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Other Macedonian Teams Football Grounds in Macedonia

Map of Other Macedonian Teams stadiums

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List of Other Macedonian Teams stadiums

0/32 grounds visited (0%)

Bratstvo ZhitosheBratstvo Zhitoshe
Smajo Kolasinac
Bratsvo ZhitosheBratsvo Zhitoshe
Stadion Mogila
Dojransko EzeroDojransko Ezero
Nov Dojran Stadion
Stadion Bogovinje
FK Akademija Pandev Brera Strumica IIFK Akademija Pandev Brera Strumica II
Sportski centar Pandev
FK BorecFK Borec
Stadion Zoran Paunov
FK CementarnicaFK Cementarnica
FK Cementarnica Stadium
FK Horizont TurnovoFK Horizont Turnovo
Kukus Stadium
FK KadinoFK Kadino
Stadion Kadino
FK Madzari SolidarnostFK Madzari Solidarnost
Stadion Boris Trajkovski
FK Metalurg SkopjeFK Metalurg Skopje
Stadion Zelezarnica
FK Milano KumanovoFK Milano Kumanovo
Milano Arena
FK Renova DzepcisteFK Renova Dzepciste
Ecolog Arena
FK RosomanFK Rosoman
Rosoman Stadium
Goblen JuniorGoblen Junior
Fudbalsko igraliste kaj Sportska sala
Gorno LisiceGorno Lisice
FK Cementarnica Stadium
Stadion Boris Trajkovski (old ground)
KF VeleshtaKF Veleshta
Veleshta Stadium
Korab DebarKorab Debar
Gradski Stadion Debar
Gradska Plaza Stadium
Stadion Kalishta
Stadion Komunalec
Partizan ObrshaniPartizan Obrshani
Stadion Obrshani
Gradski stadion Pehchevo
Stadion Probistip
Pitu GuliPitu Guli
Stadion Krushevo
Gradski stadion Radovis
Pobeda ValandovoPobeda Valandovo
Gradski Stadion Valandovo
Sloga VinicaSloga Vinica
Vinica Stadium
Tim LokomotivaTim Lokomotiva
Igraliate na AMS Gradsko
Vardar ForinoVardar Forino
Stadion Leska
Velazerimi 77Velazerimi 77
Vlazrimi Arena
Gradski Stadion Zajas
Gradski Stadion Kicevo (old ground)

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Last updated: November 2023

Other Macedonian Teams Information

NameOther Macedonian Teams

Grounds in Other Macedonian Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Ecolog Arena home to FK Renova Dzepciste15,000
2.Milano Arena home to FK Milano Kumanovo7,000
3.Gradski Stadion Debar home to Korab Debar5,000
4.Stadion Probistip home to Pehchevo4,000
5.Stadion Zelezarnica home to FK Metalurg Skopje4,000
6.FK Cementarnica Stadium home to FK Cementarnica3,000
7.FK Cementarnica Stadium home to Gorno Lisice3,000
8.Gradski Stadion Valandovo home to Pobeda Valandovo3,000
9.Kukus Stadium home to FK Horizont Turnovo3,000
10.Stadion Boris Trajkovski home to FK Madzari Solidarnost3,000
11.Vlazrimi Arena home to Velazerimi 773,000
12.Gradski stadion Radovis home to Plackovica2,000
13.Gradski Stadion Zajas home to Zajazi2,000
14.Stadion Mogila home to Bratsvo Zhitoshe2,000
15.Stadion Zoran Paunov home to FK Borec2,000
16.Nov Dojran Stadion home to Dojransko Ezero1,500
17.Fudbalsko igraliste kaj Sportska sala home to Goblen Junior1,000
18.Gradska Plaza Stadium home to Labunishta1,000
19.Gradski stadion Pehchevo home to Pehchevo1,000
20.Stadion Bogovinje home to Drita1,000
21.Stadion Kadino home to FK Kadino1,000
22.Stadion Kalishta home to Labunishta1,000
23.Stadion Krushevo home to Pitu Guli1,000
24.Stadion Leska home to Vardar Forino1,000
25.Stadion Obrshani home to Partizan Obrshani1,000
26.Stadion Komunalec home to Lokomotiva500
  • Biggest stadium in Other Macedonian Teams: 15,000 - Ecolog Arena
  • Smallest stadium in Other Macedonian Teams: 500 - Stadion Komunalec
  • Total capacity in Other Macedonian Teams: 72,000
  • Average capacity in Other Macedonian Teams: 2,667

Best supported teams in Other Macedonian Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.FK Cementarnica1
2.Bratstvo Zhitoshe0
3.Bratsvo Zhitoshe0
4.Dojransko Ezero0
6.FK Akademija Pandev Brera Strumica II0
7.FK Borec0
8.FK Horizont Turnovo0
9.FK Kadino0
10.FK Madzari Solidarnost0
11.FK Metalurg Skopje0
12.FK Milano Kumanovo0
13.FK Renova Dzepciste0
14.FK Rosoman0
15.Goblen Junior0
16.Gorno Lisice0
17.KF Veleshta0
18.Korab Debar0
21.Partizan Obrshani0
23.Pitu Guli0
25.Pobeda Valandovo0
26.Sloga Vinica0
27.Tim Lokomotiva0
28.Vardar Forino0
29.Velazerimi 770
  • Most fans in Other Macedonian Teams: 1 - FK Cementarnica
  • Fewest fans in Other Macedonian Teams: 0 - Zajazi
  • Total Other Macedonian Teams fans: 1
  • Average number of fans in Other Macedonian Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Other Macedonian Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.FK Cementarnica11.00
2.Bratstvo Zhitoshe0.00
3.Bratsvo Zhitoshe0.00
4.Dojransko Ezero0.00
6.FK Akademija Pandev Brera Strumica II0.00
7.FK Borec0.00
8.FK Horizont Turnovo0.00
9.FK Kadino0.00
10.FK Madzari Solidarnost0.00
11.FK Metalurg Skopje0.00
12.FK Milano Kumanovo0.00
13.FK Renova Dzepciste0.00
14.FK Rosoman0.00
15.Goblen Junior0.00
16.Gorno Lisice0.00
17.KF Veleshta0.00
18.Korab Debar0.00
21.Partizan Obrshani0.00
23.Pitu Guli0.00
25.Pobeda Valandovo0.00
26.Sloga Vinica0.00
27.Tim Lokomotiva0.00
28.Vardar Forino0.00
29.Velazerimi 770.00
  • Most travelled fans in Other Macedonian Teams: 11 grounds visited - FK Cementarnica
  • Least travelled fans in Other Macedonian Teams: 0 grounds visited - Zajazi
  • Average # grounds visited in Other Macedonian Teams: 0.35

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