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Other Irish Teams Football Grounds in Republic of Ireland

Other Irish Teams 0/56 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
Arklow Town 
Bridgewater Centre Park
Ashbourne United 
Archerstown Road
Balbriggan FC 
Bath Road
Ballymahon AFC 
Tara Park
Kilkieran Road
Bellurgan United 
Broadford Rovers 
Marlay Park
Castleisland AFC 
Limerick Road
Charlestown AFC 
Lavy Beg
CIE Ranch 
CIE Works
Colemanstown United 
CUFC Ground
Conn Rangers 
Drumrevagh Sports Complex
Dalkey United 
Hyde Park
Murphys Farm
Home Farm FC - Youth 
Whitehall - VEC Pitch 1
Iorras Aontaithe 
Carne Nash
Kildare County 
Station Road
Killarney Athletic AFC 
Killarney Celtic 
Celtic Park (Killarney)
Kilreen Celtic 
Ballyphehane Park
Landen United 
Decies Road
Laytown United 
Lucan United 
Celbridge Football Park
Lusk United 
Rathmore Road
Mallow United 
Town Park
Maynooth Town FC 
Rathcoffey Road
Dublin Road pitch
Newbridge Town FC 
Station Road
Celbridge Football Park (old ground)
Newbridge - Academy Training (old ground)
NIU Galway 
Park Celtic 
Cabinteely Park
Partry AFC 
Castlebar Road
Rockenham Park
Pike Rovers AFC 
Pike Rovers Complex
Ratoath Harps 
Skryne Road
Rock Celtic FC 
Sandy Lane
Rosemount Mulvey 
Rosemount Estate
Sacred Heart/Killinarden 
Killinarden Heights
Skerries Town 
Park Lane
St Brendans Park 
Christy Leahy Park
St James Gate 
Iveagh Grounds
St. Marks At. FC - Dublin 
Athletic Union League - AUL Complex - Pitch 9
Stamullen FC 
Gormanstown College
Stella Maris FC 
Dublin Port Stadium
Straide and Foxford United 
Green Road
Strand Celtic FC 
Strand HillCommunity Park
Tralee Celtic 
Mounthawk Park
Tralee Dynamos AFC 
Cahermoneen Stadium
Tramore Athletic 
Tramore Park
Tramore Rangers 
The Orchard (Tramore)
Tuam Celtic 
Celtic Park (Tuam)
Tullamore Town FC 
Leah Victoria Park
University College Dublin - UCD - U19 
Athletic Union League - AUL Complex - Pitch 10
Wayside Celtic FC - Golden Ball kilternan 
Jackson Park - JP2 All Weather
Whitehall Rangers 
Paddy Mahony Park

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Grounds in Other Irish Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Station Road home to Newbridge Town FC2,500
2.Station Road home to Kildare County2,500
3.Iveagh Grounds home to St James Gate1,000
  • Average capacity in Other Irish Teams: 1,500

Best supported teams in Other Irish Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Arklow Town0
2.Ashbourne United0
3.Balbriggan FC0
5.Ballymahon AFC0
7.Bellurgan United0
8.Broadford Rovers0
9.Castleisland AFC0
10.Charlestown AFC0
11.CIE Ranch0
12.Colemanstown United0
13.Conn Rangers0
14.Dalkey United0
16.Home Farm FC - Youth0
17.Iorras Aontaithe0
18.Kildare County0
19.Killarney Athletic AFC0
20.Killarney Celtic0
21.Kilreen Celtic0
22.Landen United0
23.Laytown United0
24.Lucan United0
25.Lusk United0
26.Mallow United0
28.Maynooth Town FC0
29.Newbridge Town FC0
30.NIU Galway0
31.Park Celtic0
32.Partry AFC0
34.Pike Rovers AFC0
35.Ratoath Harps0
36.Rock Celtic FC0
37.Rosemount Mulvey0
38.Sacred Heart/Killinarden0
39.Skerries Town0
40.St Brendans Park0
41.St James Gate0
42.St. Marks At. FC - Dublin0
43.Stamullen FC0
44.Stella Maris FC0
45.Straide and Foxford United0
46.Strand Celtic FC0
47.Tralee Celtic0
48.Tralee Dynamos AFC0
49.Tramore Athletic0
50.Tramore Rangers0
51.Tuam Celtic0
52.Tullamore Town FC0
53.University College Dublin - UCD - U190
54.Wayside Celtic FC - Golden Ball kilternan0
55.Whitehall Rangers0
  • Average # fans in Other Irish Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Other Irish Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Arklow Town0.00
2.Ashbourne United0.00
3.Balbriggan FC0.00
5.Ballymahon AFC0.00
7.Bellurgan United0.00
8.Broadford Rovers0.00
9.Castleisland AFC0.00
10.Charlestown AFC0.00
11.CIE Ranch0.00
12.Colemanstown United0.00
13.Conn Rangers0.00
14.Dalkey United0.00
16.Home Farm FC - Youth0.00
17.Iorras Aontaithe0.00
18.Kildare County0.00
19.Killarney Athletic AFC0.00
20.Killarney Celtic0.00
21.Kilreen Celtic0.00
22.Landen United0.00
23.Laytown United0.00
24.Lucan United0.00
25.Lusk United0.00
26.Mallow United0.00
28.Maynooth Town FC0.00
29.Newbridge Town FC0.00
30.NIU Galway0.00
31.Park Celtic0.00
32.Partry AFC0.00
34.Pike Rovers AFC0.00
35.Ratoath Harps0.00
36.Rock Celtic FC0.00
37.Rosemount Mulvey0.00
38.Sacred Heart/Killinarden0.00
39.Skerries Town0.00
40.St Brendans Park0.00
41.St James Gate0.00
42.St. Marks At. FC - Dublin0.00
43.Stamullen FC0.00
44.Stella Maris FC0.00
45.Straide and Foxford United0.00
46.Strand Celtic FC0.00
47.Tralee Celtic0.00
48.Tralee Dynamos AFC0.00
49.Tramore Athletic0.00
50.Tramore Rangers0.00
51.Tuam Celtic0.00
52.Tullamore Town FC0.00
53.University College Dublin - UCD - U190.00
54.Wayside Celtic FC - Golden Ball kilternan0.00
55.Whitehall Rangers0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in Other Irish Teams: 0.00

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