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Gamma Ethniki Group 2 Football Grounds in Greece

Map of Gamma Ethniki Group 2 stadiums

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List of Gamma Ethniki Group 2 stadiums

0/15 grounds visited (0%)

Aetos VarvarasAetos Varvaras
Gipedo Varvaras
Agrotikos AsterasAgrotikos Asteras
Gipedo Evosmou
Anagennisi PlagiaAnagennisi Plagia
Dimotiko Stadio Kilkis
Dimotiko Stadio Edessas
Ethnikos GiannitsaEthnikos Giannitsa
Gipedo Neas Trapezountas
Stadio Giannitsou
Makedonikos NeapolisMakedonikos Neapolis
Gipedo Neas Efkarpias Makedonikou
Megas Alexandros TrikalaMegas Alexandros Trikala
Dimotiko Gipedo Trikala Imathia
Nea KallikrateiaNea Kallikrateia
Dimotiko Stadio Nea Kallikratia
Niki AgkathiaNiki Agkathia
Dimotiko Gipedo Agkathia
PAO KoufalionPAO Koufalion
Dimotiko Stadio Koufalia
PAOK AlexandreiaPAOK Alexandreia
Gipedo Alexandreia
Poseidon Nea MichanionaPoseidon Nea Michaniona
Gipedo Podosferou
Thermaikos ThermisThermaikos Thermis
Gipedo Thermis
Thyella SarakinoiThyella Sarakinoi
Gipedo Thyella Sarakinoi

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Gamma Ethniki Group 2 Information

NameGamma Ethniki Group 2
Level on pyramid4
Same level asGamma Ethniki Group 1
Gamma Ethniki Group 10
Gamma Ethniki Group 3
Gamma Ethniki Group 4
Gamma Ethniki Group 5
Gamma Ethniki Group 6
Gamma Ethniki Group 7
Gamma Ethniki Group 8
Gamma Ethniki Group 9
Promotion toFootball League

Grounds in Gamma Ethniki Group 2 Ordered by Capacity

1.Gipedo Neas Efkarpias Makedonikou home to Makedonikos Neapolis8,100
2.Stadio Giannitsou home to Giannitsa8,000
3.Dimotiko Stadio Edessas home to Edessaikos6,000
4.Dimotiko Stadio Kilkis home to Anagennisi Plagia6,000
5.Gipedo Podosferou home to Poseidon Nea Michaniona2,500
6.Gipedo Evosmou home to Agrotikos Asteras2,267
7.Dimotiko Gipedo Trikala Imathia home to Megas Alexandros Trikala2,000
8.Dimotiko Stadio Nea Kallikratia home to Nea Kallikrateia2,000
9.Dimotiko Gipedo Agkathia home to Niki Agkathia1,000
10.Gipedo Thermis home to Thermaikos Thermis1,000
11.Gipedo Thyella Sarakinoi home to Thyella Sarakinoi1,000
  • Biggest stadium in Gamma Ethniki Group 2: 8,100 - Gipedo Neas Efkarpias Makedonikou
  • Smallest stadium in Gamma Ethniki Group 2: 1,000 - Gipedo Thyella Sarakinoi
  • Total capacity in Gamma Ethniki Group 2: 39,867
  • Average capacity in Gamma Ethniki Group 2: 3,322

Best supported teams in Gamma Ethniki Group 2

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Aetos Varvaras0
2.Agrotikos Asteras0
3.Anagennisi Plagia0
5.Ethnikos Giannitsa0
7.Makedonikos Neapolis0
8.Megas Alexandros Trikala0
9.Nea Kallikrateia0
10.Niki Agkathia0
11.PAO Koufalion0
12.PAOK Alexandreia0
13.Poseidon Nea Michaniona0
14.Thermaikos Thermis0
15.Thyella Sarakinoi0
  • Most fans in Gamma Ethniki Group 2: 0 - Aetos Varvaras
  • Fewest fans in Gamma Ethniki Group 2: 0 - Thyella Sarakinoi
  • Total Gamma Ethniki Group 2 fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in Gamma Ethniki Group 2: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Gamma Ethniki Group 2?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Aetos Varvaras0.00
2.Agrotikos Asteras0.00
3.Anagennisi Plagia0.00
5.Ethnikos Giannitsa0.00
7.Makedonikos Neapolis0.00
8.Megas Alexandros Trikala0.00
9.Nea Kallikrateia0.00
10.Niki Agkathia0.00
11.PAO Koufalion0.00
12.PAOK Alexandreia0.00
13.Poseidon Nea Michaniona0.00
14.Thermaikos Thermis0.00
15.Thyella Sarakinoi0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Gamma Ethniki Group 2: 0 grounds visited - Aetos Varvaras
  • Least travelled fans in Gamma Ethniki Group 2: 0 grounds visited - Thyella Sarakinoi
  • Average # grounds visited in Gamma Ethniki Group 2: 0.00

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