25.Stadionul Romprim home to Dinamo Bucharest II2,000
26.Stadionul Vointa home to Sportul Snagov1,500
27.Stadium Otto Grefner home to Sirineasa Șiria 1,380
28.Stadionul Otopeni home to CS Otopeni1,300
29.Breasta Ground home to AS Jiul Breasta1,000
30.Sala Sporturilor Olimpia Stadium home to Petrolul 95 Ploiesti1,000
31.Stadionul Uricani home to Stiinta Miroslava1,000
  • Biggest stadium in Romanian Teams: 32,972 - Dan Paltinisanu Stadium
  • Smallest stadium in Romanian Teams: 1,000 - Stadionul Uricani
  • Total capacity in Romanian Teams: 286,686
  • Average capacity in Romanian Teams: 8,959

Best supported teams in Romanian Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Olimpia Satu Mare1
2.Otelul Galati1
3.ACS Dacia Unirea Braila0
5.AS Jiul Breasta0
6.ASA Targu Mures0
7.ASC Daco-Getica Bucharesti0
8.Astra Ploiesti0
12.Conpet Ploiesti0
13.CS Otopeni0
14.CSA Steaua Bucharest0
15.CSM Ramnicu Valcea0
16.Dinamo Bucharest II0
18.Foresta Suceava0
19.Gloria Bistrita0
20.International Curtea de Arges0
21.Juventus Bucharest0
22.Luceafarul Oradea0
23.Minerul Baia Mare0
24.Petrolul 95 Ploiesti0
25.Rapid Bucharest0
26.Sirineasa Șiria 0
27.Sportul Snagov0
28.Stiinta Miroslava0
30.Turnu Severin0
31.Unirea Alba Iulia0
33.Victoria Branesti0
  • Most fans in Romanian Teams: 1 - Olimpia Satu Mare
  • Fewest fans in Romanian Teams: 0 - Victoria Branesti
  • Total Romanian Teams fans: 2
  • Average number of fans in Romanian Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Romanian Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Olimpia Satu Mare8.00
2.Otelul Galati0.00
3.ACS Dacia Unirea Braila0.00
5.AS Jiul Breasta0.00
6.ASA Targu Mures0.00
7.ASC Daco-Getica Bucharesti0.00
8.Astra Ploiesti0.00
12.Conpet Ploiesti0.00
13.CS Otopeni0.00
14.CSA Steaua Bucharest0.00
15.CSM Ramnicu Valcea0.00
16.Dinamo Bucharest II0.00
18.Foresta Suceava0.00
19.Gloria Bistrita0.00
20.International Curtea de Arges0.00
21.Juventus Bucharest0.00
22.Luceafarul Oradea0.00
23.Minerul Baia Mare0.00
24.Petrolul 95 Ploiesti0.00
25.Rapid Bucharest0.00
26.Sirineasa Șiria 0.00
27.Sportul Snagov0.00
28.Stiinta Miroslava0.00
30.Turnu Severin0.00
31.Unirea Alba Iulia0.00
33.Victoria Branesti0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Romanian Teams: 8 grounds visited - Olimpia Satu Mare
  • Least travelled fans in Romanian Teams: 0 grounds visited - Victoria Branesti
  • Average # grounds visited in Romanian Teams: 0.24

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