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Other Croatian Teams Football Grounds in Croatia

Map of Other Croatian Teams stadiums

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List of Other Croatian Teams stadiums

0/29 grounds visited (0%)

Dinamo Zagreb IIDinamo Zagreb II
Stadion Hitrec Kacian
Granicar DurdevacGranicar Durdevac
SRC Vlado Lescan Duspe
HNK TrogirHNK Trogir
Igraliste Batarija
Inter ZapresicInter Zapresic
Stadion SRC Zapresic (Intera)
NK Arbanasi ZadarNK Arbanasi Zadar
Stadion NK Arbanasi
NK BSK Zmaj BlatoNK BSK Zmaj Blato
Igraliste Zlinje
NK DardaNK Darda
Stadion NK Darda
NK ImotskiNK Imotski
Stadion Gospin Dolac
NK NovigradNK Novigrad
Stadion Lako
Sportski Centar Gola Brda
NK Primac StobrecNK Primac Stobrec
Stadium NK Primorac
NK Slaven GrudaNK Slaven Gruda
Sportski Centar Gnjile
NK Tehnicar 1974NK Tehnicar 1974
Gradski Stadion Krizevci
NK Union PodstranaNK Union Podstrana
NK Vihor JelisavacNK Vihor Jelisavac
Nogometno igraliste Korea Jelisavac
NK VinogradarNK Vinogradar
Sportskog Centra Vojarna
NK VrbovecNK Vrbovec
Gradski Stadion kraj Sajmista
NK Zagreb 1908NK Zagreb 1908
Nogometni Centar Zagrebello
Stadion Kranjceviceva (old ground)
NK Zvijezda KaptolNK Zvijezda Kaptol
nogometno igraliste - Sportskipark NK Kaptol
Omladinad Gornja VrbaOmladinad Gornja Vrba
Igraliste SRC Goran Juric
Osijek IIOsijek II
Gradski vrt
Papuk OrahovicaPapuk Orahovica
Igraliste NK Papuk Orahovica
Podravac VirjePodravac Virje
Sportski Park Podravac
RNK SplitRNK Split
Stadion Park Mladezi
Slavonac BukovljeSlavonac Bukovlje
Stadion Bukovlje
Spansko ZagrebSpansko Zagreb
Stadion NK Spansko
Tekstilac RavniceTekstilac Ravnice
Stadion NK Tekstilac Ravnice
Stadion Oboj
Urania Baska VodaUrania Baska Voda
Sportski Centar Ante Jurisic

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Last updated: August 2023

Other Croatian Teams Information

NameOther Croatian Teams

Grounds in Other Croatian Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Gradski vrt home to Osijek II19,500
2.Stadion Hitrec Kacian home to Dinamo Zagreb II5,000
3.Stadion SRC Zapresic (Intera) home to Inter Zapresic4,528
4.Stadion Park Mladezi home to RNK Split4,075
5.Gradski Stadion kraj Sajmista home to NK Vrbovec4,000
6.Stadion Gospin Dolac home to NK Imotski4,000
7.Igraliste Zlinje home to NK BSK Zmaj Blato3,000
8.SRC Vlado Lescan Duspe home to Granicar Durdevac3,000
9.Sportski Centar Ante Jurisic home to Urania Baska Voda2,500
10.Stadion Lako home to NK Novigrad2,300
11.Igraliste Batarija home to HNK Trogir2,000
12.Sportskog Centra Vojarna home to NK Vinogradar2,000
13.Gradski Stadion Krizevci home to NK Tehnicar 19741,500
14.Sportski Centar Gola Brda home to NK OSK Otok1,500
15.Sportski Park Podravac home to Podravac Virje1,500
16.nogometno igraliste - Sportskipark NK Kaptol home to NK Zvijezda Kaptol1,000
17.Nogometno igraliste Korea Jelisavac home to NK Vihor Jelisavac1,000
18.Sportski Centar Gnjile home to NK Slaven Gruda1,000
19.Stadion Bukovlje home to Slavonac Bukovlje1,000
20.Stadion NK Spansko home to Spansko Zagreb1,000
21.Stadion Oboj home to Tekstilac Ravnice1,000
22.TTTS home to NK Union Podstrana1,000
23.Stadion NK Arbanasi home to NK Arbanasi Zadar500
24.Igraliste NK Papuk Orahovica home to Papuk Orahovica300
  • Biggest stadium in Other Croatian Teams: 19,500 - Gradski vrt
  • Smallest stadium in Other Croatian Teams: 300 - Igraliste NK Papuk Orahovica
  • Total capacity in Other Croatian Teams: 68,203
  • Average capacity in Other Croatian Teams: 2,728

Best supported teams in Other Croatian Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.NK Vihor Jelisavac1
2.RNK Split1
3.Dinamo Zagreb II0
4.Granicar Durdevac0
5.HNK Trogir0
6.Inter Zapresic0
7.NK Arbanasi Zadar0
8.NK BSK Zmaj Blato0
9.NK Darda0
10.NK Imotski0
11.NK Novigrad0
12.NK OSK Otok0
13.NK Primac Stobrec0
14.NK Slaven Gruda0
15.NK Tehnicar 19740
16.NK Union Podstrana0
17.NK Vinogradar0
18.NK Vrbovec0
19.NK Zagreb 19080
20.NK Zvijezda Kaptol0
21.Omladinad Gornja Vrba0
22.Osijek II0
23.Papuk Orahovica0
24.Podravac Virje0
25.Slavonac Bukovlje0
26.Spansko Zagreb0
27.Tekstilac Ravnice0
28.Urania Baska Voda0
  • Most fans in Other Croatian Teams: 1 - NK Vihor Jelisavac
  • Fewest fans in Other Croatian Teams: 0 - Urania Baska Voda
  • Total Other Croatian Teams fans: 2
  • Average number of fans in Other Croatian Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Other Croatian Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.NK Vihor Jelisavac0.00
2.RNK Split0.00
3.Dinamo Zagreb II0.00
4.Granicar Durdevac0.00
5.HNK Trogir0.00
6.Inter Zapresic0.00
7.NK Arbanasi Zadar0.00
8.NK BSK Zmaj Blato0.00
9.NK Darda0.00
10.NK Imotski0.00
11.NK Novigrad0.00
12.NK OSK Otok0.00
13.NK Primac Stobrec0.00
14.NK Slaven Gruda0.00
15.NK Tehnicar 19740.00
16.NK Union Podstrana0.00
17.NK Vinogradar0.00
18.NK Vrbovec0.00
19.NK Zagreb 19080.00
20.NK Zvijezda Kaptol0.00
21.Omladinad Gornja Vrba0.00
22.Osijek II0.00
23.Papuk Orahovica0.00
24.Podravac Virje0.00
25.Slavonac Bukovlje0.00
26.Spansko Zagreb0.00
27.Tekstilac Ravnice0.00
28.Urania Baska Voda0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Other Croatian Teams: 0 grounds visited - NK Vihor Jelisavac
  • Least travelled fans in Other Croatian Teams: 0 grounds visited - Urania Baska Voda
  • Average # grounds visited in Other Croatian Teams: 0.00

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