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Other Madigascan Teams Football Grounds in Madagascar

Map of Other Madigascan Teams stadiums

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List of Other Madigascan Teams stadiums

0/25 grounds visited (0%)

Akon AmbatomenaAkon Ambatomena
Stade Municipal
Andry TsiroanomandidyAndry Tsiroanomandidy
Stade de Tsiroanomandidy
Ascoimi MahanoroAscoimi Mahanoro
Stde Municipal Mahanoro
CF Mahatsara STFCF Mahatsara STF
Stade Manajary
Espoir AmbovombeEspoir Ambovombe
Stade Ambovombe
FC IharanaFC Iharana
The Stadium 19 Millions at Madagascar
FC LeopardFC Leopard
Tribune Stade Municipale
FC OtivFC Otiv
Stade Municipal de Ambatondrazaka
FC Top DomFC Top Dom
Stade de Foot
FCA MadagascarFCA Madagascar
Fifafifi TFC AtsinanaFifafifi TFC Atsinana
Stadium Barikadimy
Fils ElephantFils Elephant
Fort-Dauphin Stadium
HZAM AmparafaravolaHZAM Amparafaravola
Stade Municipal de Toamasina
Stade Municipale
Stade Municipal dAntsiranana
Stade Malaimbandy
Stade Municipal
Parc des Sports
MTM MaintiranoMTM Maintirano
Stade Maintirano
Olympique Belo/naOlympique Belo/na
Belo Tsirbihina Football Field
Racing Soma BeachRacing Soma Beach
Stade Alexandre Rabemananjara
Stade Municipal de Manakara
USSK AmbanjaUSSK Ambanja
Ambanja Football Stadium
Stade Municipale Antsohihy

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Last updated: February 2020

Other Madigascan Teams Information

NameOther Madigascan Teams

Grounds in Other Madigascan Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Stadium Barikadimy home to Fifafifi TFC Atsinana20,000
2.Stade Alexandre Rabemananjara home to Racing Soma Beach10,000
3.Stade Ambovombe home to Espoir Ambovombe10,000
4.Stade MALACAM home to FCA Madagascar10,000
5.Stade Municipal de Toamasina home to HZAM Amparafaravola2,500
6.Stade Municipal dAntsiranana home to Maeva2,000
7.Ambanja Football Stadium home to USSK Ambanja1,000
8.Belo Tsirbihina Football Field home to Olympique Belo/na1,000
9.Fort-Dauphin Stadium home to Fils Elephant1,000
10.Parc des Sports home to Menagnara1,000
11.Stade de Foot home to FC Top Dom1,000
12.Stade de Tsiroanomandidy home to Andry Tsiroanomandidy1,000
13.Stade Maintirano home to MTM Maintirano1,000
14.Stade Malaimbandy home to Malaimbandy1,000
15.Stade Manajary home to CF Mahatsara STF1,000
16.Stade Municipal home to Manjaka1,000
17.Stade Municipal home to Akon Ambatomena1,000
18.Stade Municipal de Ambatondrazaka home to FC Otiv1,000
19.Stade Municipal de Manakara home to THEM FC1,000
20.Stade Municipale home to JSA1,000
21.Stade Municipale Antsohihy home to Varatraza1,000
22.Stde Municipal Mahanoro home to Ascoimi Mahanoro1,000
23.The Stadium 19 Millions at Madagascar home to FC Iharana1,000
24.Tribune Stade Municipale home to FC Leopard1,000
25.Velodrome home to Vakinankaratra1,000
  • Biggest stadium in Other Madigascan Teams: 20,000 - Stadium Barikadimy
  • Smallest stadium in Other Madigascan Teams: 1,000 - Velodrome
  • Total capacity in Other Madigascan Teams: 73,500
  • Average capacity in Other Madigascan Teams: 2,827

Best supported teams in Other Madigascan Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Fifafifi TFC Atsinana1
2.Akon Ambatomena0
3.Andry Tsiroanomandidy0
4.Ascoimi Mahanoro0
5.CF Mahatsara STF0
6.Espoir Ambovombe0
7.FC Iharana0
8.FC Leopard0
9.FC Otiv0
10.FC Top Dom0
11.FCA Madagascar0
12.Fils Elephant0
13.HZAM Amparafaravola0
19.MTM Maintirano0
20.Olympique Belo/na0
21.Racing Soma Beach0
23.USSK Ambanja0
  • Most fans in Other Madigascan Teams: 1 - Fifafifi TFC Atsinana
  • Fewest fans in Other Madigascan Teams: 0 - Varatraza
  • Total Other Madigascan Teams fans: 1
  • Average number of fans in Other Madigascan Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Other Madigascan Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Fifafifi TFC Atsinana0.00
2.Akon Ambatomena0.00
3.Andry Tsiroanomandidy0.00
4.Ascoimi Mahanoro0.00
5.CF Mahatsara STF0.00
6.Espoir Ambovombe0.00
7.FC Iharana0.00
8.FC Leopard0.00
9.FC Otiv0.00
10.FC Top Dom0.00
11.FCA Madagascar0.00
12.Fils Elephant0.00
13.HZAM Amparafaravola0.00
19.MTM Maintirano0.00
20.Olympique Belo/na0.00
21.Racing Soma Beach0.00
22.THEM FC0.00
23.USSK Ambanja0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Other Madigascan Teams: 0 grounds visited - Fifafifi TFC Atsinana
  • Least travelled fans in Other Madigascan Teams: 0 grounds visited - Varatraza
  • Average # grounds visited in Other Madigascan Teams: 0.00

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