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Other Iranian Teams Football Grounds in Iran

Map of Other Iranian Teams stadiums

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List of Other Iranian Teams stadiums

0/21 grounds visited (0%)

Arvand KhorramshahrArvand Khorramshahr
Khorramshahr Stadium
Bargh ShirazBargh Shiraz
Shahid Dastgheib Stadium
Chooka TaleshChooka Talesh
Talesh Stadium
Gol ReyhanGol Reyhan
Enghelab Stadium
Gostaresh Foolad TabrizGostaresh Foolad Tabriz
Bonyan Diesel Stadium
Iranjavan BushehrIranjavan Bushehr
Shahid Beheshti Stadium
Kargaran StadiumKargaran Stadium
Kargaran Stadium
Navad UrmiaNavad Urmia
Takhti Sports Complex
Niroye ZaminiNiroye Zamini
Jey Stadium
Omid VahdatOmid Vahdat
Samen Al-Aeme Stadium
Padideh KhorasanPadideh Khorasan
Samen Al-Aeme Stadium
Qashqai ShirazQashqai Shiraz
Hafezieh Stadium
Rah AhanRah Ahan
Rah Ahan Stadium
Saba BatterySaba Battery
Shahid Derakhshan Stadium
Saba QomSaba Qom
Qom Yadegar Emam Stadium
Sepidrood RashtSepidrood Rasht
Dr Azodi Stadium
Shahin BushehrShahin Bushehr
Shahid Beheshti Stadium
Shahr KhodroShahr Khodro
Imam Reza Stadium
Samen Al-Aeme Stadium (old ground)
Shahrdari HamedanShahrdari Hamedan
Haji Babaei Martyr Sports Complex
Ghods Stadium (old ground)
Sorkhpooshan PakdashtSorkhpooshan Pakdasht
Pakdasht Stadium
Vista ToorbinVista Toorbin
Ghadir Tehran Stadium

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Last updated: September 2023

Other Iranian Teams Information

NameOther Iranian Teams

Grounds in Other Iranian Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Samen Al-Aeme Stadium home to Padideh Khorasan35,000
2.Samen Al-Aeme Stadium home to Omid Vahdat35,000
3.Imam Reza Stadium home to Shahr Khodro27,000
4.Hafezieh Stadium home to Qashqai Shiraz20,000
5.Shahid Beheshti Stadium home to Iranjavan Bushehr20,000
6.Shahid Beheshti Stadium home to Shahin Bushehr20,000
7.Enghelab Stadium home to Gol Reyhan15,000
8.Khorramshahr Stadium home to Arvand Khorramshahr15,000
9.Bonyan Diesel Stadium home to Gostaresh Foolad Tabriz12,000
10.Rah Ahan Stadium home to Rah Ahan12,000
11.Dr Azodi Stadium home to Sepidrood Rasht11,000
12.Qom Yadegar Emam Stadium home to Saba Qom10,610
13.Jey Stadium home to Niroye Zamini5,000
14.Kargaran Stadium home to Kargaran Stadium5,000
15.Takhti Sports Complex home to Navad Urmia5,000
16.Pakdasht Stadium home to Sorkhpooshan Pakdasht1,000
17.Shahid Dastgheib Stadium home to Bargh Shiraz1,000
  • Biggest stadium in Other Iranian Teams: 35,000 - Samen Al-Aeme Stadium
  • Smallest stadium in Other Iranian Teams: 1,000 - Shahid Dastgheib Stadium
  • Total capacity in Other Iranian Teams: 249,610
  • Average capacity in Other Iranian Teams: 13,867

Best supported teams in Other Iranian Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Arvand Khorramshahr0
2.Bargh Shiraz0
3.Chooka Talesh0
4.Gol Reyhan0
5.Gostaresh Foolad Tabriz0
6.Iranjavan Bushehr0
7.Kargaran Stadium0
8.Navad Urmia0
9.Niroye Zamini0
10.Omid Vahdat0
11.Padideh Khorasan0
12.Qashqai Shiraz0
13.Rah Ahan0
14.Saba Battery0
15.Saba Qom0
16.Sepidrood Rasht0
17.Shahin Bushehr0
18.Shahr Khodro0
19.Shahrdari Hamedan0
20.Sorkhpooshan Pakdasht0
21.Vista Toorbin0
  • Most fans in Other Iranian Teams: 0 - Arvand Khorramshahr
  • Fewest fans in Other Iranian Teams: 0 - Vista Toorbin
  • Total Other Iranian Teams fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in Other Iranian Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Other Iranian Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Arvand Khorramshahr0.00
2.Bargh Shiraz0.00
3.Chooka Talesh0.00
4.Gol Reyhan0.00
5.Gostaresh Foolad Tabriz0.00
6.Iranjavan Bushehr0.00
7.Kargaran Stadium0.00
8.Navad Urmia0.00
9.Niroye Zamini0.00
10.Omid Vahdat0.00
11.Padideh Khorasan0.00
12.Qashqai Shiraz0.00
13.Rah Ahan0.00
14.Saba Battery0.00
15.Saba Qom0.00
16.Sepidrood Rasht0.00
17.Shahin Bushehr0.00
18.Shahr Khodro0.00
19.Shahrdari Hamedan0.00
20.Sorkhpooshan Pakdasht0.00
21.Vista Toorbin0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Other Iranian Teams: 0 grounds visited - Arvand Khorramshahr
  • Least travelled fans in Other Iranian Teams: 0 grounds visited - Vista Toorbin
  • Average # grounds visited in Other Iranian Teams: 0.00

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