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Other Danish Teams Football Grounds in Denmark

Map of Other Danish Teams stadiums

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List of Other Danish Teams stadiums

0/43 grounds visited (0%)

Aalborg ChangAalborg Chang
Changs Banner
Aarup BKAarup BK
Scankab Arena
AC Horsens IIAC Horsens II
Jacobsen Plus - Kunst Arena 2
Alleso GFAlleso GF
Alleso Stadion
Avedore IFAvedore IF
Avedore Stadion
Ballerup-Skovlunde FodboldBallerup-Skovlunde Fodbold
Ballerup Idaetspark
BK Boldklubben Rodovre 1927BK Boldklubben Rodovre 1927
Rodovre Stadion
Blokhus FCBlokhus FC
Jetsmark Stadion
Bogense G & IFBogense G & IF
Bogense Stadion
Christiania SCChristiania SC
Klovermarkens Idaetsanlegg
Dalum IF 2Dalum IF 2
Lars R Jacobsen Park
FC DjurslandFC Djursland
Grenaa Stadion
FC FynFC Fyn
Odense Atletikstadion
FC RudersdalFC Rudersdal
Rundforbi Stadion
FC UdfordringenFC Udfordringen
Opvisningsbanen i Valby Idraetspark
Frederiksberg BKFrederiksberg BK
Frederiksberg Stadion
Frederikshavn fIFrederikshavn fI
Frederikshavn Stadion
Fremad Amager 2Fremad Amager 2
Sundby IP
Fremad ValbyFremad Valby
Opvisningsbanen i Valby Idraetspark
Valby IP (old ground)
Grenaa IFGrenaa IF
Grenaa Stadion
Herning FremadHerning Fremad
Teglpark Stadion
Hundested IKHundested IK
Hundested Halle
Husem BKHusem BK
Husumparken Kunst
IF Skjold SaebyIF Skjold Saeby
Sparekassen Vendsyssel Arena
Kjobenhavns BoldklubKjobenhavns Boldklub
Frederiksberg Stadion
Peter Bangs Vej (old ground)
Kolding BKKolding BK
Mosevej Sportsplads
Lolland-Falster AlliancenLolland-Falster Alliancen
Nykobing F Idraetspark
Nyborg G&IFNyborg G&IF
Odder IGF 2Odder IGF 2
Spektrum Park
Olstykke Stadion
Otterup B&IKOtterup B&IK
Otterup Stadion
Politiets IFPolitiets IF
Opvisningsbanen i Valby Idraetspark
RB 1906RB 1906
Roskilde Idraetspark
Silkeborg KFUMSilkeborg KFUM
Silkeborg Stadion
Skjold BirkerodSkjold Birkerod
Bikerod Stadion
Slagelse B&I 2Slagelse B&I 2
Slagelse Stadion
Taastrup Idraetspark
Tarup/Paarup IF 2Tarup/Paarup IF 2
Home Tarup Park
Hessel Arena Kunstgraes 1
Vestia FCVestia FC
Vestia Grounds
Viby IFViby IF
Viby Idraetspark
Vordingborg IFVordingborg IF
Vordingborg Stadion

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Other Danish Teams Information

NameOther Danish Teams

Grounds in Other Danish Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Silkeborg Stadion home to Silkeborg KFUM10,000
2.Slagelse Stadion home to Slagelse B&I 210,000
3.Odense Atletikstadion home to FC Fyn8,000
4.Sundby IP home to Fremad Amager 27,200
5.Roskilde Idraetspark home to RB 19066,000
6.Klovermarkens Idaetsanlegg home to Christiania SC5,000
7.Rundforbi Stadion home to FC Rudersdal5,000
8.Nykobing F Idraetspark home to Lolland-Falster Alliancen4,200
9.Ballerup Idaetspark home to Ballerup-Skovlunde Fodbold4,000
10.Lars R Jacobsen Park home to Dalum IF 24,000
11.Grenaa Stadion home to Grenaa IF3,420
12.Grenaa Stadion home to FC Djursland3,420
13.Idraetspark home to Nyborg G&IF3,000
14.Olstykke Stadion home to Olstykke3,000
15.Bikerod Stadion home to Skjold Birkerod2,000
16.Changs Banner home to Aalborg Chang2,000
17.Jetsmark Stadion home to Blokhus FC2,000
18.Mosevej Sportsplads home to Kolding BK2,000
19.Teglpark Stadion home to Herning Fremad2,000
20.Viby Idraetspark home to Viby IF2,000
21.Avedore Stadion home to Avedore IF1,200
22.Alleso Stadion home to Alleso GF1,000
23.Bogense Stadion home to Bogense G & IF1,000
24.Frederiksberg Stadion home to Kjobenhavns Boldklub1,000
25.Frederiksberg Stadion home to Frederiksberg BK1,000
26.Frederikshavn Stadion home to Frederikshavn fI1,000
27.Home Tarup Park home to Tarup/Paarup IF 21,000
28.Hundested Halle home to Hundested IK1,000
29.Opvisningsbanen i Valby Idraetspark home to FC Udfordringen1,000
30.Opvisningsbanen i Valby Idraetspark home to Politiets IF1,000
31.Opvisningsbanen i Valby Idraetspark home to Fremad Valby1,000
32.Otterup Stadion home to Otterup B&IK1,000
33.Rodovre Stadion home to BK Boldklubben Rodovre 19271,000
34.Scankab Arena home to Aarup BK1,000
35.Sparekassen Vendsyssel Arena home to IF Skjold Saeby1,000
36.Spektrum Park home to Odder IGF 21,000
37.Taastrup Idraetspark home to Taastrup1,000
38.Vestia Grounds home to Vestia FC1,000
  • Biggest stadium in Other Danish Teams: 10,000 - Silkeborg Stadion
  • Smallest stadium in Other Danish Teams: 1,000 - Vestia Grounds
  • Total capacity in Other Danish Teams: 106,440
  • Average capacity in Other Danish Teams: 2,729

Best supported teams in Other Danish Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Aalborg Chang0
2.Aarup BK0
3.AC Horsens II0
4.Alleso GF0
5.Avedore IF0
6.Ballerup-Skovlunde Fodbold0
7.BK Boldklubben Rodovre 19270
8.Blokhus FC0
9.Bogense G & IF0
10.Christiania SC0
11.Dalum IF 20
12.FC Djursland0
13.FC Fyn0
14.FC Rudersdal0
15.FC Udfordringen0
16.Frederiksberg BK0
17.Frederikshavn fI0
18.Fremad Amager 20
19.Fremad Valby0
20.Grenaa IF0
21.Herning Fremad0
22.Hundested IK0
23.Husem BK0
24.IF Skjold Saeby0
25.Kjobenhavns Boldklub0
26.Kolding BK0
27.Lolland-Falster Alliancen0
28.Nyborg G&IF0
29.Odder IGF 20
31.Otterup B&IK0
32.Politiets IF0
33.RB 19060
34.Silkeborg KFUM0
35.Skjold Birkerod0
36.Slagelse B&I 20
38.Tarup/Paarup IF 20
40.Vestia FC0
41.Viby IF0
42.Vordingborg IF0
  • Most fans in Other Danish Teams: 0 - Aalborg Chang
  • Fewest fans in Other Danish Teams: 0 - Vordingborg IF
  • Total Other Danish Teams fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in Other Danish Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Other Danish Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Aalborg Chang0.00
2.Aarup BK0.00
3.AC Horsens II0.00
4.Alleso GF0.00
5.Avedore IF0.00
6.Ballerup-Skovlunde Fodbold0.00
7.BK Boldklubben Rodovre 19270.00
8.Blokhus FC0.00
9.Bogense G & IF0.00
10.Christiania SC0.00
11.Dalum IF 20.00
12.FC Djursland0.00
13.FC Fyn0.00
14.FC Rudersdal0.00
15.FC Udfordringen0.00
16.Frederiksberg BK0.00
17.Frederikshavn fI0.00
18.Fremad Amager 20.00
19.Fremad Valby0.00
20.Grenaa IF0.00
21.Herning Fremad0.00
22.Hundested IK0.00
23.Husem BK0.00
24.IF Skjold Saeby0.00
25.Kjobenhavns Boldklub0.00
26.Kolding BK0.00
27.Lolland-Falster Alliancen0.00
28.Nyborg G&IF0.00
29.Odder IGF 20.00
31.Otterup B&IK0.00
32.Politiets IF0.00
33.RB 19060.00
34.Silkeborg KFUM0.00
35.Skjold Birkerod0.00
36.Slagelse B&I 20.00
38.Tarup/Paarup IF 20.00
40.Vestia FC0.00
41.Viby IF0.00
42.Vordingborg IF0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Other Danish Teams: 0 grounds visited - Aalborg Chang
  • Least travelled fans in Other Danish Teams: 0 grounds visited - Vordingborg IF
  • Average # grounds visited in Other Danish Teams: 0.00

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