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National Premier League Football Grounds in Jamaica

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National Premier League 0/20 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
Arnett Gardens 
Anthony Spaulding Sports Complex
Frome Sports Complex
Cavalier SC 
Stadium East
Prison Oval
Royal Lakes Complex
Dunbeholden Sports Complex (old ground)
Harbour View 
Harbour View Mini Stadium
Stadium East
Humble Lions 
Effortville Community Centre
Molynes United 
Jacisera Park
Chalmers Avenue (old ground)
Mount Pleasant Academy FC 
Drax Hall Sports Complex
Portmore United 
Ferdie Neita Sports Complex
Juici Patties Park
Prison Oval
Middlesex International College
Tivoli Gardens 
Railway Oval
University of the West Indies 
Anthony Spaulding Sports Complex
UWI JFF Captain Horace Burrell Center of Excellence (Mona Bowl)
UWI Bowl (old ground)
Vere United 
Wembley Centre of Excellence
Drewsland Stadium
Waterhouse Stadium
Emmett Park (old ground)

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Grounds in National Premier League Ordered by Capacity

1.Harbour View Mini Stadium home to Harbour View7,000
2.Waterhouse Stadium home to Waterhouse5,000
3.Effortville Community Centre home to Humble Lions3,000
4.Railway Oval home to Tivoli Gardens3,000
5.Stadium East home to Cavalier SC3,000
6.Stadium East home to Harbour View3,000
7.Drewsland Stadium home to Waterhouse2,500
8.Anthony Spaulding Sports Complex home to University of the West Indies2,200
9.Anthony Spaulding Sports Complex home to Arnett Gardens2,200
10.Drax Hall Sports Complex home to Mount Pleasant Academy FC2,000
11.Ferdie Neita Sports Complex home to Portmore United2,000
12.Frome Sports Complex home to Arnett Gardens2,000
13.Prison Oval home to Dunbeholden2,000
14.Prison Oval home to Portmore United2,000
15.Jacisera Park home to Molynes United1,000
16.Middlesex International College home to Portmore United1,000
17.Royal Lakes Complex home to Dunbeholden1,000
18.UWI JFF Captain Horace Burrell Center of Excellence (Mona Bowl) home to University of the West Indies1,000
19.Wembley Centre of Excellence home to Vere United1,000
20.Juici Patties Park home to Portmore United300
  • Average capacity in National Premier League: 2,200

Best supported teams in National Premier League

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Arnett Gardens0
2.Cavalier SC0
4.Harbour View0
5.Humble Lions0
6.Molynes United0
7.Mount Pleasant Academy FC0
8.Portmore United0
9.Tivoli Gardens0
10.University of the West Indies0
11.Vere United0
  • Average # fans in National Premier League: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in National Premier League?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Arnett Gardens0.00
2.Cavalier SC0.00
4.Harbour View0.00
5.Humble Lions0.00
6.Molynes United0.00
7.Mount Pleasant Academy FC0.00
8.Portmore United0.00
9.Tivoli Gardens0.00
10.University of the West Indies0.00
11.Vere United0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in National Premier League: 0.00

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