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Stars League Football Grounds in Qatar

Map of Stars League stadiums

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List of Stars League stadiums

0/13 grounds visited (0%)

Al AhliAl Ahli
Hamad Bin Khalifa
Al Arabi SCAl Arabi SC
Grand Hamad Stadium
Al DuhailAl Duhail
Abdullah Bin Khalifa
Al GharafaAl Gharafa
Thani Bin Jassim Stadium
Al KharaitiyatAl Kharaitiyat
Al KhorAl Khor
Al RayyanAl Rayyan
Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium
Ahmed Bin Ali Stadium (old ground)
Al SaddAl Sadd
Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium
Al SailiyaAl Sailiya
Hamad Bin Khalifa
Al WakrahAl Wakrah
Saoud Bin Abdul Rahman
Qatar SCQatar SC
Suheim Bin Hamad Stadium
Umm SalalUmm Salal
Suheim Bin Hamad Stadium
Thani Bin Jassim Stadium

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Stars League Information

NameStars League
Level on pyramid1
Relegation toSecond League

Grounds in Stars League Ordered by Capacity

1.Thani Bin Jassim Stadium home to Umm Salal22,000
2.Thani Bin Jassim Stadium home to Al Gharafa22,000
3.Saoud Bin Abdul Rahman home to Al Wakrah20,000
4.Grand Hamad Stadium home to Al Arabi SC15,000
5.Al-Khor home to Al Kharaitiyat12,000
6.Al-Khor home to Al Khor12,000
7.Hamad Bin Khalifa home to Al Ahli12,000
8.Hamad Bin Khalifa home to Al Sailiya12,000
9.Suheim Bin Hamad Stadium home to Qatar SC12,000
10.Suheim Bin Hamad Stadium home to Umm Salal12,000
11.Abdullah Bin Khalifa home to Al Duhail10,000
12.Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium home to Al Rayyan10,000
13.Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium home to Al Sadd10,000
  • Biggest stadium in Stars League: 22,000 - Thani Bin Jassim Stadium
  • Smallest stadium in Stars League: 10,000 - Jassim Bin Hamad Stadium
  • Total capacity in Stars League: 181,000
  • Average capacity in Stars League: 12,929

Best supported teams in Stars League

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Al Ahli1
2.Al Duhail1
3.Al Arabi SC0
4.Al Gharafa0
5.Al Kharaitiyat0
6.Al Khor0
7.Al Rayyan0
8.Al Sadd0
9.Al Sailiya0
10.Al Wakrah0
11.Qatar SC0
12.Umm Salal0
  • Most fans in Stars League: 1 - Al Ahli
  • Fewest fans in Stars League: 0 - Umm Salal
  • Total Stars League fans: 2
  • Average number of fans in Stars League: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Stars League?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Al Ahli2.00
2.Al Duhail0.00
3.Al Arabi SC0.00
4.Al Gharafa0.00
5.Al Kharaitiyat0.00
6.Al Khor0.00
7.Al Rayyan0.00
8.Al Sadd0.00
9.Al Sailiya0.00
10.Al Wakrah0.00
11.Qatar SC0.00
12.Umm Salal0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Stars League: 2 grounds visited - Al Ahli
  • Least travelled fans in Stars League: 0 grounds visited - Umm Salal
  • Average # grounds visited in Stars League: 0.15

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