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2 Deild Football Grounds in Iceland

Map of 2 Deild stadiums

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List of 2 Deild stadiums

0/15 grounds visited (0%)

Haukar HafnarfjordurHaukar Hafnarfjordur
Gaman Ferda Vollurinn
Hottur / HuginnHottur / Huginn
IF MagniIF Magni
IR ReykjavikIR Reykjavik
Hertz Vollurinn
KF Egir ThorlakshofnKF Egir Thorlakshofn
KF FjardabyggdKF Fjardabyggd
Leiknir FaskrudsLeiknir Faskruds
Buthagrund (old ground)
Reynir SandgerdiReynir Sandgerdi
Throttur ReykjavikThrottur Reykjavik
Gervigrasvollur Laugardal
UMF NjardvikUMF Njardvik
UMF Vikingur OlafsvikUMF Vikingur Olafsvik

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Last updated: March 2022

2 Deild Information

Name2 Deild
Level on pyramid3
Promotion to1 Deild
Relegation to3 Deild

Grounds in 2 Deild Ordered by Capacity

1.Valbjarnarvöllur home to Throttur Reykjavik5,478
2.Gervigrasvollur Laugardal home to Throttur Reykjavik3,000
3.Olafsvikurvollur home to UMF Vikingur Olafsvik2,900
4.Njarthtaksvollur home to UMF Njardvik2,800
5.Egilsholl home to IR Reykjavik2,290
6.N1-Vollurinn home to Reynir Sandgerdi2,000
7.Eskifjarthavollur home to KF Fjardabyggd1,000
8.Grenivikurvollur home to IF Magni1,000
9.Husavikurvollur home to Volsungur1,000
10.Thorlakshafnarvollur home to KF Egir Thorlakshofn1,000
11.Hertz Vollurinn home to IR Reykjavik800
12.Fjardabyggdarhollin home to Leiknir Faskruds500
13.Gaman Ferda Vollurinn home to Haukar Hafnarfjordur500
14.Vilhjalmsvollur home to Hottur / Huginn500
  • Biggest stadium in 2 Deild: 5,478 - Valbjarnarvöllur
  • Smallest stadium in 2 Deild: 500 - Vilhjalmsvollur
  • Total capacity in 2 Deild: 24,768
  • Average capacity in 2 Deild: 1,651

Best supported teams in 2 Deild

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Haukar Hafnarfjordur0
2.Hottur / Huginn0
3.IF Magni0
4.IR Reykjavik0
5.KF Egir Thorlakshofn0
6.KF Fjardabyggd0
7.Leiknir Faskruds0
8.Reynir Sandgerdi0
9.Throttur Reykjavik0
10.UMF Njardvik0
11.UMF Vikingur Olafsvik0
  • Most fans in 2 Deild: 0 - Haukar Hafnarfjordur
  • Fewest fans in 2 Deild: 0 - Volsungur
  • Total 2 Deild fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in 2 Deild: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in 2 Deild?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Haukar Hafnarfjordur0.00
2.Hottur / Huginn0.00
3.IF Magni0.00
4.IR Reykjavik0.00
5.KF Egir Thorlakshofn0.00
6.KF Fjardabyggd0.00
7.Leiknir Faskruds0.00
8.Reynir Sandgerdi0.00
9.Throttur Reykjavik0.00
10.UMF Njardvik0.00
11.UMF Vikingur Olafsvik0.00
  • Most travelled fans in 2 Deild: 0 grounds visited - Haukar Hafnarfjordur
  • Least travelled fans in 2 Deild: 0 grounds visited - Volsungur
  • Average # grounds visited in 2 Deild: 0.00

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