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School, College and University Teams Football Grounds in Canada

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School, College and University Teams 0/37 grounds visited (0%)

Team/GroundI've Been There!
For FootballTour/Non-Football
Algoma Thunderbirds 
Snowdon Park
Bishops Gaiters 
Coulter Field
Brock Badgers 
Brock Field
Cape Breton Capers 
CB Uiniversity Soccer Field
Concordia Stingers 
Concordia Stadium
Concordia University of Edmonton 
Thunder Soccer Field
Dalhousie Tigers 
Wickfire FIeld
Eastglen High School Edmonton 
Eastglen High School - Soccer Field
Guelph Gryphons 
Alumni Stadium (Guelph)
Laval Rouge et Or 
Stade Telus (PEPS)
MacEwan University Griffins 
Jasper Place Bowl
Manitoba Bisons 
University Stadium (Winnipeg)
McGill Redmen 
Percival Molson Memorial Stadium
McMaster Maurauders 
Ron Joyce Stadium
Ivor Wynne Stadium 1928-2012 (old ground)
Memorial University Seahawks 
King George V Park
Montreal Carabins 
Mount Allison Mounties 
MacAulay Field
Nipissing University Lakers 
Ottawa Gee-Gees 
Matt Anthony Field
Queens Gaels 
Richardson Memorial Stadium
Original Richardson Memorial Stadium (old ground)
Regina Cougars 
Rams Field
Saint Marys Huskies 
Huskies Stadium
Saskatchewan Huskies 
Field 7 PotashCorp Park
Griffiths Stadium (old ground)
Sherbrooke Vert et Or 
Universite de Sherbrooke Stadium
Trent University Excalibur 
Justin Chiu Stadium
TWU Spartans 
Rogers Park
UBC Okanagan Heat 
Nonis Sports Field
UBC Thunderbirds 
Thunderbird Stadium
Athletic Park (Vancouver) (old ground)
UNBC Timberwolves 
Charles Jago Sport Centre
UNBSJ Seawolves 
Canada Games Stadium
University of Alberta - Golden Bears - Edmonton 
Foote Field
Saville Community Sports Centre - Soccer Field (old ground)
University of Alberta - Pandas - Edmonton 
Saville Community Sports Centre - Soccer Field
University of Lethbridge 
University of Lethbridge Community Stadium
UoC Dinos 
West Varsity Soccer Pitch
UOIT Ridgebacks 
Vasos Field
UQM Citadins 
Complexe sportif Claude-Robillard Terraine 2
WLU Golden Hawks 
WLU Alumni Field

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Grounds in School, College and University Teams Ordered by Capacity

1.Percival Molson Memorial Stadium home to McGill Redmen25,012
2.Ron Joyce Stadium home to McMaster Maurauders12,000
3.King George V Park home to Memorial University Seahawks10,000
4.Canada Games Stadium home to UNBSJ Seawolves5,000
5.University Stadium (Winnipeg) home to Manitoba Bisons5,000
6.Concordia Stadium home to Concordia Stingers4,000
7.Foote Field home to University of Alberta - Golden Bears - Edmonton3,500
8.Universite de Sherbrooke Stadium home to Sherbrooke Vert et Or3,359
9.Thunderbird Stadium home to UBC Thunderbirds3,200
10.Eastglen High School - Soccer Field home to Eastglen High School Edmonton1,000
11.Saville Community Sports Centre - Soccer Field home to University of Alberta - Pandas - Edmonton1,000
12.Thunder Soccer Field home to Concordia University of Edmonton1,000
  • Average capacity in School, College and University Teams: 5,698

Best supported teams in School, College and University Teams

#TeamNumber of Fans
1.Algoma Thunderbirds0
2.Bishops Gaiters0
3.Brock Badgers0
4.Cape Breton Capers0
5.Concordia Stingers0
6.Concordia University of Edmonton0
7.Dalhousie Tigers0
8.Eastglen High School Edmonton0
9.Guelph Gryphons0
10.Laval Rouge et Or0
11.MacEwan University Griffins0
12.Manitoba Bisons0
13.McGill Redmen0
14.McMaster Maurauders0
15.Memorial University Seahawks0
16.Montreal Carabins0
17.Mount Allison Mounties0
18.Nipissing University Lakers0
19.Ottawa Gee-Gees0
20.Queens Gaels0
21.Regina Cougars0
22.Saint Marys Huskies0
23.Saskatchewan Huskies0
24.Sherbrooke Vert et Or0
25.Trent University Excalibur0
26.TWU Spartans0
27.UBC Okanagan Heat0
28.UBC Thunderbirds0
29.UNBC Timberwolves0
30.UNBSJ Seawolves0
31.University of Alberta - Golden Bears - Edmonton0
32.University of Alberta - Pandas - Edmonton0
33.University of Lethbridge0
34.UoC Dinos0
35.UOIT Ridgebacks0
36.UQM Citadins0
37.WLU Golden Hawks0
  • Average # fans in School, College and University Teams: 0

Which team's fans have been to the most grounds in School, College and University Teams?

#TeamAvg Grounds Visited
1.Algoma Thunderbirds0.00
2.Bishops Gaiters0.00
3.Brock Badgers0.00
4.Cape Breton Capers0.00
5.Concordia Stingers0.00
6.Concordia University of Edmonton0.00
7.Dalhousie Tigers0.00
8.Eastglen High School Edmonton0.00
9.Guelph Gryphons0.00
10.Laval Rouge et Or0.00
11.MacEwan University Griffins0.00
12.Manitoba Bisons0.00
13.McGill Redmen0.00
14.McMaster Maurauders0.00
15.Memorial University Seahawks0.00
16.Montreal Carabins0.00
17.Mount Allison Mounties0.00
18.Nipissing University Lakers0.00
19.Ottawa Gee-Gees0.00
20.Queens Gaels0.00
21.Regina Cougars0.00
22.Saint Marys Huskies0.00
23.Saskatchewan Huskies0.00
24.Sherbrooke Vert et Or0.00
25.Trent University Excalibur0.00
26.TWU Spartans0.00
27.UBC Okanagan Heat0.00
28.UBC Thunderbirds0.00
29.UNBC Timberwolves0.00
30.UNBSJ Seawolves0.00
31.University of Alberta - Golden Bears - Edmonton0.00
32.University of Alberta - Pandas - Edmonton0.00
33.University of Lethbridge0.00
34.UoC Dinos0.00
35.UOIT Ridgebacks0.00
36.UQM Citadins0.00
37.WLU Golden Hawks0.00
  • Average # grounds visited in School, College and University Teams: 0.00

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