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Third Division Football Grounds in Cyprus

Map of Third Division stadiums

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List of Third Division stadiums

0/16 grounds visited (0%)

Koinotiko Stadio Agios Tychon
APEP PitsiliaAPEP Pitsilia
Kyperounda Stadium
APONA AnagiasAPONA Anagias
Stadio Anagia
Elia LythrodontaElia Lythrodonta
Stadio Elia Lythrodontas
Elpida AstromeritisElpida Astromeritis
Gipedo Rotsidion
ENAD Polis ChrysochousENAD Polis Chrysochous
Polis Chrysochous Municipal Stadium
Ethnikos AssiasEthnikos Assias
Makareio Stadium
Gipedo Dimitris Chamatsos
Iraklis YerolakkouIraklis Yerolakkou
Gipedo PAEEK Keryneia Epistrofi
MEAP NisouMEAP Nisou
Koinotiko Stadio Pera Choriou
O KormakitisO Kormakitis
Koinotiko Stadio Kokkinotrimithia
Olympiada LympionOlympiada Lympion
Gipedo Olympias Lympion
Omonia 29is MaiouOmonia 29is Maiou
Gipedo PAEEK Keryneia Epistrofi
Koinotiko Stadio Ormideias
Oroklini / TroulloiOroklini / Troulloi
Gipedo Troulloi
Peyias 2014Peyias 2014
Peyia Municipal Stadium

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Third Division Information

NameThird Division
Level on pyramid3
Promotion toSecond Division

Grounds in Third Division Ordered by Capacity

1.Makareio Stadium home to Ethnikos Assias16,000
2.Kyperounda Stadium home to APEP Pitsilia6,000
3.Peyia Municipal Stadium home to Peyias 20143,828
4.Koinotiko Stadio Ormideias home to Ormideia2,500
5.Gipedo Dimitris Chamatsos home to Halkanoras2,000
6.Gipedo PAEEK Keryneia Epistrofi home to Omonia 29is Maiou2,000
7.Gipedo PAEEK Keryneia Epistrofi home to Iraklis Yerolakkou2,000
8.Gipedo Rotsidion home to Elpida Astromeritis2,000
9.Koinotiko Stadio Kokkinotrimithia home to O Kormakitis1,500
10.Koinotiko Stadio Pera Choriou home to MEAP Nisou1,500
11.Stadio Anagia home to APONA Anagias1,500
12.Stadio Elia Lythrodontas home to Elia Lythrodonta1,500
13.Polis Chrysochous Municipal Stadium home to ENAD Polis Chrysochous1,300
14.Gipedo Olympias Lympion home to Olympiada Lympion1,000
15.Gipedo Troulloi home to Oroklini / Troulloi1,000
16.Koinotiko Stadio Agios Tychon home to Amathous700
  • Biggest stadium in Third Division: 16,000 - Makareio Stadium
  • Smallest stadium in Third Division: 700 - Koinotiko Stadio Agios Tychon
  • Total capacity in Third Division: 46,328
  • Average capacity in Third Division: 2,725

Best supported teams in Third Division

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.APEP Pitsilia1
3.APONA Anagias0
4.Elia Lythrodonta0
5.Elpida Astromeritis0
6.ENAD Polis Chrysochous0
7.Ethnikos Assias0
9.Iraklis Yerolakkou0
10.MEAP Nisou0
11.O Kormakitis0
12.Olympiada Lympion0
13.Omonia 29is Maiou0
15.Oroklini / Troulloi0
16.Peyias 20140
  • Most fans in Third Division: 1 - APEP Pitsilia
  • Fewest fans in Third Division: 0 - Peyias 2014
  • Total Third Division fans: 1
  • Average number of fans in Third Division: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Third Division?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.APEP Pitsilia0.00
3.APONA Anagias0.00
4.Elia Lythrodonta0.00
5.Elpida Astromeritis0.00
6.ENAD Polis Chrysochous0.00
7.Ethnikos Assias0.00
9.Iraklis Yerolakkou0.00
10.MEAP Nisou0.00
11.O Kormakitis0.00
12.Olympiada Lympion0.00
13.Omonia 29is Maiou0.00
15.Oroklini / Troulloi0.00
16.Peyias 20140.00
  • Most travelled fans in Third Division: 0 grounds visited - APEP Pitsilia
  • Least travelled fans in Third Division: 0 grounds visited - Peyias 2014
  • Average # grounds visited in Third Division: 0.00

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