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BUCS Teams Football Grounds in England

Map of BUCS Teams stadiums

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List of BUCS Teams stadiums

0/42 grounds visited (0%)

Anglia Ruskin University FCAnglia Ruskin University FC
Cantabrigian Rugby Ground
Barnsley Sports AcademyBarnsley Sports Academy
The Fleets
Cambridge Assessment FCCambridge Assessment FC
Cantabrigian Rugby Ground
Cambridge University AFCCambridge University AFC
Churchill College FCChurchill College FC
Churchill College Playing Fields
Corpus Christi College AFCCorpus Christi College AFC
Corpus Christi College Sports Ground
Downing College AFCDowning College AFC
Downing College Sports Ground
Fitzwilliam College FCFitzwilliam College FC
Fitzwilliam College Football Field
Girton College FCGirton College FC
Girton College Sports Ground
Gonville and Caius AFCGonville and Caius AFC
Gonville and Caius College Sports Ground
Homerton College FCHomerton College FC
Homerton College Sports Ground
Hull UniversityHull University
Hull University
Jesus College FCJesus College FC
Jesus College Football Field
Leeds Beckett University FCLeeds Beckett University FC
Leeds Beckett University 3G
Long Road CollegeLong Road College
Long Road Sixth Form College
Loughborough StudentsLoughborough Students
Loughborough University Performance Centre
Loughborough University BUCSLoughborough University BUCS
Nottingham Trent UniversityNottingham Trent University
Clifton Campus
Oxford BrookesOxford Brookes
Westminster Hall
Oxford University AFCOxford University AFC
Iffley Road Sports Centre
Pembroke College AFCPembroke College AFC
Pembroke College Sports Ground
Grantchester Road (old ground)
Richmond International Academic & Soccer AcademyRichmond International Academic & Soccer Academy
Leeds Beckett University 3G
Robinson College FCRobinson College FC
Queens College and Robinson College Sports Ground
Selwyn College FCSelwyn College FC
King's College Football Field
Sheffield Hallam UniversitySheffield Hallam University
Sheffield Hallam University Sports Ground
St Catharines College AFCSt Catharines College AFC
St Catherines College Sports Ground
St John's College AFCSt John's College AFC
St John's College Playing Fields
Trinity College FCTrinity College FC
Trinity Old Field
University of Bedfordshire (Bedford)University of Bedfordshire (Bedford)
Alexander Sports Centre
University of Bedfordshire (Luton)University of Bedfordshire (Luton)
Vauxhall Motors Sports Ground
University of DerbyUniversity of Derby
University of Derby Sports Centre
University of HertsUniversity of Herts
De Havilland Sports & Social Club
University of LeedsUniversity of Leeds
Weetwood Playing Fields
University of LincolnUniversity of Lincoln
Washingborough playing fields
University of ManchesterUniversity of Manchester
The Armitage Sports Centre
Fallowfield (old ground)
Wythenshawe Sports Ground (old ground)
University of NottinghamUniversity of Nottingham
University of Nottingham Highfields Sports Complex
David Ross Sports Village
University of Nottingham Jubilee Sports Centre 3G
University of SheffieldUniversity of Sheffield
Norton Playing Fields
University of SouthamptonUniversity of Southampton
Wide Lane
University of SussexUniversity of Sussex
The Falmer Sports Complex
University of York FCUniversity of York FC
York Sports Village

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Last updated: January 2022

BUCS Teams Information

NameBUCS Teams

Grounds in BUCS Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Hull University home to Hull University1,000
2.Norton Playing Fields home to University of Sheffield1,000
3.Sheffield Hallam University Sports Ground home to Sheffield Hallam University1,000
4.The Falmer Sports Complex home to University of Sussex1,000
5.The Fleets home to Barnsley Sports Academy1,000
6.Weetwood Playing Fields home to University of Leeds1,000
7.Wide Lane home to University of Southampton1,000
  • Biggest stadium in BUCS Teams: 1,000 - Hull University
  • Smallest stadium in BUCS Teams: 1,000 - Wide Lane
  • Total capacity in BUCS Teams: 7,000
  • Average capacity in BUCS Teams: 875

Best supported teams in BUCS Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Loughborough Students1
2.Anglia Ruskin University FC0
3.Barnsley Sports Academy0
4.Cambridge Assessment FC0
5.Cambridge University AFC0
6.Churchill College FC0
7.Corpus Christi College AFC0
8.Downing College AFC0
9.Fitzwilliam College FC0
10.Girton College FC0
11.Gonville and Caius AFC0
12.Homerton College FC0
13.Hull University0
14.Jesus College FC0
15.Leeds Beckett University FC0
16.Long Road College0
17.Loughborough University BUCS0
18.Nottingham Trent University0
19.Oxford Brookes0
20.Oxford University AFC0
21.Pembroke College AFC0
22.Richmond International Academic & Soccer Academy0
23.Robinson College FC0
24.Selwyn College FC0
25.Sheffield Hallam University0
26.St Catharines College AFC0
27.St John's College AFC0
28.Trinity College FC0
29.University of Bedfordshire (Bedford)0
30.University of Bedfordshire (Luton)0
31.University of Derby0
32.University of Herts0
33.University of Leeds0
34.University of Lincoln0
35.University of Manchester0
36.University of Nottingham0
37.University of Sheffield0
38.University of Southampton0
39.University of Sussex0
40.University of York FC0
  • Most fans in BUCS Teams: 1 - Loughborough Students
  • Fewest fans in BUCS Teams: 0 - University of York FC
  • Total BUCS Teams fans: 1
  • Average number of fans in BUCS Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in BUCS Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Loughborough Students32.00
2.Anglia Ruskin University FC0.00
3.Barnsley Sports Academy0.00
4.Cambridge Assessment FC0.00
5.Cambridge University AFC0.00
6.Churchill College FC0.00
7.Corpus Christi College AFC0.00
8.Downing College AFC0.00
9.Fitzwilliam College FC0.00
10.Girton College FC0.00
11.Gonville and Caius AFC0.00
12.Homerton College FC0.00
13.Hull University0.00
14.Jesus College FC0.00
15.Leeds Beckett University FC0.00
16.Long Road College0.00
17.Loughborough University BUCS0.00
18.Nottingham Trent University0.00
19.Oxford Brookes0.00
20.Oxford University AFC0.00
21.Pembroke College AFC0.00
22.Richmond International Academic & Soccer Academy0.00
23.Robinson College FC0.00
24.Selwyn College FC0.00
25.Sheffield Hallam University0.00
26.St Catharines College AFC0.00
27.St John's College AFC0.00
28.Trinity College FC0.00
29.University of Bedfordshire (Bedford)0.00
30.University of Bedfordshire (Luton)0.00
31.University of Derby0.00
32.University of Herts0.00
33.University of Leeds0.00
34.University of Lincoln0.00
35.University of Manchester0.00
36.University of Nottingham0.00
37.University of Sheffield0.00
38.University of Southampton0.00
39.University of Sussex0.00
40.University of York FC0.00
  • Most travelled fans in BUCS Teams: 32 grounds visited - Loughborough Students
  • Least travelled fans in BUCS Teams: 0 grounds visited - University of York FC
  • Average # grounds visited in BUCS Teams: 0.78

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