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Other Reunion Teams Football Grounds in Reunion

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Other Reunion Teams 0/31 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
ACF St Leusien 
Stade Stella (St Leu)
AEFC Etang St Leu 
Stade Municipal Christol Marivan
AFC Halte la 
Stade Youri Gagarine (La Possession)
AFC St Laurent 
Stade Youri Gagarine (La Possession)
AJ Petite-Ile 
Stade Raphael Babet
Stade Gaby FOLIO
Stade Michel Volnay
AJS Ouest 
Stade Freddy Souprayenmestry (St Paul)
AJS St Denis 
Stade de l’Est (St Denis)
AS Eveche 
Stade Jean Allane (St Benoit)
AS St Philippe 
Stade Mandanne-Turpin (St Philippe)
ASC Corbeil 
Stade de Corbeil
Cilaos FC 
Stade Irenee Accot (Cilaos)
CO St Pierre 
Stade Michel Volnay
ES Etang Sale 
Stade du Centenaire
FC 17e Kilometre 
Stade du 17e Kilometre
FC Ligne Paradis 
Stade Joffre Labenne (St Pierre)
FC Panonnais 
Stade Paul Moreau (Bras Panon)
FC Parfin 
Stade Christophe Soune-Seyne (St Andre)
FC Plaine des Gregues 
Stade Plaine des Gregues(St Joseph)
Grand Bois 
Stade Maurice Gonneville
JS Bras Creux 
Stade Kleber Picard (Le Tampon)
O Moufia 
Stade du Moufia
OCSA Leopards 
Stade Baby-Lariviere
Stade Georges Repiquet
Stade Paul Moreau (Bras Panon)
SS Riviere S 
Stade Ludovic Viadere (St Louis)
SS Saint-Louisienne 
Stade Theophile Horau
Ste Rose FC 
Stade Theresien Cadet
U St Benoit 
Stade Jean Allane (St Benoit)
US Bellemene-Canot 
Stade Olympique Paul Julius Benard

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Grounds in Other Reunion Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Stade Olympique Paul Julius Benard home to US Bellemene-Canot13,000
2.Stade Michel Volnay home to CO St Pierre8,000
3.Stade Michel Volnay home to AJ Petite-Ile8,000
4.Stade de l’Est (St Denis) home to AJS St Denis7,500
5.Stade Joffre Labenne (St Pierre) home to FC Ligne Paradis6,000
6.Stade Maurice Gonneville home to Grand Bois5,000
7.Stade Municipal Christol Marivan home to AEFC Etang St Leu4,000
8.Stade Youri Gagarine (La Possession) home to AFC St Laurent4,000
9.Stade Youri Gagarine (La Possession) home to AFC Halte la4,000
10.Stade Kleber Picard (Le Tampon) home to JS Bras Creux3,000
11.Stade Theophile Horau home to SS Saint-Louisienne2,500
12.Stade Theresien Cadet home to Ste Rose FC2,500
13.Stade Irenee Accot (Cilaos) home to Cilaos FC2,000
14.Stade Paul Moreau (Bras Panon) home to Sainte-Suzanne2,000
15.Stade Paul Moreau (Bras Panon) home to FC Panonnais2,000
16.Stade Baby-Lariviere home to OCSA Leopards1,700
17.Stade Gaby FOLIO home to AJ Petite-Ile1,200
18.Stade Raphael Babet home to AJ Petite-Ile1,200
19.Stade Jean Allane (St Benoit) home to U St Benoit1,100
20.Stade Jean Allane (St Benoit) home to AS Eveche1,100
21.Stade Freddy Souprayenmestry (St Paul) home to AJS Ouest1,000
22.Stade Georges Repiquet home to Sainte-Suzanne1,000
23.Stade Plaine des Gregues(St Joseph) home to FC Plaine des Gregues1,000
24.Stade Stella (St Leu) home to ACF St Leusien1,000
  • Average capacity in Other Reunion Teams: 3,352

Best supported teams in Other Reunion Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.OCSA Leopards1
2.SS Saint-Louisienne1
3.ACF St Leusien0
4.AEFC Etang St Leu0
5.AFC Halte la0
6.AFC St Laurent0
7.AJ Petite-Ile0
8.AJS Ouest0
9.AJS St Denis0
10.AS Eveche0
11.AS St Philippe0
12.ASC Corbeil0
13.Cilaos FC0
14.CO St Pierre0
15.ES Etang Sale0
16.FC 17e Kilometre0
17.FC Ligne Paradis0
18.FC Panonnais0
19.FC Parfin0
20.FC Plaine des Gregues0
21.Grand Bois0
22.JS Bras Creux0
23.O Moufia0
25.SS Riviere S0
26.Ste Rose FC0
27.U St Benoit0
28.US Bellemene-Canot0
  • Average # fans in Other Reunion Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Other Reunion Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.OCSA Leopards45.00
2.SS Saint-Louisienne12.00
3.ACF St Leusien0.00
4.AEFC Etang St Leu0.00
5.AFC Halte la0.00
6.AFC St Laurent0.00
7.AJ Petite-Ile0.00
8.AJS Ouest0.00
9.AJS St Denis0.00
10.AS Eveche0.00
11.AS St Philippe0.00
12.ASC Corbeil0.00
13.Cilaos FC0.00
14.CO St Pierre0.00
15.ES Etang Sale0.00
16.FC 17e Kilometre0.00
17.FC Ligne Paradis0.00
18.FC Panonnais0.00
19.FC Parfin0.00
20.FC Plaine des Gregues0.00
21.Grand Bois0.00
22.JS Bras Creux0.00
23.O Moufia0.00
25.SS Riviere S0.00
26.Ste Rose FC0.00
27.U St Benoit0.00
28.US Bellemene-Canot0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in Other Reunion Teams: 1.97

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