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Egyptian Teams Football Grounds in Egypt

Map of Egyptian Teams stadiums

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List of Egyptian Teams stadiums

0/30 grounds visited (0%)

Abu Qair SemadAbu Qair Semad
Abou Qir Fertilizers Stadium
Al NasrAl Nasr
Cairo International Stadium
Alaab DamanhourAlaab Damanhour
Alaab Damanhour Stadium
Aswan SCAswan SC
Aswan Stadium
Borg El Arab
Bani Ebeid ClubBani Ebeid Club
Bani Edeid Stadium
Kafr El Sheikh Stadium
Dikernis Stadium
El DaklyehEl Daklyeh
30 June Air Defence Stadium
Petrosport Stadium
Al-Shorta Stadium
El Entag El HarbyEl Entag El Harby
WE Al-Ahly Stadium (Al Salam)
Borg El Arab
El GeishEl Geish
El HamamEl Hamam
MS Al Hammam Stadium
El MansuraEl Mansura
al-Mansurah Stadium
El OlympiEl Olympi
Ezzedin Yacoub Stadium
Arab Contractors Stadium
FC MasrFC Masr
Maadi Olympic Center
Arab Contractors Stadium
New Suez Stadium (Mubarak Stadium)
30 June Air Defence Stadium
Petrol AsyutPetrol Asyut
Asyut Stadium
Tanta Stadium
Mit Okba Stadium
Wadi DeglaWadi Degla
30 June Air Defence Stadium
Arab Contractors Stadium
Ismailia Stadium
Cairo International Stadium
Petrosport Stadium
Borg El Arab

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Egyptian Teams Information

NameEgyptian Teams

Grounds in Egyptian Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Borg El Arab home to Aswan SC86,000
2.Borg El Arab home to El Entag El Harby86,000
3.Borg El Arab home to Wadi Degla86,000
4.Cairo International Stadium home to Al Nasr74,100
5.Cairo International Stadium home to Wadi Degla74,100
6.30 June Air Defence Stadium home to Wadi Degla35,000
7.30 June Air Defence Stadium home to El Daklyeh35,000
8.30 June Air Defence Stadium home to Petrojet35,000
9.Arab Contractors Stadium home to Wadi Degla35,000
10.Arab Contractors Stadium home to El-Shorta35,000
11.Arab Contractors Stadium home to Itesalat35,000
12.Bani Edeid Stadium home to Bani Ebeid Club30,000
13.WE Al-Ahly Stadium (Al Salam) home to El Entag El Harby30,000
14.New Suez Stadium (Mubarak Stadium) home to Petrojet25,000
15.Petrosport Stadium home to El Daklyeh25,000
16.Petrosport Stadium home to Wadi Degla25,000
17.Ismailia Stadium home to Wadi Degla18,525
18.Asyut Stadium home to Petrol Asyut16,000
19.Alaab Damanhour Stadium home to Alaab Damanhour15,000
20.Mit Okba Stadium home to Tersana15,000
21.Aswan Stadium home to Aswan SC11,000
22.Tanta Stadium home to Tanta8,000
23.Maadi Olympic Center home to FC Masr6,000
24.Al-Shorta Stadium home to El Daklyeh5,000
  • Biggest stadium in Egyptian Teams: 86,000 - Borg El Arab
  • Smallest stadium in Egyptian Teams: 5,000 - Al-Shorta Stadium
  • Total capacity in Egyptian Teams: 845,725
  • Average capacity in Egyptian Teams: 33,829

Best supported teams in Egyptian Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
2.Abu Qair Semad0
3.Al Nasr0
4.Alaab Damanhour0
5.Aswan SC0
6.Bani Ebeid Club0
9.El Daklyeh0
10.El Entag El Harby0
11.El Geish0
12.El Hamam0
13.El Mansura0
14.El Olympi0
16.FC Masr0
19.Petrol Asyut0
21.Wadi Degla0
  • Most fans in Egyptian Teams: 1 - Tersana
  • Fewest fans in Egyptian Teams: 0 - Wadi Degla
  • Total Egyptian Teams fans: 1
  • Average number of fans in Egyptian Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Egyptian Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
2.Abu Qair Semad0.00
3.Al Nasr0.00
4.Alaab Damanhour0.00
5.Aswan SC0.00
6.Bani Ebeid Club0.00
9.El Daklyeh0.00
10.El Entag El Harby0.00
11.El Geish0.00
12.El Hamam0.00
13.El Mansura0.00
14.El Olympi0.00
16.FC Masr0.00
19.Petrol Asyut0.00
21.Wadi Degla0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Egyptian Teams: 0 grounds visited - Tersana
  • Least travelled fans in Egyptian Teams: 0 grounds visited - Wadi Degla
  • Average # grounds visited in Egyptian Teams: 0.00

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