Luxembourgian Teams Football Grounds in Luxembourg

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Luxembourgian Teams 0/15 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
Atert Bissen 
Terrain Bousbierg
Terrain ZAC Klengbousbierg
Avenir Beggen 
Stade Rue Henri Dunant
CS Grevenmacher 
Op Flohr Stadion
Daring Club Echternach 
FC Daring Ground
Stadion an der Trell
FC Kehlen 
Stade Albert Berchem
FC Minerva Lintgen 
Stade Jean Donnersbach
FC Schifflange 95 
Stade Rue Denis Netgen
Stade Am Ga
Stade Auf Dem Kiemel
Stade Norbert Hubsch
SC Steinfort 
Stade Demy Steichen
Syra Mensdorf 
Stade Op Biirk
Union 05 Kayl-Tetange 
Stade Victor Marchal

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Grounds in Luxembourgian Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Stade Rue Henri Dunant home to Avenir Beggen4,830
2.Op Flohr Stadion home to CS Grevenmacher4,062
3.Stade Norbert Hubsch home to Sandweiler2,000
4.Stade Rue Denis Netgen home to FC Schifflange 952,000
5.Stade Jean Donnersbach home to FC Minerva Lintgen1,700
6.FC Daring Ground home to Daring Club Echternach1,500
7.Stade Op Biirk home to Syra Mensdorf1,500
8.Stade Demy Steichen home to SC Steinfort1,300
9.Stade Albert Berchem home to FC Kehlen1,000
10.Stade Am Ga home to Koeppchen1,000
11.Stade Auf Dem Kiemel home to Norden1,000
12.Stade Victor Marchal home to Union 05 Kayl-Tetange1,000
13.Stadion an der Trell home to Erpeldange1,000
14.Terrain Bousbierg home to Atert Bissen1,000
15.Terrain ZAC Klengbousbierg home to Atert Bissen1,000
  • Average capacity in Luxembourgian Teams: 1,618

Best supported teams in Luxembourgian Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
2.Atert Bissen0
3.Avenir Beggen0
4.CS Grevenmacher0
5.Daring Club Echternach0
7.FC Kehlen0
8.FC Minerva Lintgen0
9.FC Schifflange 950
13.SC Steinfort0
14.Syra Mensdorf0
15.Union 05 Kayl-Tetange0
  • Average # fans in Luxembourgian Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Luxembourgian Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
2.Atert Bissen0.00
3.Avenir Beggen0.00
4.CS Grevenmacher0.00
5.Daring Club Echternach0.00
7.FC Kehlen0.00
8.FC Minerva Lintgen0.00
9.FC Schifflange 950.00
13.SC Steinfort0.00
14.Syra Mensdorf0.00
15.Union 05 Kayl-Tetange0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in Luxembourgian Teams: 0.00

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