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Other Kenyan Teams Football Grounds in Kenya

Map of Other Kenyan Teams stadiums

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List of Other Kenyan Teams stadiums

0/22 grounds visited (0%)

Administration PoliceAdministration Police
APTC Ground
APS BometAPS Bomet
Silibwet Stadium
Masinde Muliro Stadium
Chemelil Sugar Chemelil Sugar
Chemelil Sports Complex
Moi Stadium
Dandora LoveDandora Love
Dandora Stadium
Eldoret YouthEldoret Youth
64 Stadium
Fortune SaccoFortune Sacco
Kianyaga Stadium
Kerugoya Stadium (old ground)
Green CommandosGreen Commandos
Buchenya Local Stadium
Kangemi AllstarsKangemi Allstars
Hope Centre
Karuturi SportsKaruturi Sports
Naivasha Stadium
Kisumu UnitedKisumu United
Moi Stadium
Modern Coast RangersModern Coast Rangers
Serani Sports Ground
Mombasa Municipal Stadium (old ground)
Nairobi StimaNairobi Stima
Camp Toyoyo
Gems Cambridge International School
Oserian Stadium
Sony Sugar Sony Sugar
Green Stadium
Moi Stadium
Soy UnitedSoy United
Bukhungu Stadium
St JosephSt Joseph
Afraha Stadium
Narok County Stadium
Zoo KerichoZoo Kericho
Kericho Green Stadium

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Last updated: October 2023

Other Kenyan Teams Information

NameOther Kenyan Teams

Grounds in Other Kenyan Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Moi Stadium home to Chemelil Sugar 60,000
2.Moi Stadium home to Kisumu United60,000
3.Moi Stadium home to Sony Sugar 60,000
4.Afraha Stadium home to St Joseph8,200
5.Bukhungu Stadium home to Soy United5,000
6.Chemelil Sports Complex home to Chemelil Sugar 5,000
7.Green Stadium home to Sony Sugar 5,000
8.Narok County Stadium home to Wazito5,000
9.Oserian Stadium home to Oserian5,000
10.Naivasha Stadium home to Karuturi Sports4,000
11.Camp Toyoyo home to Nairobi Stima3,000
12.Kericho Green Stadium home to Zoo Kericho3,000
13.Masinde Muliro Stadium home to Bungoma2,000
14.64 Stadium home to Eldoret Youth1,000
15.APTC Ground home to Administration Police1,000
16.Buchenya Local Stadium home to Green Commandos1,000
17.Hope Centre home to Kangemi Allstars1,000
  • Biggest stadium in Other Kenyan Teams: 60,000 - Moi Stadium
  • Smallest stadium in Other Kenyan Teams: 1,000 - Hope Centre
  • Total capacity in Other Kenyan Teams: 229,200
  • Average capacity in Other Kenyan Teams: 12,733

Best supported teams in Other Kenyan Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Administration Police0
2.APS Bomet0
4.Chemelil Sugar 0
5.Dandora Love0
6.Eldoret Youth0
7.Fortune Sacco0
8.Green Commandos0
9.Kangemi Allstars0
10.Karuturi Sports0
11.Kisumu United0
12.Modern Coast Rangers0
13.Nairobi Stima0
15.Sony Sugar 0
16.Soy United0
17.St Joseph0
19.Zoo Kericho0
  • Most fans in Other Kenyan Teams: 0 - Administration Police
  • Fewest fans in Other Kenyan Teams: 0 - Zoo Kericho
  • Total Other Kenyan Teams fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in Other Kenyan Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Other Kenyan Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Administration Police0.00
2.APS Bomet0.00
4.Chemelil Sugar 0.00
5.Dandora Love0.00
6.Eldoret Youth0.00
7.Fortune Sacco0.00
8.Green Commandos0.00
9.Kangemi Allstars0.00
10.Karuturi Sports0.00
11.Kisumu United0.00
12.Modern Coast Rangers0.00
13.Nairobi Stima0.00
15.Sony Sugar 0.00
16.Soy United0.00
17.St Joseph0.00
19.Zoo Kericho0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Other Kenyan Teams: 0 grounds visited - Administration Police
  • Least travelled fans in Other Kenyan Teams: 0 grounds visited - Zoo Kericho
  • Average # grounds visited in Other Kenyan Teams: 0.00

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