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Kazakh Premier League Football Grounds in Kazakhstan

Map of Kazakh Premier League stadiums

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List of Kazakh Premier League stadiums

0/29 grounds visited (0%)

Aksu StepnogorskAksu Stepnogorsk
Pakovyy Stepnogorsk
FC AktobeFC Aktobe
Stadion ODYuShOR
Ortaliq Stadion Aktobe
FC AkzhayikFC Akzhayik
Stadion Karasiganak
Stadion Akzhayik
Petr Atoyan Stadium
FC AstanaFC Astana
Stadion Jas Qyran
Astana Arena
FC AtyrauFC Atyrau
Stadion Tomarly
Stadion Sudoremontnik
Munaishy Stadium
FC KairatFC Kairat
Ortaliq Stadion Almaty
FC TarazFC Taraz
Zhastor Stadium
Stadion Ulan (old ground)
Ortaliq Stadion Taraz (old ground)
FC TobolFC Tobol
Tobyl Arena
Stadion Zatobolets
Ortaliq Stadion Kostanai
FK Kyzyl-ZharFK Kyzyl-Zhar
Stadion Jastar
Stadion Karasay
FK OrdabasyFK Ordabasy
Stadion Namys
Futbol Ortaligi BIIK Main Field
Stadion Qajimuqan Munaytpasov
Stadion Namys
Stadion Jas kanat
Stadion Alpamis Batyr
Stadion im. K. Munaytpasova
Shakhter KaragandyShakhter Karagandy
Astana Arena
Stadion Metallurg
Shakhtyor Stadium
Turan TurkestanTuran Turkestan
Turkestan Arena

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Last updated: April 2022

Kazakh Premier League Information

NameKazakh Premier League
Level on pyramid1
Relegation to1 Division

Grounds in Kazakh Premier League Ordered by Capacity

1.Stadion Qajimuqan Munaytpasov home to FK Ordabasy37,000
2.Astana Arena home to Shakhter Karagandy30,244
3.Astana Arena home to FC Astana30,244
4.Ortaliq Stadion Almaty home to FC Kairat23,804
5.Shakhtyor Stadium home to Shakhter Karagandy19,000
6.Stadion Metallurg home to Shakhter Karagandy15,000
7.Ortaliq Stadion Aktobe home to FC Aktobe13,661
8.Stadion Karasay home to FK Kyzyl-Zhar12,000
9.Munaishy Stadium home to FC Atyrau8,690
10.Ortaliq Stadion Kostanai home to FC Tobol8,432
11.Petr Atoyan Stadium home to FC Akzhayik8,320
12.Stadion Akzhayik home to FC Akzhayik7,500
13.Stadion Alpamis Batyr home to Maqtaaral5,000
14.Stadion im. K. Munaytpasova home to Maqtaaral5,000
15.Stadion Jas kanat home to Kaspiy5,000
16.Stadion Jastar home to FK Kyzyl-Zhar5,000
17.Stadion Karasiganak home to FC Akzhayik5,000
18.Stadion ODYuShOR home to FC Aktobe5,000
19.Stadion Zatobolets home to FC Tobol5,000
20.Stadion Namys home to FK Ordabasy4,500
21.Stadion Namys home to Kaspiy4,500
22.Stadion Sudoremontnik home to FC Atyrau4,000
23.Futbol Ortaligi BIIK Main Field home to FK Ordabasy2,000
24.Stadion Tomarly home to FC Atyrau2,000
  • Biggest stadium in Kazakh Premier League: 37,000 - Stadion Qajimuqan Munaytpasov
  • Smallest stadium in Kazakh Premier League: 2,000 - Stadion Tomarly
  • Total capacity in Kazakh Premier League: 265,895
  • Average capacity in Kazakh Premier League: 10,636

Best supported teams in Kazakh Premier League

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Aksu Stepnogorsk0
2.FC Aktobe0
3.FC Akzhayik0
4.FC Astana0
5.FC Atyrau0
6.FC Kairat0
7.FC Taraz0
8.FC Tobol0
9.FK Kyzyl-Zhar0
10.FK Ordabasy0
13.Shakhter Karagandy0
14.Turan Turkestan0
  • Most fans in Kazakh Premier League: 0 - Aksu Stepnogorsk
  • Fewest fans in Kazakh Premier League: 0 - Turan Turkestan
  • Total Kazakh Premier League fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in Kazakh Premier League: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Kazakh Premier League?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Aksu Stepnogorsk0.00
2.FC Aktobe0.00
3.FC Akzhayik0.00
4.FC Astana0.00
5.FC Atyrau0.00
6.FC Kairat0.00
7.FC Taraz0.00
8.FC Tobol0.00
9.FK Kyzyl-Zhar0.00
10.FK Ordabasy0.00
13.Shakhter Karagandy0.00
14.Turan Turkestan0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Kazakh Premier League: 0 grounds visited - Aksu Stepnogorsk
  • Least travelled fans in Kazakh Premier League: 0 grounds visited - Turan Turkestan
  • Average # grounds visited in Kazakh Premier League: 0.00

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