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Other Womens teams Football Grounds in England

Map of Other Womens teams stadiums

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List of Other Womens teams stadiums

0/80 grounds visited (0%)

AFC Leicester WomenAFC Leicester Women
Wreake Valley Academy
AFC WednesdayAFC Wednesday
Bentley Youth Sports Ground
Alphington LadiesAlphington Ladies
The Chronicles
Barnsley Ladies U18Barnsley Ladies U18
Carlton Park
Battyeford SC LadiesBattyeford SC Ladies
Battyeford Sporting Club
Beaumont Park LadiesBeaumont Park Ladies
Beaumont Park 3G
Blackmore Ladies FCBlackmore Ladies FC
Blackmore Village Hall
Cadley FC LadiesCadley FC Ladies
Ashton Community Science College 3G
Conway Drive Playing Fields
Callington Town LadiesCallington Town Ladies
Ginsters Marshfield Parc
Castleford White RoseCastleford White Rose
Castleford Academy
Chesham United Ladies DevelopmentChesham United Ladies Development
Chiltern Hills Academy 3G
Chester FC WomenChester FC Women
Ellesmere Port Sports Village
Colney Heath LadiesColney Heath Ladies
The Recreation Ground
Crawley Wasps DevelopmentCrawley Wasps Development
Tinsley Lane
Crystal Palace Ladies DevelopmentCrystal Palace Ladies Development
Darwin Leisure Centre
Dearne & District LadiesDearne & District Ladies
Dearne & District Welfare Ground
Denne Park Women FCDenne Park Women FC
Horsham Sports Club
East Bergholt United WomenEast Bergholt United Women
Gandish Road
Eastbourne Town LadiesEastbourne Town Ladies
The Saffrons
Eastleigh ITC LadiesEastleigh ITC Ladies
Mountbatten School
EB Lions AFC LadiesEB Lions AFC Ladies
The Glebe
Enfield Town Ladies ReservesEnfield Town Ladies Reserves
Donkey Lane
Garforth Rangers AFC WomenGarforth Rangers AFC Women
Ninevah Lane
Glinton & Northborough FC LadiesGlinton & Northborough FC Ladies
Arthur Mellows Village College
Godalming Town LadiesGodalming Town Ladies
Hampton & Richmond Borough LadiesHampton & Richmond Borough Ladies
Feltham Community College
Harrogate Railway Athletic LadiesHarrogate Railway Athletic Ladies
Station View
Harrogate Railway Athletic Ladies ReservesHarrogate Railway Athletic Ladies Reserves
King James School 3G
Harrogate Town Ladies DevelopmentHarrogate Town Ladies Development
St John Fisher School
Hassocks LadiesHassocks Ladies
The Beacon
Haverhill Rovers LadiesHaverhill Rovers Ladies
New Croft
Hawley FC LadiesHawley FC Ladies
Yateley Health & Fitness Club
Heanor Town GirlsHeanor Town Girls
Church Lane
Hereford FC WomenHereford FC Women
Old School Lane
Larkspur Rovers LadiesLarkspur Rovers Ladies
Lord Halsbury Memorial Playing Fields
Launton LadiesLaunton Ladies
The Ross Sports Centre
Laverstock & Ford LadiesLaverstock & Ford Ladies
The Dell
Leigh Ramblers LadiesLeigh Ramblers Ladies
Belfairs Park
Lewes Women DevelopmentLewes Women Development
The Rookery
Leyton Orient Ladies DevelopmentLeyton Orient Ladies Development
Mile End Stadium
Lincoln Moorlands Railway LadiesLincoln Moorlands Railway Ladies
Moorlands Sports Ground
Lumley LadiesLumley Ladies
Washington Football Hub
Mancunian UnityMancunian Unity
The Armitage Sports Centre
Milton Colts Ladies FCMilton Colts Ladies FC
North Lodge Pavilion
Milton Keynes Dons Ladies DevelopmentMilton Keynes Dons Ladies Development
Marsh Drive Sports Ground
Mind Over Matter FC LadiesMind Over Matter FC Ladies
Brampton Recreation Ground
Morecambe LadiesMorecambe Ladies
Lancaster and Morecambe College
Mossley Hill Athletic LadiesMossley Hill Athletic Ladies
Field of Hope
Newbury Ladies FCNewbury Ladies FC
Faraday Road
Ollerton Town LadiesOllerton Town Ladies
The Lane
Pen Mill LadiesPen Mill Ladies
Yeovil Sports and Social Club
Phoenix Sports LadiesPhoenix Sports Ladies
Phoenix Sports Club
Plympton LadiesPlympton Ladies
Bull Point
Ryton & Crawcrook Albion Tynedale LadiesRyton & Crawcrook Albion Tynedale Ladies
Kingsley Park
SAFG UnitedSAFG United
Rabbit Ings Country Park
Sale LadiesSale Ladies
Sale Sports Club
Sir Tom Finney FC WomenSir Tom Finney FC Women
UCLAN Sports Arena
Skipton Town LadiesSkipton Town Ladies
The Deman Stadium
Solihull Ladies UnitedSolihull Ladies United
Chelmsley Hospital Marston Green
St Agnes WomenSt Agnes Women
Enys Park
Steel City Wanderers LFCSteel City Wanderers LFC
St Georges Park Thorncliffe
Stockingford AA Pavilion FC LadiesStockingford AA Pavilion FC Ladies
Ansley Road
Stoke City Ladies DevelopmentStoke City Ladies Development
Norton CC & MWI
Swindon Spitfires LadiesSwindon Spitfires Ladies
Watchfield Sports Pavilion
Swindon Supermarine WomenSwindon Supermarine Women
Webbswood Stadium
Swindon Town LadiesSwindon Town Ladies
Foundation Park
Tilehurst PanthersTilehurst Panthers
Theale Green School
Victoire FCVictoire FC
Croygas Sports Club
Wakefield AFC LadiesWakefield AFC Ladies
South Elmsall and Community Football Complex
Wakefield Owls LadiesWakefield Owls Ladies
Manley Park
Walton Casuals Ladies ReservesWalton Casuals Ladies Reserves
Matthew Arnold School
Warsash Wasps WomenWarsash Wasps Women
Osborne Road
Wigan Athletic WomenWigan Athletic Women
Deans Trust Sports College
Willingham Wolves FC LadiesWillingham Wolves FC Ladies
Willingham Recreation Ground
Woburn & Wavendon FC LionessesWoburn & Wavendon FC Lionesses
Crawley Road
Woodlands LadiesWoodlands Ladies
The Pavilion
Workington Reds LadiesWorkington Reds Ladies
Derwent Park
Wortley FC LadiesWortley FC Ladies
New Wortley Recreation Ground
Wymondham Town WomenWymondham Town Women
Ketts Park Community Recreation Centre

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Last updated: December 2021

Other Womens teams Information

NameOther Womens teams

Grounds in Other Womens teams Ordered by Capacity

1.The Saffrons home to Eastbourne Town Ladies4,500
2.Station View home to Harrogate Railway Athletic Ladies3,500
3.New Croft home to Haverhill Rovers Ladies3,000
4.Weycourt home to Godalming Town Ladies3,000
5.Webbswood Stadium home to Swindon Supermarine Women2,600
6.Faraday Road home to Newbury Ladies FC2,500
7.Mile End Stadium home to Leyton Orient Ladies Development2,000
8.Moorlands Sports Ground home to Lincoln Moorlands Railway Ladies2,000
9.Old School Lane home to Hereford FC Women2,000
10.Phoenix Sports Club home to Phoenix Sports Ladies2,000
11.The Chronicles home to Alphington Ladies2,000
12.Kingsley Park home to Ryton & Crawcrook Albion Tynedale Ladies1,500
13.Norton CC & MWI home to Stoke City Ladies Development1,500
14.Belfairs Park home to Leigh Ramblers Ladies1,000
15.Bentley Youth Sports Ground home to AFC Wednesday1,000
16.Castleford Academy home to Castleford White Rose1,000
17.Deans Trust Sports College home to Wigan Athletic Women1,000
18.Donkey Lane home to Enfield Town Ladies Reserves1,000
19.Enys Park home to St Agnes Women1,000
20.Field of Hope home to Mossley Hill Athletic Ladies1,000
21.Gandish Road home to East Bergholt United Women1,000
22.Ginsters Marshfield Parc home to Callington Town Ladies1,000
23.Lancaster and Morecambe College home to Morecambe Ladies1,000
24.Lord Halsbury Memorial Playing Fields home to Larkspur Rovers Ladies1,000
25.Marsh Drive Sports Ground home to Milton Keynes Dons Ladies Development1,000
26.Osborne Road home to Warsash Wasps Women1,000
27.St Georges Park Thorncliffe home to Steel City Wanderers LFC1,000
28.The Beacon home to Hassocks Ladies1,000
29.The Dell home to Laverstock & Ford Ladies1,000
30.The Lane home to Ollerton Town Ladies1,000
31.The Pavilion home to Woodlands Ladies1,000
32.The Recreation Ground home to Colney Heath Ladies1,000
33.The Rookery home to Lewes Women Development1,000
34.Tinsley Lane home to Crawley Wasps Development1,000
35.UCLAN Sports Arena home to Sir Tom Finney FC Women1,000
36.Ansley Road home to Stockingford AA Pavilion FC Ladies500
37.Ellesmere Port Sports Village home to Chester FC Women500
38.The Ross Sports Centre home to Launton Ladies500
  • Biggest stadium in Other Womens teams: 4,500 - The Saffrons
  • Smallest stadium in Other Womens teams: 500 - The Ross Sports Centre
  • Total capacity in Other Womens teams: 55,600
  • Average capacity in Other Womens teams: 1,426

Best supported teams in Other Womens teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.AFC Leicester Women0
2.AFC Wednesday0
3.Alphington Ladies0
4.Barnsley Ladies U180
5.Battyeford SC Ladies0
6.Beaumont Park Ladies0
7.Blackmore Ladies FC0
8.Cadley FC Ladies0
9.Callington Town Ladies0
10.Castleford White Rose0
11.Chesham United Ladies Development0
12.Chester FC Women0
13.Colney Heath Ladies0
14.Crawley Wasps Development0
15.Crystal Palace Ladies Development0
16.Dearne & District Ladies0
17.Denne Park Women FC0
18.East Bergholt United Women0
19.Eastbourne Town Ladies0
20.Eastleigh ITC Ladies0
21.EB Lions AFC Ladies0
22.Enfield Town Ladies Reserves0
23.Garforth Rangers AFC Women0
24.Glinton & Northborough FC Ladies0
25.Godalming Town Ladies0
26.Hampton & Richmond Borough Ladies0
27.Harrogate Railway Athletic Ladies0
28.Harrogate Railway Athletic Ladies Reserves0
29.Harrogate Town Ladies Development0
30.Hassocks Ladies0
31.Haverhill Rovers Ladies0
32.Hawley FC Ladies0
33.Heanor Town Girls0
34.Hereford FC Women0
35.Larkspur Rovers Ladies0
36.Launton Ladies0
37.Laverstock & Ford Ladies0
38.Leigh Ramblers Ladies0
39.Lewes Women Development0
40.Leyton Orient Ladies Development0
41.Lincoln Moorlands Railway Ladies0
42.Lumley Ladies0
43.Mancunian Unity0
44.Milton Colts Ladies FC0
45.Milton Keynes Dons Ladies Development0
46.Mind Over Matter FC Ladies0
47.Morecambe Ladies0
48.Mossley Hill Athletic Ladies0
49.Newbury Ladies FC0
50.Ollerton Town Ladies0
51.Pen Mill Ladies0
52.Phoenix Sports Ladies0
53.Plympton Ladies0
54.Ryton & Crawcrook Albion Tynedale Ladies0
55.SAFG United0
56.Sale Ladies0
57.Sir Tom Finney FC Women0
58.Skipton Town Ladies0
59.Solihull Ladies United0
60.St Agnes Women0
61.Steel City Wanderers LFC0
62.Stockingford AA Pavilion FC Ladies0
63.Stoke City Ladies Development0
64.Swindon Spitfires Ladies0
65.Swindon Supermarine Women0
66.Swindon Town Ladies0
67.Tilehurst Panthers0
68.Victoire FC0
69.Wakefield AFC Ladies0
70.Wakefield Owls Ladies0
71.Walton Casuals Ladies Reserves0
72.Warsash Wasps Women0
73.Wigan Athletic Women0
74.Willingham Wolves FC Ladies0
75.Woburn & Wavendon FC Lionesses0
76.Woodlands Ladies0
77.Workington Reds Ladies0
78.Wortley FC Ladies0
79.Wymondham Town Women0
  • Most fans in Other Womens teams: 0 - AFC Leicester Women
  • Fewest fans in Other Womens teams: 0 - Wymondham Town Women
  • Total Other Womens teams fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in Other Womens teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Other Womens teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.AFC Leicester Women0.00
2.AFC Wednesday0.00
3.Alphington Ladies0.00
4.Barnsley Ladies U180.00
5.Battyeford SC Ladies0.00
6.Beaumont Park Ladies0.00
7.Blackmore Ladies FC0.00
8.Cadley FC Ladies0.00
9.Callington Town Ladies0.00
10.Castleford White Rose0.00
11.Chesham United Ladies Development0.00
12.Chester FC Women0.00
13.Colney Heath Ladies0.00
14.Crawley Wasps Development0.00
15.Crystal Palace Ladies Development0.00
16.Dearne & District Ladies0.00
17.Denne Park Women FC0.00
18.East Bergholt United Women0.00
19.Eastbourne Town Ladies0.00
20.Eastleigh ITC Ladies0.00
21.EB Lions AFC Ladies0.00
22.Enfield Town Ladies Reserves0.00
23.Garforth Rangers AFC Women0.00
24.Glinton & Northborough FC Ladies0.00
25.Godalming Town Ladies0.00
26.Hampton & Richmond Borough Ladies0.00
27.Harrogate Railway Athletic Ladies0.00
28.Harrogate Railway Athletic Ladies Reserves0.00
29.Harrogate Town Ladies Development0.00
30.Hassocks Ladies0.00
31.Haverhill Rovers Ladies0.00
32.Hawley FC Ladies0.00
33.Heanor Town Girls0.00
34.Hereford FC Women0.00
35.Larkspur Rovers Ladies0.00
36.Launton Ladies0.00
37.Laverstock & Ford Ladies0.00
38.Leigh Ramblers Ladies0.00
39.Lewes Women Development0.00
40.Leyton Orient Ladies Development0.00
41.Lincoln Moorlands Railway Ladies0.00
42.Lumley Ladies0.00
43.Mancunian Unity0.00
44.Milton Colts Ladies FC0.00
45.Milton Keynes Dons Ladies Development0.00
46.Mind Over Matter FC Ladies0.00
47.Morecambe Ladies0.00
48.Mossley Hill Athletic Ladies0.00
49.Newbury Ladies FC0.00
50.Ollerton Town Ladies0.00
51.Pen Mill Ladies0.00
52.Phoenix Sports Ladies0.00
53.Plympton Ladies0.00
54.Ryton & Crawcrook Albion Tynedale Ladies0.00
55.SAFG United0.00
56.Sale Ladies0.00
57.Sir Tom Finney FC Women0.00
58.Skipton Town Ladies0.00
59.Solihull Ladies United0.00
60.St Agnes Women0.00
61.Steel City Wanderers LFC0.00
62.Stockingford AA Pavilion FC Ladies0.00
63.Stoke City Ladies Development0.00
64.Swindon Spitfires Ladies0.00
65.Swindon Supermarine Women0.00
66.Swindon Town Ladies0.00
67.Tilehurst Panthers0.00
68.Victoire FC0.00
69.Wakefield AFC Ladies0.00
70.Wakefield Owls Ladies0.00
71.Walton Casuals Ladies Reserves0.00
72.Warsash Wasps Women0.00
73.Wigan Athletic Women0.00
74.Willingham Wolves FC Ladies0.00
75.Woburn & Wavendon FC Lionesses0.00
76.Woodlands Ladies0.00
77.Workington Reds Ladies0.00
78.Wortley FC Ladies0.00
79.Wymondham Town Women0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Other Womens teams: 0 grounds visited - AFC Leicester Women
  • Least travelled fans in Other Womens teams: 0 grounds visited - Wymondham Town Women
  • Average # grounds visited in Other Womens teams: 0.00

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