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Other Comoros Teams Football Grounds in Comoros

Map of Other Comoros Teams stadiums

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List of Other Comoros Teams stadiums

0/16 grounds visited (0%)

Alize Fort de Salimani HambouAlize Fort de Salimani Hambou
Stade Hambou
AS KomorozineAS Komorozine
Stade Oumoini
Stade Ivembeni
Stade Oumoini
Coin Nord de MitsamiouliCoin Nord de Mitsamiouli
Stade Said Mohamed Cheikh
Djabal ClubDjabal Club
Stade Zikoumbini
Etoile des ComoresEtoile des Comores
Stade Djalim de Nioumadzaha
Etoile du Sud de FoumbouniEtoile du Sud de Foumbouni
Stade Papa Nadia
FC HantsindziFC Hantsindzi
Stade Hantsindzi
GS Kanaleni GS Kanaleni
Stade Ndrondroni
Ngazi de MirontsyNgazi de Mirontsy
Stade Omnisport de Mirontsy
Stade de Chamble-Mboude
Onze FuseesOnze Fusees
Stade Ongoni
Onze RoquettesOnze Roquettes
Stade Fombini
Stade Koponi
US BambaoUS Bambao
Stade Bombao

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Other Comoros Teams Information

NameOther Comoros Teams

Grounds in Other Comoros Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Stade Said Mohamed Cheikh home to Coin Nord de Mitsamiouli2,000
2.Stade Zikoumbini home to Djabal Club1,500
3.Stade Bombao home to US Bambao1,000
4.Stade de Chamble-Mboude home to Ntsaoueni1,000
5.Stade Djalim de Nioumadzaha home to Etoile des Comores1,000
6.Stade Fombini home to Onze Roquettes1,000
7.Stade Hambou home to Alize Fort de Salimani Hambou1,000
8.Stade Hantsindzi home to FC Hantsindzi1,000
9.Stade Ivembeni home to ASCEJI Club1,000
10.Stade Koponi home to Selea1,000
11.Stade Ndrondroni home to GS Kanaleni 1,000
12.Stade Omnisport de Mirontsy home to Ngazi de Mirontsy1,000
13.Stade Ongoni home to Onze Fusees1,000
14.Stade Oumoini home to AS Komorozine1,000
15.Stade Oumoini home to Chirazienne1,000
16.Stade Papa Nadia home to Etoile du Sud de Foumbouni1,000
  • Biggest stadium in Other Comoros Teams: 2,000 - Stade Said Mohamed Cheikh
  • Smallest stadium in Other Comoros Teams: 1,000 - Stade Papa Nadia
  • Total capacity in Other Comoros Teams: 17,500
  • Average capacity in Other Comoros Teams: 1,029

Best supported teams in Other Comoros Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Alize Fort de Salimani Hambou0
2.AS Komorozine0
3.ASCEJI Club0
5.Coin Nord de Mitsamiouli0
6.Djabal Club0
7.Etoile des Comores0
8.Etoile du Sud de Foumbouni0
9.FC Hantsindzi0
10.GS Kanaleni 0
11.Ngazi de Mirontsy0
13.Onze Fusees0
14.Onze Roquettes0
16.US Bambao0
  • Most fans in Other Comoros Teams: 0 - Alize Fort de Salimani Hambou
  • Fewest fans in Other Comoros Teams: 0 - US Bambao
  • Total Other Comoros Teams fans: 0
  • Average number of fans in Other Comoros Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Other Comoros Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Alize Fort de Salimani Hambou0.00
2.AS Komorozine0.00
3.ASCEJI Club0.00
5.Coin Nord de Mitsamiouli0.00
6.Djabal Club0.00
7.Etoile des Comores0.00
8.Etoile du Sud de Foumbouni0.00
9.FC Hantsindzi0.00
10.GS Kanaleni 0.00
11.Ngazi de Mirontsy0.00
13.Onze Fusees0.00
14.Onze Roquettes0.00
16.US Bambao0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Other Comoros Teams: 0 grounds visited - Alize Fort de Salimani Hambou
  • Least travelled fans in Other Comoros Teams: 0 grounds visited - US Bambao
  • Average # grounds visited in Other Comoros Teams: 0.00

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