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Peruvian Teams Football Grounds in Peru

Map of Peruvian Teams stadiums

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List of Peruvian Teams stadiums

0/21 grounds visited (0%)

Alfonso UgarteAlfonso Ugarte
Estadio Enrique Torres Belon
Alfredo SalinasAlfredo Salinas
Estadio Municipal de Espinar
Coronel BolognesiCoronel Bolognesi
Estadio Jorge Basadre
Deportivo HualgayocDeportivo Hualgayoc
Estadio Municipal de Hualgayoc
Estadio Municipal El Frutillo
Deportivo Universidad San MarcosDeportivo Universidad San Marcos
Estadio Universidad San Marcos
Max Augustin
Lima C&FCLima C&FC
Lima Cricket & Football Club Ground
Estadio Nacional (1897) (old ground)
Los CaimanesLos Caimanes
Estadio de la Juventud
Elias Aguirre
Estadio Municipal Francisco Mendoza Pizarro
Molinos El PirataMolinos El Pirata
Estadio Cesar Flores Marigorda
Real GarcilasoReal Garcilaso
Estadio Garcilaso
Estadio Tupac Amaru
Estadio Municipal de Urcos
Sport Chavelines JuniorsSport Chavelines Juniors
Estadio Municipal Pacasmayo
Sport LoretoSport Loreto
Estadio Aliardo Soria Perez
Estadio Municipal Luis Velasquez Salinas
Sport RosarioSport Rosario
Estadio Rosas Pampa
Willy SerratoWilly Serrato
Estadio Municipal Francisco Mendoza Pizarro
Estadio Municipal de Guadalupe Carlos A. Olivares

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Last updated: May 2024

Peruvian Teams Information

NamePeruvian Teams

Grounds in Peruvian Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Estadio Garcilaso home to Real Garcilaso45,000
2.Estadio Universidad San Marcos home to Deportivo Universidad San Marcos44,000
3.Estadio Aliardo Soria Perez home to Sport Loreto25,000
4.Max Augustin home to Iquitos24,576
5.Elias Aguirre home to Los Caimanes24,500
6.Estadio Enrique Torres Belon home to Alfonso Ugarte20,000
7.Estadio Rosas Pampa home to Sport Rosario20,000
8.Estadio Jorge Basadre home to Coronel Bolognesi19,850
9.Estadio Tupac Amaru home to Real Garcilaso15,230
10.Estadio Municipal de Urcos home to Real Garcilaso15,000
11.Estadio Municipal de Espinar home to Alfredo Salinas14,000
12.Estadio Municipal de Guadalupe Carlos A. Olivares home to Willy Serrato8,000
13.Estadio Cesar Flores Marigorda home to Molinos El Pirata7,000
14.Estadio Municipal de Hualgayoc home to Deportivo Hualgayoc5,000
15.Estadio Municipal El Frutillo home to Deportivo Hualgayoc5,000
16.Estadio Municipal Francisco Mendoza Pizarro home to Los Caimanes5,000
17.Estadio Municipal Francisco Mendoza Pizarro home to Willy Serrato5,000
18.Estadio Municipal Luis Velasquez Salinas home to Sport Loreto3,000
19.Estadio de la Juventud home to Los Caimanes2,000
  • Biggest stadium in Peruvian Teams: 45,000 - Estadio Garcilaso
  • Smallest stadium in Peruvian Teams: 2,000 - Estadio de la Juventud
  • Total capacity in Peruvian Teams: 307,156
  • Average capacity in Peruvian Teams: 15,358

Best supported teams in Peruvian Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Alfonso Ugarte0
2.Alfredo Salinas0
3.Coronel Bolognesi0
4.Deportivo Hualgayoc0
5.Deportivo Universidad San Marcos0
7.Lima C&FC0
8.Los Caimanes0
9.Molinos El Pirata0
10.Real Garcilaso0
11.Sport Chavelines Juniors0
12.Sport Loreto0
13.Sport Rosario0
14.Willy Serrato0
  • Most fans in Peruvian Teams: 0 - Alfonso Ugarte
  • Fewest fans in Peruvian Teams: 0 - Willy Serrato
  • Total Peruvian Teams fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in Peruvian Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Peruvian Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Alfonso Ugarte0.00
2.Alfredo Salinas0.00
3.Coronel Bolognesi0.00
4.Deportivo Hualgayoc0.00
5.Deportivo Universidad San Marcos0.00
7.Lima C&FC0.00
8.Los Caimanes0.00
9.Molinos El Pirata0.00
10.Real Garcilaso0.00
11.Sport Chavelines Juniors0.00
12.Sport Loreto0.00
13.Sport Rosario0.00
14.Willy Serrato0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Peruvian Teams: 0 grounds visited - Alfonso Ugarte
  • Least travelled fans in Peruvian Teams: 0 grounds visited - Willy Serrato
  • Average # grounds visited in Peruvian Teams: 0.00

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