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Regionalliga Sudwest Football Grounds in Germany

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Regionalliga Sudwest 0/18 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
1. FC Saarbrucken 
Ludwigspark Stadion (old ground)
1. FSV Mainz 05 II 
Stadion am Bruchweg
Bahlinger SC 
Bayern Alzenau 
FC 08 Homburg 
FC Astoria Walldorf 
Waldstadion Walldorf (old ground)
FC Gießen 
Waldstadion (Gießen)
FK Pirmasens 
Sportpark Husterhohe
FSV Frankfurt 
Kickers Offenbach 
SC Freiburg II 
SSV Ulm 1846 
SV Elversberg 07 
Waldstadion Kaiserlinde
TSG 1899 Hoffenheim II 
TSG Balingen 
Bizerba Arena
TSV Steinbach Haiger 
TuS Rot-Weiß Koblenz 
Stadion Oberwerth
Nebenplatz Oberwerth (old ground)
VfR Aalen 
Ostalb Arena

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Grounds in Regionalliga Sudwest Ordered by Capacity

1.Waldstadion home to FC 08 Homburg21,813
2.Sparda-Bank-Hessen-Stadion home to Kickers Offenbach20,500
3.Stadion am Bruchweg home to 1. FSV Mainz 05 II20,300
4.Donaustadion home to SSV Ulm 184619,500
5.Stadion Oberwerth home to TuS Rot-Weiß Koblenz15,000
6.Ostalb Arena home to VfR Aalen14,500
7.PSD-Bank-Arena home to FSV Frankfurt12,542
8.Hermann-Neuberger-Stadion home to 1. FC Saarbrucken12,000
9.Sportpark Husterhohe home to FK Pirmasens10,000
10.Waldstadion (Gießen) home to FC Gießen10,000
11.Bizerba Arena home to TSG Balingen8,000
12.Waldstadion Kaiserlinde home to SV Elversberg 078,000
13.Dietmar-Hopp-Stadion home to TSG 1899 Hoffenheim II6,350
14.Moslestadion home to SC Freiburg II5,400
15.Kaiserstuhlstadion home to Bahlinger SC5,000
16.Main-Echo-Arena home to Bayern Alzenau5,000
17.Dietmar-Hopp-Sportpark home to FC Astoria Walldorf4,000
18.SIBRE-Sportpark home to TSV Steinbach Haiger3,600
  • Average capacity in Regionalliga Sudwest: 10,606

Best supported teams in Regionalliga Sudwest

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Kickers Offenbach6
2.VfR Aalen3
3.1. FC Saarbrucken2
4.FSV Frankfurt2
5.SC Freiburg II2
6.Bayern Alzenau1
7.1. FSV Mainz 05 II0
8.Bahlinger SC0
9.FC 08 Homburg0
10.FC Astoria Walldorf0
11.FC Gießen0
12.FK Pirmasens0
13.SSV Ulm 18460
14.SV Elversberg 070
15.TSG 1899 Hoffenheim II0
16.TSG Balingen0
17.TSV Steinbach Haiger0
18.TuS Rot-Weiß Koblenz0
  • Average # fans in Regionalliga Sudwest: 1

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Regionalliga Sudwest?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Kickers Offenbach40.00
2.VfR Aalen12.67
3.FSV Frankfurt6.00
4.1. FC Saarbrucken0.00
5.SC Freiburg II0.00
6.Bayern Alzenau0.00
7.1. FSV Mainz 05 II0.00
8.Bahlinger SC0.00
9.FC 08 Homburg0.00
10.FC Astoria Walldorf0.00
11.FC Gießen0.00
12.FK Pirmasens0.00
13.SSV Ulm 18460.00
14.SV Elversberg 070.00
15.TSG 1899 Hoffenheim II0.00
16.TSG Balingen0.00
17.TSV Steinbach Haiger0.00
18.TuS Rot-Weiß Koblenz0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in Regionalliga Sudwest: 3.09

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