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Other Reserve, Youth and Development Teams Football Grounds in England

Map of Other Reserve, Youth and Development Teams stadiums

List of Other Reserve, Youth and Development Teams stadiums

0/76 grounds visited (0%)

AFC Dunkirk ReservesAFC Dunkirk Reserves
Ron Steel Sports Ground
AFC Oldsmiths ReservesAFC Oldsmiths Reserves
Loring Hall Sports Ground
Club Langley
AFC Wimbledon DevelopmentAFC Wimbledon Development
Ampthill Town DevelopmentAmpthill Town Development
Abbey Lane
Lawrence Park (old ground)
Atherton Laburnum Rovers ReservesAtherton Laburnum Rovers Reserves
Crilly Park
Awsworth Villa ReservesAwsworth Villa Reserves
Shilo Recreation Ground
Bedford Town ReservesBedford Town Reserves
The New Eyrie
Billingham Town ReservesBillingham Town Reserves
Ron Greig Stadium
Bishop Auckland ReservesBishop Auckland Reserves
King James I Academy
Bishops Cleeve ReservesBishops Cleeve Reserves
Kayte Lane
Burnham ReservesBurnham Reserves
The Gore
Campion DevelopmentCampion Development
Scotchman Road
Canvey Island Youth FCCanvey Island Youth FC
The Cope
Carshalton FC ReservesCarshalton FC Reserves
Beddington Park
Cheadle Town ReservesCheadle Town Reserves
Park Road Stadium
Thorley Drive (old ground)
Cheltenham Town DevelopmentCheltenham Town Development
Energy Check Training Ground
Coventry Sphinx ReservesCoventry Sphinx Reserves
Paladine Way
Darlington ReservesDarlington Reserves
Eastbourne Sports Complex
Dereham Town ReservesDereham Town Reserves
Aldiss Park
Desborough and Rothwell United ReservesDesborough and Rothwell United Reserves
Mawsley Pitches
Dodworth Miners Welfare ReservesDodworth Miners Welfare Reserves
Dodworth Miners Welfare
Eccleshall ReservesEccleshall Reserves
Pershall Park
Exeter City DevelopmentExeter City Development
Cat and Fiddle Training Ground
FC GNG Development SquadFC GNG Development Squad
Forest Green ReservesForest Green Reserves
Leyton County Ground
Gedling Southbank ReservesGedling Southbank Reserves
Eagle Valley
Gillingham YouthGillingham Youth
Garrison Ground
Guisborough Town ReservesGuisborough Town Reserves
King George V Ground
Hallam ReservesHallam Reserves
Niagara Sports Ground
Harrowby United ReservesHarrowby United Reserves
Dickens Road
Holland FC ReservesHolland FC Reserves
Huddersfield DevelopmentHuddersfield Development
Ilford DevelopmentIlford Development
Fairlop Oak Playing Fields
Keele University ReservesKeele University Reserves
Keith Harrison Park
Kirton Brickworks ReservesKirton Brickworks Reserves
The Station Road Ground
Longridge Town ReservesLongridge Town Reserves
The Mike Riding Ground
Lopes Tavares London ReservesLopes Tavares London Reserves
West Ham Memorial Park
Luton Town DevelopmentLuton Town Development
The Brache
Magdala Amateurs ReservesMagdala Amateurs Reserves
ROKO Health Club
Maltby Main ReservesMaltby Main Reserves
Muglet Lane
Market Drayton Town ReservesMarket Drayton Town Reserves
Greenfields Sports Ground
Millmoor Juniors DevelopmentMillmoor Juniors Development
Grange Park
New Salamis ReservesNew Salamis Reserves
Cheshunt Stadium 4G
Newark FC ReservesNewark FC Reserves
Flowserve Sports and Social Club
Newbold Verdon ReservesNewbold Verdon Reserves
Alans Way Playing Fields
Newport Town ReservesNewport Town Reserves
Shuker Playing Fields
Notts County DevelopmentNotts County Development
New Manor Ground
Peckham Town YouthPeckham Town Youth
Southwark Sports Ground
Pewsey Vale DevelopmentPewsey Vale Development
Recreation Ground
Plymstock Utd ReservesPlymstock Utd Reserves
Deans Cross
Prestwich Heys ReservesPrestwich Heys Reserves
Adie Moran Park
Rayners Lane ReservesRayners Lane Reserves
Tithe Farm Social Club
Roche AFC ReservesRoche AFC Reserves
Trezaise Road
Seaham Red Star ReservesSeaham Red Star Reserves
Seaham Town Park
Sheffield Bankers ReservesSheffield Bankers Reserves
Hillsborough College
Sheffield FC U19Sheffield FC U19
Home of Football Stadium
SGP Graves (old ground)
Shelley ReservesShelley Reserves
The Stafflex Arena
Shepshed Dynamo ReservesShepshed Dynamo Reserves
The Dovecote
Skegness Town ReservesSkegness Town Reserves
The Vertigo Stadium
South Shields ReservesSouth Shields Reserves
Harton & Westoe Miners Welfare
Sporting Hackney U23sSporting Hackney U23s
Hackney Marshes
Sporting Markfield ReservesSporting Markfield Reserves
Alter Stones
St Margaretsbury ReservesSt Margaretsbury Reserves
The Recreation Ground
Stapenhill DevelopmentStapenhill Development
Edge Hill
Sumners ReservesSumners Reserves
Sumners Recreation Ground
Thatcham Town DevelopmentThatcham Town Development
Waterside Park
Tipton Town ReservesTipton Town Reserves
Tipton Sports Academy
Tower Hamlets ReservesTower Hamlets Reserves
Mabley Green
United London ReservesUnited London Reserves
Francis Bardsley Academy 3G
Vauxhall Motors U18Vauxhall Motors U18
Vauxhall Motors Sport and Social Club Grass Pitch
Warrington Town ReservesWarrington Town Reserves
Cantilever Park
Westerhope United U23sWesterhope United U23s
Valley View Pavilion
Whitkirk Wanderers ReservesWhitkirk Wanderers Reserves
Bedquilts Recreation Fields
Worsbrough Bridge Athletic ReservesWorsbrough Bridge Athletic Reserves
Park Road
Wyberton ReservesWyberton Reserves
The Causeway Stadium

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Other Reserve, Youth and Development Teams Information

NameOther Reserve, Youth and Development Teams

Grounds in Other Reserve, Youth and Development Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.King George V Ground home to Guisborough Town Reserves3,500
2.New Manor Ground home to Notts County Development3,029
3.Crilly Park home to Atherton Laburnum Rovers Reserves3,000
4.Eagle Valley home to Gedling Southbank Reserves3,000
5.The Gore home to Burnham Reserves3,000
6.The New Eyrie home to Bedford Town Reserves3,000
7.Aldiss Park home to Dereham Town Reserves2,500
8.Cantilever Park home to Warrington Town Reserves2,500
9.Moatside home to AFC Wimbledon Development2,500
10.Home of Football Stadium home to Sheffield FC U192,089
11.The Dovecote home to Shepshed Dynamo Reserves2,050
12.Muglet Lane home to Maltby Main Reserves2,000
13.Park Road Stadium home to Cheadle Town Reserves2,000
14.The Brache home to Luton Town Development2,000
15.Tipton Sports Academy home to Tipton Town Reserves2,000
16.Deans Cross home to Plymstock Utd Reserves1,500
17.Dickens Road home to Harrowby United Reserves1,500
18.Kayte Lane home to Bishops Cleeve Reserves1,500
19.Ron Greig Stadium home to Billingham Town Reserves1,500
20.Ron Steel Sports Ground home to AFC Dunkirk Reserves1,500
21.Scotchman Road home to Campion Development1,500
22.Trezaise Road home to Roche AFC Reserves1,500
23.Waterside Park home to Thatcham Town Development1,500
24.Park Road home to Worsbrough Bridge Athletic Reserves1,200
25.Adie Moran Park home to Prestwich Heys Reserves1,000
26.Alans Way Playing Fields home to Newbold Verdon Reserves1,000
27.Alter Stones home to Sporting Markfield Reserves1,000
28.Beddington Park home to Carshalton FC Reserves1,000
29.Bedquilts Recreation Fields home to Whitkirk Wanderers Reserves1,000
30.Cat and Fiddle Training Ground home to Exeter City Development1,000
31.Club Langley home to AFC Oldsmiths Reserves1,000
32.Dodworth Miners Welfare home to Dodworth Miners Welfare Reserves1,000
33.Eastbourne Sports Complex home to Darlington Reserves1,000
34.Edge Hill home to Stapenhill Development1,000
35.Energy Check Training Ground home to Cheltenham Town Development1,000
36.Fairlop Oak Playing Fields home to Ilford Development1,000
37.Flowserve Sports and Social Club home to Newark FC Reserves1,000
38.Grange Park home to Millmoor Juniors Development1,000
39.Greenfields Sports Ground home to Market Drayton Town Reserves1,000
40.Hackney Marshes home to Sporting Hackney U23s1,000
41.Harton & Westoe Miners Welfare home to South Shields Reserves1,000
42.Keith Harrison Park home to Keele University Reserves1,000
43.Leyton County Ground home to Forest Green Reserves1,000
44.Mabley Green home to Tower Hamlets Reserves1,000
45.Mawsley Pitches home to Desborough and Rothwell United Reserves1,000
46.Pershall Park home to Eccleshall Reserves1,000
47.Recreation Ground home to Pewsey Vale Development1,000
48.Riverside home to FC GNG Development Squad1,000
49.Shilo Recreation Ground home to Awsworth Villa Reserves1,000
50.Shuker Playing Fields home to Newport Town Reserves1,000
51.Sumners Recreation Ground home to Sumners Reserves1,000
52.The Causeway Stadium home to Wyberton Reserves1,000
53.The Mike Riding Ground home to Longridge Town Reserves1,000
54.The Recreation Ground home to St Margaretsbury Reserves1,000
55.The Stafflex Arena home to Shelley Reserves1,000
56.The Station Road Ground home to Kirton Brickworks Reserves1,000
57.The Vertigo Stadium home to Skegness Town Reserves1,000
58.Tithe Farm Social Club home to Rayners Lane Reserves1,000
59.West Ham Memorial Park home to Lopes Tavares London Reserves1,000
60.Eastcliff home to Holland FC Reserves500
61.ROKO Health Club home to Magdala Amateurs Reserves500
62.Seaham Town Park home to Seaham Red Star Reserves500
63.Canalside home to Huddersfield Development200
  • Biggest stadium in Other Reserve, Youth and Development Teams: 3,500 - King George V Ground
  • Smallest stadium in Other Reserve, Youth and Development Teams: 200 - Canalside
  • Total capacity in Other Reserve, Youth and Development Teams: 88,068
  • Average capacity in Other Reserve, Youth and Development Teams: 1,376

Best supported teams in Other Reserve, Youth and Development Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.AFC Dunkirk Reserves0
2.AFC Oldsmiths Reserves0
3.AFC Wimbledon Development0
4.Ampthill Town Development0
5.Atherton Laburnum Rovers Reserves0
6.Awsworth Villa Reserves0
7.Bedford Town Reserves0
8.Billingham Town Reserves0
9.Bishop Auckland Reserves0
10.Bishops Cleeve Reserves0
11.Burnham Reserves0
12.Campion Development0
13.Canvey Island Youth FC0
14.Carshalton FC Reserves0
15.Cheadle Town Reserves0
16.Cheltenham Town Development0
17.Coventry Sphinx Reserves0
18.Darlington Reserves0
19.Dereham Town Reserves0
20.Desborough and Rothwell United Reserves0
21.Dodworth Miners Welfare Reserves0
22.Eccleshall Reserves0
23.Exeter City Development0
24.FC GNG Development Squad0
25.Forest Green Reserves0
26.Gedling Southbank Reserves0
27.Gillingham Youth0
28.Guisborough Town Reserves0
29.Hallam Reserves0
30.Harrowby United Reserves0
31.Holland FC Reserves0
32.Huddersfield Development0
33.Ilford Development0
34.Keele University Reserves0
35.Kirton Brickworks Reserves0
36.Longridge Town Reserves0
37.Lopes Tavares London Reserves0
38.Luton Town Development0
39.Magdala Amateurs Reserves0
40.Maltby Main Reserves0
41.Market Drayton Town Reserves0
42.Millmoor Juniors Development0
43.New Salamis Reserves0
44.Newark FC Reserves0
45.Newbold Verdon Reserves0
46.Newport Town Reserves0
47.Notts County Development0
48.Peckham Town Youth0
49.Pewsey Vale Development0
50.Plymstock Utd Reserves0
51.Prestwich Heys Reserves0
52.Rayners Lane Reserves0
53.Roche AFC Reserves0
54.Seaham Red Star Reserves0
55.Sheffield Bankers Reserves0
56.Sheffield FC U190
57.Shelley Reserves0
58.Shepshed Dynamo Reserves0
59.Skegness Town Reserves0
60.South Shields Reserves0
61.Sporting Hackney U23s0
62.Sporting Markfield Reserves0
63.St Margaretsbury Reserves0
64.Stapenhill Development0
65.Sumners Reserves0
66.Thatcham Town Development0
67.Tipton Town Reserves0
68.Tower Hamlets Reserves0
69.United London Reserves0
70.Vauxhall Motors U180
71.Warrington Town Reserves0
72.Westerhope United U23s0
73.Whitkirk Wanderers Reserves0
74.Worsbrough Bridge Athletic Reserves0
75.Wyberton Reserves0
  • Most fans in Other Reserve, Youth and Development Teams: 0 - AFC Dunkirk Reserves
  • Fewest fans in Other Reserve, Youth and Development Teams: 0 - Wyberton Reserves
  • Total Other Reserve, Youth and Development Teams fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in Other Reserve, Youth and Development Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Other Reserve, Youth and Development Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.AFC Dunkirk Reserves0.00
2.AFC Oldsmiths Reserves0.00
3.AFC Wimbledon Development0.00
4.Ampthill Town Development0.00
5.Atherton Laburnum Rovers Reserves0.00
6.Awsworth Villa Reserves0.00
7.Bedford Town Reserves0.00
8.Billingham Town Reserves0.00
9.Bishop Auckland Reserves0.00
10.Bishops Cleeve Reserves0.00
11.Burnham Reserves0.00
12.Campion Development0.00
13.Canvey Island Youth FC0.00
14.Carshalton FC Reserves0.00
15.Cheadle Town Reserves0.00
16.Cheltenham Town Development0.00
17.Coventry Sphinx Reserves0.00
18.Darlington Reserves0.00
19.Dereham Town Reserves0.00
20.Desborough and Rothwell United Reserves0.00
21.Dodworth Miners Welfare Reserves0.00
22.Eccleshall Reserves0.00
23.Exeter City Development0.00
24.FC GNG Development Squad0.00
25.Forest Green Reserves0.00
26.Gedling Southbank Reserves0.00
27.Gillingham Youth0.00
28.Guisborough Town Reserves0.00
29.Hallam Reserves0.00
30.Harrowby United Reserves0.00
31.Holland FC Reserves0.00
32.Huddersfield Development0.00
33.Ilford Development0.00
34.Keele University Reserves0.00
35.Kirton Brickworks Reserves0.00
36.Longridge Town Reserves0.00
37.Lopes Tavares London Reserves0.00
38.Luton Town Development0.00
39.Magdala Amateurs Reserves0.00
40.Maltby Main Reserves0.00
41.Market Drayton Town Reserves0.00
42.Millmoor Juniors Development0.00
43.New Salamis Reserves0.00
44.Newark FC Reserves0.00
45.Newbold Verdon Reserves0.00
46.Newport Town Reserves0.00
47.Notts County Development0.00
48.Peckham Town Youth0.00
49.Pewsey Vale Development0.00
50.Plymstock Utd Reserves0.00
51.Prestwich Heys Reserves0.00
52.Rayners Lane Reserves0.00
53.Roche AFC Reserves0.00
54.Seaham Red Star Reserves0.00
55.Sheffield Bankers Reserves0.00
56.Sheffield FC U190.00
57.Shelley Reserves0.00
58.Shepshed Dynamo Reserves0.00
59.Skegness Town Reserves0.00
60.South Shields Reserves0.00
61.Sporting Hackney U23s0.00
62.Sporting Markfield Reserves0.00
63.St Margaretsbury Reserves0.00
64.Stapenhill Development0.00
65.Sumners Reserves0.00
66.Thatcham Town Development0.00
67.Tipton Town Reserves0.00
68.Tower Hamlets Reserves0.00
69.United London Reserves0.00
70.Vauxhall Motors U180.00
71.Warrington Town Reserves0.00
72.Westerhope United U23s0.00
73.Whitkirk Wanderers Reserves0.00
74.Worsbrough Bridge Athletic Reserves0.00
75.Wyberton Reserves0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Other Reserve, Youth and Development Teams: 0 grounds visited - AFC Dunkirk Reserves
  • Least travelled fans in Other Reserve, Youth and Development Teams: 0 grounds visited - Wyberton Reserves
  • Average # grounds visited in Other Reserve, Youth and Development Teams: 0.00

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