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Liga 3 Football Grounds in Georgia

Map of Liga 3 stadiums

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List of Liga 3 stadiums

0/15 grounds visited (0%)

Betlemi KedaBetlemi Keda
Stadioni Archil Partenadze
FC Bakhmaro ChokhatauriFC Bakhmaro Chokhatauri
Boris Paitchadzis Sakhelobis Tsentraluri Stadioni
FC BorjomiFC Borjomi
Stadioni Jemal Zeinklishvili
FC GardabaniFC Gardabani
Gardabani Tsentraluri Stadioni
FC GonioFC Gonio
Gonio Tsentraluri Stadioni
FC GoriFC Gori
Kartli Stadium
FC Iberia 1999 IIFC Iberia 1999 II
Stadioni Bendela
FC Matchakhela KhelvachauriFC Matchakhela Khelvachauri
Tsentraluri Stadioni Khelvachauri
FC Merani TbilisiFC Merani Tbilisi
Sinatle Stadium
FC Merani Tbilisi IIFC Merani Tbilisi II
Sinatle Stadium
FC Meshakhte TkibuliFC Meshakhte Tkibuli
Tkibuli Stadium
FC ZestafoniFC Zestafoni
David Abashidze Stadium
Guria LanchkhutiGuria Lanchkhuti
Evgrapi Shevardnadze Stadium
Merani MartviliMerani Martvili
Stadioni Murtaz Khurtsilava
Varketili Stadium

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Last updated: June 2024

Liga 3 Information

NameLiga 3
Level on pyramid3
Promotion toErovnuli Liga II

Grounds in Liga 3 Ordered by Capacity

1.Evgrapi Shevardnadze Stadium home to Guria Lanchkhuti22,000
2.Tkibuli Stadium home to FC Meshakhte Tkibuli6,000
3.Stadioni Bendela home to FC Iberia 1999 II2,000
4.Stadioni Murtaz Khurtsilava home to Merani Martvili2,000
  • Biggest stadium in Liga 3: 22,000 - Evgrapi Shevardnadze Stadium
  • Smallest stadium in Liga 3: 2,000 - Stadioni Murtaz Khurtsilava
  • Total capacity in Liga 3: 32,000
  • Average capacity in Liga 3: 6,400

Best supported teams in Liga 3

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Betlemi Keda0
2.FC Bakhmaro Chokhatauri0
3.FC Borjomi0
4.FC Gardabani0
5.FC Gonio0
6.FC Gori0
7.FC Iberia 1999 II0
8.FC Matchakhela Khelvachauri0
9.FC Merani Tbilisi0
10.FC Merani Tbilisi II0
11.FC Meshakhte Tkibuli0
12.FC Zestafoni0
13.Guria Lanchkhuti0
14.Merani Martvili0
  • Most fans in Liga 3: 0 - Betlemi Keda
  • Fewest fans in Liga 3: 0 - Varketili
  • Total Liga 3 fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in Liga 3: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Liga 3?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Betlemi Keda0.00
2.FC Bakhmaro Chokhatauri0.00
3.FC Borjomi0.00
4.FC Gardabani0.00
5.FC Gonio0.00
6.FC Gori0.00
7.FC Iberia 1999 II0.00
8.FC Matchakhela Khelvachauri0.00
9.FC Merani Tbilisi0.00
10.FC Merani Tbilisi II0.00
11.FC Meshakhte Tkibuli0.00
12.FC Zestafoni0.00
13.Guria Lanchkhuti0.00
14.Merani Martvili0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Liga 3: 0 grounds visited - Betlemi Keda
  • Least travelled fans in Liga 3: 0 grounds visited - Varketili
  • Average # grounds visited in Liga 3: 0.00

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