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Luxembourg National Division Football Grounds in Luxembourg

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Luxembourg National Division 0/16 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
CS Fola Esch 
Stade Emile Mayrisch
F91 Dudelange 
Stade Jos Nosbaum
FC Differdange 03 
Stade Parc des Sports
Stade du Thillenberg (old ground)
FC Etzella Ettelbruck 
Stade Am Deich
FC Progres Niedercorn 
Stade Jos Haupert
FC RM Hamm Benfica 
FC Rodange 91 
Stade Joseph Philippart
FC Swift Hesperange 
Stade Alphonse Theis
FC UNA Strassen 
Complexe Sportif Jean Wirtz
FC Victoria Rosport 
FC Wiltz 71 
Terrain Poetz
Stade Geitz (old ground)
Jeunesse Esch 
Stade de la Frontiere
Racing FC Union Luxembourg 
Stade Achille Hammerel
Stade Camille Polfer (old ground)
US Hostert 
Stade Jos Becker
US Mondorf-Les-Bains 
Stade John Grun
UT Petange 
Stade Municipal

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Grounds in Luxembourg National Division Ordered by Capacity

1.Stade Achille Hammerel home to Racing FC Union Luxembourg5,814
2.Stade Jos Haupert home to FC Progres Niedercorn4,830
3.Stade de la Frontiere home to Jeunesse Esch4,000
4.Stade Emile Mayrisch home to CS Fola Esch3,900
5.Stade John Grun home to US Mondorf-Les-Bains3,600
6.Stade Parc des Sports home to FC Differdange 033,500
7.Stade Joseph Philippart home to FC Rodange 913,400
8.Stade Alphonse Theis home to FC Swift Hesperange3,058
9.Luxembourg-Cents home to FC RM Hamm Benfica2,800
10.Stade Jos Nosbaum home to F91 Dudelange2,558
11.Party-Rent-Arena home to FC Victoria Rosport2,500
12.Stade Municipal home to UT Petange2,400
13.Stade Am Deich home to FC Etzella Ettelbruck2,020
14.Complexe Sportif Jean Wirtz home to FC UNA Strassen2,000
15.Stade Jos Becker home to US Hostert1,500
16.Terrain Poetz home to FC Wiltz 711,200
  • Average capacity in Luxembourg National Division: 2,887

Best supported teams in Luxembourg National Division

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.FC Differdange 031
2.CS Fola Esch0
3.F91 Dudelange0
4.FC Etzella Ettelbruck0
5.FC Progres Niedercorn0
6.FC RM Hamm Benfica0
7.FC Rodange 910
8.FC Swift Hesperange0
9.FC UNA Strassen0
10.FC Victoria Rosport0
11.FC Wiltz 710
12.Jeunesse Esch0
13.Racing FC Union Luxembourg0
14.US Hostert0
15.US Mondorf-Les-Bains0
16.UT Petange0
  • Average # fans in Luxembourg National Division: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Luxembourg National Division?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.FC Differdange 030.00
2.CS Fola Esch0.00
3.F91 Dudelange0.00
4.FC Etzella Ettelbruck0.00
5.FC Progres Niedercorn0.00
6.FC RM Hamm Benfica0.00
7.FC Rodange 910.00
8.FC Swift Hesperange0.00
9.FC UNA Strassen0.00
10.FC Victoria Rosport0.00
11.FC Wiltz 710.00
12.Jeunesse Esch0.00
13.Racing FC Union Luxembourg0.00
14.US Hostert0.00
15.US Mondorf-Les-Bains0.00
16.UT Petange0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in Luxembourg National Division: 0.00

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