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Prva NL Football Grounds in Croatia

Map of Prva NL stadiums

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List of Prva NL stadiums

0/12 grounds visited (0%)

BSK Bijelo BrdoBSK Bijelo Brdo
Stadion BSK
HNK CibaliaHNK Cibalia
Stadion Cibalia
HNK SibenikHNK Sibenik
Stadion Subicevac
Jarun ZagrebJarun Zagreb
Igraliste Nogometni Klub Jarun
NK Croatia ZmijavciNK Croatia Zmijavci
SRC Marijan Suto
NK Dubrava ZagrebNK Dubrava Zagreb
SRC Grana-Klaka
NK DugopoljeNK Dugopolje
Stadion Hrvatski vitezovi
NK Orijent 1919NK Orijent 1919
Stadion Krimeja
NK SesveteNK Sesvete
Stadion Sv Josip Radnik
Stadion Sesvetska Dolina (old ground)
NK SolinNK Solin
Stadion pokraj Jadra
NK Vukovar 91NK Vukovar 91
Stadion u Borovom Naselju
Zrinski JurjevacZrinski Jurjevac
Stadion NK Cepin
Bara Stadion (old ground)

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Last updated: August 2023

Prva NL Information

NamePrva NL
Level on pyramid2
Promotion toHNL
Relegation toDruga NL

Grounds in Prva NL Ordered by Capacity

1.Stadion Cibalia home to HNK Cibalia10,000
2.Stadion Subicevac home to HNK Sibenik8,500
3.Stadion Hrvatski vitezovi home to NK Dugopolje5,200
4.Stadion pokraj Jadra home to NK Solin5,000
5.Stadion u Borovom Naselju home to NK Vukovar 913,550
6.Stadion Krimeja home to NK Orijent 19193,000
7.Stadion NK Cepin home to Zrinski Jurjevac2,500
8.SRC Marijan Suto home to NK Croatia Zmijavci2,000
9.Stadion Sv Josip Radnik home to NK Sesvete1,200
10.Igraliste Nogometni Klub Jarun home to Jarun Zagreb1,000
11.SRC Grana-Klaka home to NK Dubrava Zagreb1,000
12.Stadion BSK home to BSK Bijelo Brdo1,000
  • Biggest stadium in Prva NL: 10,000 - Stadion Cibalia
  • Smallest stadium in Prva NL: 1,000 - Stadion BSK
  • Total capacity in Prva NL: 43,950
  • Average capacity in Prva NL: 3,381

Best supported teams in Prva NL

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.HNK Cibalia1
2.NK Sesvete1
3.BSK Bijelo Brdo0
4.HNK Sibenik0
5.Jarun Zagreb0
6.NK Croatia Zmijavci0
7.NK Dubrava Zagreb0
8.NK Dugopolje0
9.NK Orijent 19190
10.NK Solin0
11.NK Vukovar 910
12.Zrinski Jurjevac0
  • Most fans in Prva NL: 1 - HNK Cibalia
  • Fewest fans in Prva NL: 0 - Zrinski Jurjevac
  • Total Prva NL fans: 2
  • Average number of fans in Prva NL: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Prva NL?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.HNK Cibalia0.00
2.NK Sesvete0.00
3.BSK Bijelo Brdo0.00
4.HNK Sibenik0.00
5.Jarun Zagreb0.00
6.NK Croatia Zmijavci0.00
7.NK Dubrava Zagreb0.00
8.NK Dugopolje0.00
9.NK Orijent 19190.00
10.NK Solin0.00
11.NK Vukovar 910.00
12.Zrinski Jurjevac0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Prva NL: 0 grounds visited - HNK Cibalia
  • Least travelled fans in Prva NL: 0 grounds visited - Zrinski Jurjevac
  • Average # grounds visited in Prva NL: 0.00

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