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German Womens Teams Football Grounds in Germany

Map of German Womens Teams stadiums

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List of German Womens Teams stadiums

0/9 grounds visited (0%)

1. FFC Dusseldorf1. FFC Dusseldorf
Sportplatz TuS Nord Kunstrasen - Nebenplatz
DJK/VFL 05/09 Giesenkirchen - FrauenDJK/VFL 05/09 Giesenkirchen - Frauen
Sportpatz Asternweg in Giesenkirchen
Duisburger FV 08 - DamenDuisburger FV 08 - Damen
Hartplatz - Sportanlage Grunewaldstrasse - Platz 1
Hartplatz - Sportanlage Grunewaldstrasse - Platz 2 (old ground)
Eintracht Duisburg 1848 e.V. - FrauenEintracht Duisburg 1848 e.V. - Frauen
BSA Wedau I - Naturrasenplatz
SC Breite Burschen Barmen - LadysSC Breite Burschen Barmen - Ladys
Sportplatz Rauental - Breite Burschen Barmen (doppelt)
SV Eintracht Leipzig Sud FrauenSV Eintracht Leipzig Sud Frauen
Sportplatz Eintracht Sud
TSV Crailsheim 1846 e.v. - WomensTSV Crailsheim 1846 e.v. - Womens
Schoneburgstadion - Kunstrasen-Nebenpatz
TuRa Remscheid 80/​09 SudTuRa Remscheid 80/​09 Sud
Sportplatz Bliedinghausen - Kunstrasenplatz
TV KapellenTV Kapellen
Hartplatz - Am Westrich Kaldenhausen

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Last updated: August 2020

German Womens Teams Information

NameGerman Womens Teams

Grounds in German Womens Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Schoneburgstadion - Kunstrasen-Nebenpatz home to TSV Crailsheim 1846 e.v. - Womens5,000
2.Hartplatz - Sportanlage Grunewaldstrasse - Platz 1 home to Duisburger FV 08 - Damen3,200
3.Sportplatz Rauental - Breite Burschen Barmen (doppelt) home to SC Breite Burschen Barmen - Ladys3,000
4.BSA Wedau I - Naturrasenplatz home to Eintracht Duisburg 1848 e.V. - Frauen2,682
5.Hartplatz - Am Westrich Kaldenhausen home to TV Kapellen1,000
6.Sportpatz Asternweg in Giesenkirchen home to DJK/VFL 05/09 Giesenkirchen - Frauen1,000
7.Sportplatz TuS Nord Kunstrasen - Nebenplatz home to 1. FFC Dusseldorf1,000
8.Sportplatz Bliedinghausen - Kunstrasenplatz home to TuRa Remscheid 80/​09 Sud800
  • Biggest stadium in German Womens Teams: 5,000 - Schoneburgstadion - Kunstrasen-Nebenpatz
  • Smallest stadium in German Womens Teams: 800 - Sportplatz Bliedinghausen - Kunstrasenplatz
  • Total capacity in German Womens Teams: 17,682
  • Average capacity in German Womens Teams: 1,965

Best supported teams in German Womens Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.1. FFC Dusseldorf0
2.DJK/VFL 05/09 Giesenkirchen - Frauen0
3.Duisburger FV 08 - Damen0
4.Eintracht Duisburg 1848 e.V. - Frauen0
5.SC Breite Burschen Barmen - Ladys0
6.SV Eintracht Leipzig Sud Frauen0
7.TSV Crailsheim 1846 e.v. - Womens0
8.TuRa Remscheid 80/​09 Sud0
9.TV Kapellen0
  • Most fans in German Womens Teams: 0 - 1. FFC Dusseldorf
  • Fewest fans in German Womens Teams: 0 - TV Kapellen
  • Total German Womens Teams fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in German Womens Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in German Womens Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.1. FFC Dusseldorf0.00
2.DJK/VFL 05/09 Giesenkirchen - Frauen0.00
3.Duisburger FV 08 - Damen0.00
4.Eintracht Duisburg 1848 e.V. - Frauen0.00
5.SC Breite Burschen Barmen - Ladys0.00
6.SV Eintracht Leipzig Sud Frauen0.00
7.TSV Crailsheim 1846 e.v. - Womens0.00
8.TuRa Remscheid 80/​09 Sud0.00
9.TV Kapellen0.00
  • Most travelled fans in German Womens Teams: 0 grounds visited - 1. FFC Dusseldorf
  • Least travelled fans in German Womens Teams: 0 grounds visited - TV Kapellen
  • Average # grounds visited in German Womens Teams: 0.00

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