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Chinese Teams Football Grounds in China

Map of Chinese Teams stadiums

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List of Chinese Teams stadiums

0/35 grounds visited (0%)

Baoding Yingli YitongBaoding Yingli Yitong
Hebei University Stadium
Beijing RenheBeijing Renhe
Beijing Fengtai Stadium
Shaanxi Province Stadium (old ground)
China U20China U20
Jinshan Football Stadium
Dalian HaichangDalian Haichang
Jinzhou Stadium
Dalian TranscendenceDalian Transcendence
Jinzhou Stadium
Hainan BoyingHainan Boying
Hainan Sport School Stadium
Hangzhou Wuyue QiantangHangzhou Wuyue Qiantang
Yiwu Meihu Sports Center Stadium
Jilin BaijiaJilin Baijia
Development City Stadium
Changchun City Stadium (old ground)
Kalun Lake Stadium (old ground)
Kunming Zheng He ShipmanKunming Zheng He Shipman
Qujing Cultural Sports Park Stadium
Meizhou Meixian TechandMeizhou Meixian Techand
Meixian Tsang Hin-chi Stadium
Nei Mongol ZhongyouNei Mongol Zhongyou
Hohhot City Stadium
Qiqihar ZhongjianQiqihar Zhongjian
Qiqihar University Football Stadium
Shanghai Jiading BojiShanghai Jiading Boji
Jiading Stadium
Shanghai JuJu SportsShanghai JuJu Sports
Kangqiao Football Base
Shanghai University Stadium (old ground)
Shanghai SunfunShanghai Sunfun
Fengxian Chemical Industry Park Sports Centre Stadium
Shanxi LongjinShanxi Longjin
Shanxi Sports Centre Stadium
Shenyang DongjinShenyang Dongjin
Shenyang Urban Construction University Stadium
Shenzhen BogangShenzhen Bogang
Bogang Football Pitch
Shenzhen LedmanShenzhen Ledman
Baoan Stadium
Shenzhen PengchengShenzhen Pengcheng
Xixiang Sports Center
Shenzhen ShangqingyinShenzhen Shangqingyin
Shenzhen Stadium
Sichuan HuakunSichuan Huakun
Sichuan University Stadium
Taizhou YuandaTaizhou Yuanda
Taixing Sports Center
Taizhou Sports Center (old ground)
Xiamen Egret IslandXiamen Egret Island
Xiamen Sports Centre Stadium
Xian UKDXian UKD
Football Field at Xian Polytechnic University
Xian WolvesXian Wolves
Northwestern Polytechnical University Stadium
Xinjiang Tianshan LeopardXinjiang Tianshan Leopard
Xinjiang Sports Centre
Hongshan Stadium
Huangshi Stadium
Yanbian BeiguoYanbian Beiguo
Hunchun Peoples Stadium
Yichun Jiangwu WeihuYichun Jiangwu Weihu
Yichun Stadium
Yinchuan HelanshanYinchuan Helanshan
Helan Mountain Stadium
Yunnan KunluYunnan Kunlu
Hongta Sports Center
Zhaoqing HengtaiZhaoqing Hengtai
Century Lotus Stadium
Zhejiang YitengZhejiang Yiteng
Textile City Sports Center
Shaoxing City Sports Centre Stadium (old ground)
Harbin ICE Sports Center (old ground)
Jinzhou Stadium (old ground)

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Chinese Teams Information

NameChinese Teams

Grounds in Chinese Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Shanxi Sports Centre Stadium home to Shanxi Longjin62,000
2.Hohhot City Stadium home to Nei Mongol Zhongyou51,632
3.Textile City Sports Center home to Zhejiang Yiteng50,000
4.Xinjiang Sports Centre home to Xinjiang Tianshan Leopard50,000
5.Baoan Stadium home to Shenzhen Ledman40,000
6.Helan Mountain Stadium home to Yinchuan Helanshan39,872
7.Century Lotus Stadium home to Zhaoqing Hengtai36,686
8.Yiwu Meihu Sports Center Stadium home to Hangzhou Wuyue Qiantang35,260
9.Shenzhen Stadium home to Shenzhen Shangqingyin32,500
10.Beijing Fengtai Stadium home to Beijing Renhe31,043
11.Jinzhou Stadium home to Dalian Haichang30,776
12.Jinzhou Stadium home to Dalian Transcendence30,776
13.Jinshan Football Stadium home to China U2030,000
14.Development City Stadium home to Jilin Baijia25,000
15.Meixian Tsang Hin-chi Stadium home to Meizhou Meixian Techand20,221
16.Hebei University Stadium home to Baoding Yingli Yitong20,000
17.Hunchun Peoples Stadium home to Yanbian Beiguo18,900
18.Huangshi Stadium home to Xinjiang Tianshan Leopard15,000
19.Qiqihar University Football Stadium home to Qiqihar Zhongjian15,000
20.Hainan Sport School Stadium home to Hainan Boying10,000
21.Xixiang Sports Center home to Shenzhen Pengcheng10,000
22.Hongshan Stadium home to Xinjiang Tianshan Leopard3,800
23.Hongta Sports Center home to Yunnan Kunlu3,000
24.Shenyang Urban Construction University Stadium home to Shenyang Dongjin3,000
25.Fengxian Chemical Industry Park Sports Centre Stadium home to Shanghai Sunfun1,000
26.Football Field at Xian Polytechnic University home to Xian UKD1,000
27.Kangqiao Football Base home to Shanghai JuJu Sports1,000
28.Northwestern Polytechnical University Stadium home to Xian Wolves1,000
  • Biggest stadium in Chinese Teams: 62,000 - Shanxi Sports Centre Stadium
  • Smallest stadium in Chinese Teams: 1,000 - Northwestern Polytechnical University Stadium
  • Total capacity in Chinese Teams: 668,466
  • Average capacity in Chinese Teams: 23,051

Best supported teams in Chinese Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Shenzhen Pengcheng1
2.Shenzhen Shangqingyin1
3.Baoding Yingli Yitong0
4.Beijing Renhe0
5.China U200
6.Dalian Haichang0
7.Dalian Transcendence0
8.Hainan Boying0
9.Hangzhou Wuyue Qiantang0
10.Jilin Baijia0
11.Kunming Zheng He Shipman0
12.Meizhou Meixian Techand0
13.Nei Mongol Zhongyou0
14.Qiqihar Zhongjian0
15.Shanghai Jiading Boji0
16.Shanghai JuJu Sports0
17.Shanghai Sunfun0
18.Shanxi Longjin0
19.Shenyang Dongjin0
20.Shenzhen Bogang0
21.Shenzhen Ledman0
22.Sichuan Huakun0
23.Taizhou Yuanda0
24.Xiamen Egret Island0
25.Xian UKD0
26.Xian Wolves0
27.Xinjiang Tianshan Leopard0
28.Yanbian Beiguo0
29.Yichun Jiangwu Weihu0
30.Yinchuan Helanshan0
31.Yunnan Kunlu0
32.Zhaoqing Hengtai0
33.Zhejiang Yiteng0
  • Most fans in Chinese Teams: 1 - Shenzhen Pengcheng
  • Fewest fans in Chinese Teams: 0 - Zhejiang Yiteng
  • Total Chinese Teams fans: 2
  • Average number of fans in Chinese Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in Chinese Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Shenzhen Pengcheng0.00
2.Shenzhen Shangqingyin0.00
3.Baoding Yingli Yitong0.00
4.Beijing Renhe0.00
5.China U200.00
6.Dalian Haichang0.00
7.Dalian Transcendence0.00
8.Hainan Boying0.00
9.Hangzhou Wuyue Qiantang0.00
10.Jilin Baijia0.00
11.Kunming Zheng He Shipman0.00
12.Meizhou Meixian Techand0.00
13.Nei Mongol Zhongyou0.00
14.Qiqihar Zhongjian0.00
15.Shanghai Jiading Boji0.00
16.Shanghai JuJu Sports0.00
17.Shanghai Sunfun0.00
18.Shanxi Longjin0.00
19.Shenyang Dongjin0.00
20.Shenzhen Bogang0.00
21.Shenzhen Ledman0.00
22.Sichuan Huakun0.00
23.Taizhou Yuanda0.00
24.Xiamen Egret Island0.00
25.Xian UKD0.00
26.Xian Wolves0.00
27.Xinjiang Tianshan Leopard0.00
28.Yanbian Beiguo0.00
29.Yichun Jiangwu Weihu0.00
30.Yinchuan Helanshan0.00
31.Yunnan Kunlu0.00
32.Zhaoqing Hengtai0.00
33.Zhejiang Yiteng0.00
  • Most travelled fans in Chinese Teams: 0 grounds visited - Shenzhen Pengcheng
  • Least travelled fans in Chinese Teams: 0 grounds visited - Zhejiang Yiteng
  • Average # grounds visited in Chinese Teams: 0.00

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