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Liga I Football Grounds in Romania

Map of Liga I stadiums

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List of Liga I stadiums

0/17 grounds visited (0%)

Municipal Botosana
CFR ClujCFR Cluj
Dr Constantin Radulescu
Dinamo BucharestDinamo Bucharest
Arena Nationala
Stadionul Arcul de Triumf
Dinamo Stadium (old ground)
Farul ConstantaFarul Constanta
Gheorghe Hagi Stadium
FC Steaua BucharestFC Steaua Bucharest
Arena Nationala
Stadionul Ghencea (old ground)
Stadionul National (Lia Manoliu) (old ground)
Stadionul Venus (old ground)
Stadionul Republicii (old ground)
FC VoluntariFC Voluntari
Stadionul Anghel Iordanescu
Stadionul Municipal Sibiu (2022)
Stadionul Municipal Sibiu (1927) (old ground)
Stadionul Municipal Gaz Metan (old ground)
Otelul GalatiOtelul Galati
Otelul Stadium
Stadionul Nicolae Rainea (old ground)
Stadionul Siderurgistul (old ground)
Baza Sportiva Zoltan David (old ground)
Petrolul PloiestiPetrolul Ploiesti
Stadionul Ilie Oana
Stadionul Ilie Oana (Old) (old ground)
Politehnica IasiPolitehnica Iasi
Emil Alexandrescu Stadium
Rapid BucharestRapid Bucharest
Superbet Arena
Giulesti Stadium (old ground)
Stadionul Regie (old ground)
Arena Nationala (old ground)
Sepsi Sfantu GheorgheSepsi Sfantu Gheorghe
Stadionul Sepsi
Stadionul Municipal Sfantu (old ground)
Stadionul Silviu Ploiesteanu (old ground)
Stadionul Ilie Oana (old ground)
U Craiova 1948U Craiova 1948
Stadionul Ion Oblemenco
Stadionul Municipal Drobeta-Turnu Severin (old ground)
Stadionul Ion Oblemenco (1967) (old ground)
Universitatea ClujUniversitatea Cluj
Cluj Arena
Ion Moina Stadium (old ground)
Stadionul Clujana (old ground)
Stadionul Victoria-Cetate (old ground)
Gloria Stadium (old ground)
Stadionul Municipal Gaz Metan (old ground)
Universitatea CraiovaUniversitatea Craiova
Stadionul Ion Oblemenco
Stadionul Ion Oblemenco (1967) (old ground)
Stadionul Extensiv (old ground)
UTA AradUTA Arad
New Stadionul Francisc von Neuman
Old Stadionul Francisc von Neuman (old ground)
Stadionul Motorul (Arad) (old ground)

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Last updated: December 2023

Liga I Information

NameLiga I
Level on pyramid1
Relegation toLiga II

Grounds in Liga I Ordered by Capacity

1.Arena Nationala home to Dinamo Bucharest55,634
2.Arena Nationala home to FC Steaua Bucharest55,634
3.Stadionul Ion Oblemenco home to Universitatea Craiova30,929
4.Stadionul Ion Oblemenco home to U Craiova 194830,929
5.Cluj Arena home to Universitatea Cluj30,201
6.Dr Constantin Radulescu home to CFR Cluj23,500
7.Gheorghe Hagi Stadium home to Farul Constanta15,500
8.Stadionul Ilie Oana home to Petrolul Ploiesti14,350
9.Otelul Stadium home to Otelul Galati13,500
10.Municipal Botosana home to Botosani12,000
11.Emil Alexandrescu Stadium home to Politehnica Iasi11,390
12.New Stadionul Francisc von Neuman home to UTA Arad7,287
13.Stadionul Anghel Iordanescu home to FC Voluntari4,600
  • Biggest stadium in Liga I: 55,634 - Arena Nationala
  • Smallest stadium in Liga I: 4,600 - Stadionul Anghel Iordanescu
  • Total capacity in Liga I: 305,454
  • Average capacity in Liga I: 21,818

Best supported teams in Liga I

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.FC Steaua Bucharest4
2.Dinamo Bucharest3
3.Petrolul Ploiesti3
4.CFR Cluj1
5.Farul Constanta1
6.Otelul Galati1
7.Sepsi Sfantu Gheorghe1
8.Universitatea Craiova1
9.UTA Arad1
11.FC Voluntari0
13.Politehnica Iasi0
14.Rapid Bucharest0
15.U Craiova 19480
16.Universitatea Cluj0
  • Most fans in Liga I: 4 - FC Steaua Bucharest
  • Fewest fans in Liga I: 0 - Universitatea Cluj
  • Total Liga I fans: 16
  • Average number of fans in Liga I: 1

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Liga I?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.CFR Cluj66.00
2.FC Steaua Bucharest27.50
3.UTA Arad19.00
4.Petrolul Ploiesti17.00
5.Farul Constanta11.00
6.Dinamo Bucharest4.33
7.Otelul Galati0.00
8.Sepsi Sfantu Gheorghe0.00
9.Universitatea Craiova0.00
11.FC Voluntari0.00
13.Politehnica Iasi0.00
14.Rapid Bucharest0.00
15.U Craiova 19480.00
16.Universitatea Cluj0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Liga I: 66 grounds visited - CFR Cluj
  • Least travelled fans in Liga I: 0 grounds visited - Universitatea Cluj
  • Average # grounds visited in Liga I: 8.52

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