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Futsal Football Grounds in Germany

Map of Futsal stadiums

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List of Futsal stadiums

0/19 grounds visited (0%)

Blumenthaler SV FutsalBlumenthaler SV Futsal
BSA Bremen Burgwall - Halle
Eintracht Duisburg 1848 e.V. - FutsalEintracht Duisburg 1848 e.V. - Futsal
Sportschule Wedau Futsalhalle
FC Carl Zeiss Jena - FutsalFC Carl Zeiss Jena - Futsal
Halle vom Schulzentrum Goschwitz Jena
Furious Futsal - FF Monchengladbach 07Furious Futsal - FF Monchengladbach 07
Sporthalle Math.-Nat.-Gymnasium
Sporthalle Dunnerfeld (old ground)
Futsal Panthers KolnFutsal Panthers Koln
Europaschule Koln
Futsal Selecao WuppertalFutsal Selecao Wuppertal
Sporthalle Unterbarmen - Rudolf-Steiner-Strasse
Germany FutsalGermany Futsal
Castello Dusseldorf D.LIVE
Sporthalle Bayer Sportpark - Rutenbecker Weg - Wuppertal (old ground)
Germany Futsal U19Germany Futsal U19
Marie-Curie-Gymnasium Sporthalle
GSV Dusseldorf - FutsalGSV Dusseldorf - Futsal
Halle der Hulda-Pankok-Gesamtschule
OSC Bremerhaven FutsalOSC Bremerhaven Futsal
Halle - SPA Roter Sand Butjadinger Strasse - Bremen
SSV Jahn 1889 Regensburg - FutsalSSV Jahn 1889 Regensburg - Futsal
Sporthalle Tegernheim
SSVg 06 Haan - FutsalSSVg 06 Haan - Futsal
Sporthalle Steinkulle Haan
TG Neuss - FutsalTG Neuss - Futsal
Marie-Curie-Gymnasium Sporthalle
TURU 1880 Dusseldorf - Futsal LionsTURU 1880 Dusseldorf - Futsal Lions
Uni Halle Dusseldorf
Sporthalle Lessing-Gymnasium - Dusseldorf (old ground)
Halle der Justus-von-Liebig-Realschule (old ground)
TUSPO Richrath 1869 e.V.TUSPO Richrath 1869 e.V.
Rasen-Sportplatz an der Hildener Strasse - Schlangenberg
Halle - Sporthalle Bettine-von-Arnim Gesamtschule - Langenfeld
Wuppertaler SV FutsalWuppertaler SV Futsal
Sporthalle Nocken - Wuppertal-Nocken
Halle Wuppertal-Langerfeld (old ground)
Unihalle Wuppertal - Albert-Einstein-Strasse (old ground)
Sporthalle Wuppertal-Wichlinghausen an der Max-Planck-Realschule (old ground)
Sporthalle Gathe Wuppertal (old ground)
Sporthalle Kullenhahn Sportzentrum Sud Wuppertal (old ground)
Wuppertaler SV Futsal IIWuppertaler SV Futsal II
Sporthalle Unterbarmen - Rudolf-Steiner-Strasse
Wuppertaler SV Futsal IIIWuppertaler SV Futsal III
Sporthalle Unterbarmen - Rudolf-Steiner-Strasse

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Futsal Information


Best supported teams in Futsal

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Blumenthaler SV Futsal0
2.Eintracht Duisburg 1848 e.V. - Futsal0
3.FC Carl Zeiss Jena - Futsal0
4.Furious Futsal - FF Monchengladbach 070
5.Futsal Panthers Koln0
6.Futsal Selecao Wuppertal0
7.Germany Futsal0
8.Germany Futsal U190
9.GSV Dusseldorf - Futsal0
10.OSC Bremerhaven Futsal0
11.SSV Jahn 1889 Regensburg - Futsal0
12.SSVg 06 Haan - Futsal0
13.TG Neuss - Futsal0
14.TURU 1880 Dusseldorf - Futsal Lions0
15.TUSPO Richrath 1869 e.V.0
16.Wuppertaler SV Futsal0
17.Wuppertaler SV Futsal II0
18.Wuppertaler SV Futsal III0
  • Most fans in Futsal: 0 - Blumenthaler SV Futsal
  • Fewest fans in Futsal: 0 - Wuppertaler SV Futsal III
  • Total Futsal fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in Futsal: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Futsal?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Blumenthaler SV Futsal0.00
2.Eintracht Duisburg 1848 e.V. - Futsal0.00
3.FC Carl Zeiss Jena - Futsal0.00
4.Furious Futsal - FF Monchengladbach 070.00
5.Futsal Panthers Koln0.00
6.Futsal Selecao Wuppertal0.00
7.Germany Futsal0.00
8.Germany Futsal U190.00
9.GSV Dusseldorf - Futsal0.00
10.OSC Bremerhaven Futsal0.00
11.SSV Jahn 1889 Regensburg - Futsal0.00
12.SSVg 06 Haan - Futsal0.00
13.TG Neuss - Futsal0.00
14.TURU 1880 Dusseldorf - Futsal Lions0.00
15.TUSPO Richrath 1869 e.V.0.00
16.Wuppertaler SV Futsal0.00
17.Wuppertaler SV Futsal II0.00
18.Wuppertaler SV Futsal III0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Futsal: 0 grounds visited - Blumenthaler SV Futsal
  • Least travelled fans in Futsal: 0 grounds visited - Wuppertaler SV Futsal III
  • Average # grounds visited in Futsal: 0.00

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