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Other Czech Teams Football Grounds in Czech Republic

Map of Other Czech Teams stadiums

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List of Other Czech Teams stadiums

0/45 grounds visited (0%)

1 FC Dubi1 FC Dubi
Dubi Pozorka
FC Medlanky BRNOFC Medlanky BRNO
FC Tempo PrahaFC Tempo Praha
FC Tempo Praha
FC ZamberkFC Zamberk
Stadium Zamberk
FC ZlicinFC Zlicin
Na Radosti
FK Banit MostFK Banit Most
Josefa Masopusta Stadium
FK Chmel BlsanyFK Chmel Blsany
Chmel Blsany
FK Dolní PoustevnaFK Dolní Poustevna
Stadium Dolni
FK DuchcovFK Duchcov
Stadion FK Duchcov
FK HorniFK Horni
fotbalový stadion FK Horní
FK KuniceFK Kunice
TJ Kunice Stadium
FK LibochoviceFK Libochovice
Stadium Libochovice
FK LitolFK Litol
Stadion Litol
FK NestemiceFK Nestemice
FK CL Nestemice
FK RudnaFK Rudna
Stadion FK Rudna
FK RumburkFK Rumburk
Stadium FK Rumburk
FK Sezimovo UstiFK Sezimovo Usti
Hriste Kovosvit
FK TJ StechoviceFK TJ Stechovice
Stadion Stechovice
FK TravciceFK Travcice
Kiosek u Klokana
Fotbal FulnekFotbal Fulnek
Fulneck Stadion
Prague Raptors FCPrague Raptors FC
Na Radosti
RMSK Cidlina Novy BydzovRMSK Cidlina Novy Bydzov
Stadium Cidlina
SC XaverovSC Xaverov
Stadion Na Chvalech
Letni Stadion Most
SK Cechie UhrinevesSK Cechie Uhrineves
Fotbalova hriste SK Cechie Uhrineves
SK Ceska KameniceSK Ceska Kamenice
Stadium Ceska
SK MarkvartoviceSK Markvartovice
Fotbalove Hriste Markvartovice
SK RoudniceSK Roudnice
Pod Lipou
SK SaharaSK Sahara
SK Sahara Vedomice
SK Sloven PodebradySK Sloven Podebrady
Obora 26 Polabec
SK VilemovSK Vilemov
Fotbalový stadion SK Stap Tratec Vilémov
SKP Slovan MoravskaSKP Slovan Moravska
Fotbalovy Stadion Moravska Trebova
Slavia Prague YouthSlavia Prague Youth
Sportpark Eden Training Pitch 1
Slavoj UstekSlavoj Ustek
Stadium Slavoj
Sokol StraskovSokol Straskov
Stadium Straskov
SS OstraSS Ostra
Sportovni Sdruzeni Ostra
TJ KarlstejnTJ Karlstejn
Stadion Karlstejn
TJ LoveckoviceTJ Loveckovice
Stadium Loveckovice
TJ Nova VcelniceTJ Nova Vcelnice
Stadium TJ Nova Vcelnice
TJ NuciceTJ Nucice
Stadion Nucice
TJ Sokol CiticeTJ Sokol Citice
Obecni urad
TJ Sokol CizovaTJ Sokol Cizova
Hriste TJ Sokol Cizova
Strakonice Stadium (old ground)
TJ Sokol CtinevesTJ Sokol Ctineves
Stadium Sokol
TJ Sokol HostkaTJ Sokol Hostka
Stadion Sokol
TJ TlucnaTJ Tlucna
Stadium Tlucna

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Other Czech Teams Information

NameOther Czech Teams
CountryCzech Republic

Grounds in Other Czech Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Letni Stadion Most home to SIAD Most8,500
2.Josefa Masopusta Stadium home to FK Banit Most7,500
3.Obora 26 Polabec home to SK Sloven Podebrady4,500
4.Stadion Na Chvalech home to SC Xaverov3,400
5.FK CL Nestemice home to FK Nestemice3,000
6.Stadium Dolni home to FK Dolní Poustevna3,000
7.Stadium FK Rumburk home to FK Rumburk3,000
8.Pod Lipou home to SK Roudnice2,500
9.Stadion Litol home to FK Litol2,500
10.Stadium Cidlina home to RMSK Cidlina Novy Bydzov2,500
11.Chmel Blsany home to FK Chmel Blsany2,300
12.Fotbalový stadion SK Stap Tratec Vilémov home to SK Vilemov2,000
13.Fotbalovy Stadion Moravska Trebova home to SKP Slovan Moravska2,000
14.Stadium Ceska home to SK Ceska Kamenice2,000
15.Fotbalova hriste SK Cechie Uhrineves home to SK Cechie Uhrineves1,500
16.Hriste TJ Sokol Cizova home to TJ Sokol Cizova1,500
17.Sportovni Sdruzeni Ostra home to SS Ostra1,500
18.Stadion FK Duchcov home to FK Duchcov1,500
19.Stadion Nucice home to TJ Nucice1,500
20.Stadion Stechovice home to FK TJ Stechovice1,500
21.Stadium Sokol home to TJ Sokol Ctineves1,500
22.Stadium Tlucna home to TJ Tlucna1,500
23.TJ Kunice Stadium home to FK Kunice1,500
24.Hudcova home to FC Medlanky BRNO1,400
25.Kiosek u Klokana home to FK Travcice1,200
26.Dubi Pozorka home to 1 FC Dubi1,000
27.FC Tempo Praha home to FC Tempo Praha1,000
28.fotbalový stadion FK Horní home to FK Horni1,000
29.Fotbalove Hriste Markvartovice home to SK Markvartovice1,000
30.Fulneck Stadion home to Fotbal Fulnek1,000
31.Hriste Kovosvit home to FK Sezimovo Usti1,000
32.Na Radosti home to FC Zlicin1,000
33.Na Radosti home to Prague Raptors FC1,000
34.Obecni urad home to TJ Sokol Citice1,000
35.SK Sahara Vedomice home to SK Sahara1,000
36.Sportpark Eden Training Pitch 1 home to Slavia Prague Youth1,000
37.Stadion FK Rudna home to FK Rudna1,000
38.Stadion Karlstejn home to TJ Karlstejn1,000
39.Stadium Libochovice home to FK Libochovice1,000
40.Stadium Slavoj home to Slavoj Ustek1,000
41.Stadium Straskov home to Sokol Straskov1,000
42.Stadium TJ Nova Vcelnice home to TJ Nova Vcelnice1,000
43.Stadium Zamberk home to FC Zamberk1,000
44.Stadion Sokol home to TJ Sokol Hostka500
45.Stadium Loveckovice home to TJ Loveckovice500
  • Biggest stadium in Other Czech Teams: 8,500 - Letni Stadion Most
  • Smallest stadium in Other Czech Teams: 500 - Stadium Loveckovice
  • Total capacity in Other Czech Teams: 83,800
  • Average capacity in Other Czech Teams: 1,822

Best supported teams in Other Czech Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.1 FC Dubi0
2.FC Medlanky BRNO0
3.FC Tempo Praha0
4.FC Zamberk0
5.FC Zlicin0
6.FK Banit Most0
7.FK Chmel Blsany0
8.FK Dolní Poustevna0
9.FK Duchcov0
10.FK Horni0
11.FK Kunice0
12.FK Libochovice0
13.FK Litol0
14.FK Nestemice0
15.FK Rudna0
16.FK Rumburk0
17.FK Sezimovo Usti0
18.FK TJ Stechovice0
19.FK Travcice0
20.Fotbal Fulnek0
21.Prague Raptors FC0
22.RMSK Cidlina Novy Bydzov0
23.SC Xaverov0
24.SIAD Most0
25.SK Cechie Uhrineves0
26.SK Ceska Kamenice0
27.SK Markvartovice0
28.SK Roudnice0
29.SK Sahara0
30.SK Sloven Podebrady0
31.SK Vilemov0
32.SKP Slovan Moravska0
33.Slavia Prague Youth0
34.Slavoj Ustek0
35.Sokol Straskov0
36.SS Ostra0
37.TJ Karlstejn0
38.TJ Loveckovice0
39.TJ Nova Vcelnice0
40.TJ Nucice0
41.TJ Sokol Citice0
42.TJ Sokol Cizova0
43.TJ Sokol Ctineves0
44.TJ Sokol Hostka0
45.TJ Tlucna0
  • Most fans in Other Czech Teams: 0 - 1 FC Dubi
  • Fewest fans in Other Czech Teams: 0 - TJ Tlucna
  • Total Other Czech Teams fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in Other Czech Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Other Czech Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.1 FC Dubi0.00
2.FC Medlanky BRNO0.00
3.FC Tempo Praha0.00
4.FC Zamberk0.00
5.FC Zlicin0.00
6.FK Banit Most0.00
7.FK Chmel Blsany0.00
8.FK Dolní Poustevna0.00
9.FK Duchcov0.00
10.FK Horni0.00
11.FK Kunice0.00
12.FK Libochovice0.00
13.FK Litol0.00
14.FK Nestemice0.00
15.FK Rudna0.00
16.FK Rumburk0.00
17.FK Sezimovo Usti0.00
18.FK TJ Stechovice0.00
19.FK Travcice0.00
20.Fotbal Fulnek0.00
21.Prague Raptors FC0.00
22.RMSK Cidlina Novy Bydzov0.00
23.SC Xaverov0.00
24.SIAD Most0.00
25.SK Cechie Uhrineves0.00
26.SK Ceska Kamenice0.00
27.SK Markvartovice0.00
28.SK Roudnice0.00
29.SK Sahara0.00
30.SK Sloven Podebrady0.00
31.SK Vilemov0.00
32.SKP Slovan Moravska0.00
33.Slavia Prague Youth0.00
34.Slavoj Ustek0.00
35.Sokol Straskov0.00
36.SS Ostra0.00
37.TJ Karlstejn0.00
38.TJ Loveckovice0.00
39.TJ Nova Vcelnice0.00
40.TJ Nucice0.00
41.TJ Sokol Citice0.00
42.TJ Sokol Cizova0.00
43.TJ Sokol Ctineves0.00
44.TJ Sokol Hostka0.00
45.TJ Tlucna0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Other Czech Teams: 0 grounds visited - 1 FC Dubi
  • Least travelled fans in Other Czech Teams: 0 grounds visited - TJ Tlucna
  • Average # grounds visited in Other Czech Teams: 0.00

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