Esiliiga A Football Grounds in Estonia

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Esiliiga A 0/21 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
FC Elva 
Nike Arena Elva Kunstmurustaadion
Nike Arena Elva
FC Flora II Talinn 
Sportland Arena
A. Le Coq Arena I muru
JK Tallinn Kalev II 
Kalev Central Stadium (Kalevi Keskstaadion)
Kalevi Keskstaadioni kunstmuru
K-Jarve JK Jarve 
Spordikeskuse staadion
Ahtme Gumnaasiumi kunstmuru
Levadia Tallinn II 
Maarjamae Staadion
Maarjamae kompleksi kunstmuruvaljak
Parnu JK Vaprus 
Parnu Rannastaadion
Parnu kunstmuru
Rakvere JK Tarvas 
Rakvere linnastaadion
Rakvere kunstmurustaadion
Tallinna JK Legion 
Wismari Staadion
Sportland Arena
Kadriorg Stadium
Tartu JK Tammeka II 
Tartu Sepa tanava staadion
Tartu JK Welco Elekter 
Tamme Stadium
Tamme staadioni kunstmuru
Annelinna Gumnaasium staadion

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Grounds in Esiliiga A Ordered by Capacity

1.Kalev Central Stadium (Kalevi Keskstaadion) home to JK Tallinn Kalev II12,000
2.Kadriorg Stadium home to Tallinna JK Legion5,000
3.Rakvere linnastaadion home to Rakvere JK Tarvas2,500
4.Tamme Stadium home to Tartu JK Welco Elekter2,000
5.Parnu Rannastaadion home to Parnu JK Vaprus1,500
6.Rakvere kunstmurustaadion home to Rakvere JK Tarvas1,500
7.Kalevi Keskstaadioni kunstmuru home to JK Tallinn Kalev II1,360
8.Maarjamae kompleksi kunstmuruvaljak home to Levadia Tallinn II1,000
9.Maarjamae Staadion home to Levadia Tallinn II1,000
10.Tamme staadioni kunstmuru home to Tartu JK Welco Elekter1,000
11.Tartu Sepa tanava staadion home to Tartu JK Tammeka II1,000
12.Spordikeskuse staadion home to K-Jarve JK Jarve780
13.Ahtme Gumnaasiumi kunstmuru home to K-Jarve JK Jarve500
14.Annelinna Gumnaasium staadion home to Tartu JK Welco Elekter500
15.Parnu kunstmuru home to Parnu JK Vaprus500
16.Sportland Arena home to Tallinna JK Legion500
17.Sportland Arena home to FC Flora II Talinn500
18.Wismari Staadion home to Tallinna JK Legion500
19.Nike Arena Elva home to FC Elva400
20.A. Le Coq Arena I muru home to FC Flora II Talinn300
21.Nike Arena Elva Kunstmurustaadion home to FC Elva200
  • Average capacity in Esiliiga A: 1,570

Best supported teams in Esiliiga A

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.FC Elva0
2.FC Flora II Talinn0
3.JK Tallinn Kalev II0
4.K-Jarve JK Jarve0
5.Levadia Tallinn II0
6.Parnu JK Vaprus0
7.Rakvere JK Tarvas0
8.Tallinna JK Legion0
9.Tartu JK Tammeka II0
10.Tartu JK Welco Elekter0
  • Average # fans in Esiliiga A: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Esiliiga A?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.FC Elva0.00
2.FC Flora II Talinn0.00
3.JK Tallinn Kalev II0.00
4.K-Jarve JK Jarve0.00
5.Levadia Tallinn II0.00
6.Parnu JK Vaprus0.00
7.Rakvere JK Tarvas0.00
8.Tallinna JK Legion0.00
9.Tartu JK Tammeka II0.00
10.Tartu JK Welco Elekter0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in Esiliiga A: 0.00

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